There is much talk suggesting that we should be buying gold due to the threat of a global crash and likely end to the use of paper money. Is there any truth to this, should we be preparing in any way, and is there a timeline regarding this concern?

The value of gold has not gone away despite the many naysayers and financial advisors who look upon gold as a barbarous relic, for example, which reflects their disinterest and disdain for viewing gold as a store of wealth, but that is the reality. It is a consistent store of wealth over vast spans of time whereas no currency created by a government has lasted for much more than a century. That is a very poor track record indeed, concerning stability of currency as a reliable store of wealth.


We see gold continuing to have that distinction and become an increased haven of safety with coming financial turmoil. We cannot give you a timeline for this as the forces that will bring this turmoil about are in a state of flux with their planning and many things can happen, but the timing is the least certain. There have been many potential calamities that have been delayed, some due to intercession by the divine realm to keep things stable for a time, but we can tell you that putting trust in gold as a long-term safe haven for savings will be rewarded handsomely in what is coming.

Can absolute truth be known by humans or only relative truth that is tainted by one’s own beliefs and biases? If asked, will Creator correct an individual’s incorrect beliefs or can Creator only provide correction if someone has already identified, at some level, the incorrect belief?

These are quite complex issues you ask about in a simple, straightforward fashion as if there is a single answer that covers all possible contingencies and variations in life experience that may have a bearing on what takes place at this deep level. Absolute truth is what is in divine alignment. All that is not in divine alignment deviates from absolute truth. In this sense, people do have a feel for absolute truth and an awareness, in a deep sense, what is truly true and what may not be. That is not to say they can toe the line, so to speak, and follow divine principles in each and every moment of their life. That becomes difficult due to the interplay of emotion and the stresses of life impinging on a person.

In an abstract way, people who are vibrating at a high level, meaning they are in good spiritual alignment, will very often pass a test of abstract ideas and questions pertaining to divine alignment and its characteristics. That is not quite the same thing as being in divine alignment at all levels of the being, and then through words and deeds as a sort of proof in the doings where the rubber meets the road, so to speak, and that is yet another layer of challenge and difficulty for most individuals—almost all in fact.

What people do is governed by their beliefs. Beliefs are difficult to overcome, to ignore, or surmount. They will not only have a bearing, they will direct things quite powerfully and will prevent a person from deviating too greatly, because they are the operating principles, much as the programming in a computer mandates the consequences of an instruction transmitted to the device. It cannot deviate from the programming because that determines what will happen very specifically—nothing else is allowed.

The beliefs within a person act in much the same way. If something is not believed, it will not be considered, it will not be embraced, it will not be believed, and it will not be acted on, except under duress, or if there is an additional motive and potential reward in overriding one’s own beliefs to pretend to be what one is not. People do this at times, acting in some way without having their heart in it. That is not the same thing as being able to live according to principles not believed. That can be forced through coercion to happen to varying degrees, depending on people’s vulnerability and the tolerance for fear or physical duress that may be employed at times, as in a master/slave scenario.

Creator can change people’s beliefs, but will not do so ordinarily unless this is requested by the person directly, or making the request of a third party tasked with helping to do a belief replacement, as is done with DNA ThetaHealing. When there is awareness and consent for a divine alteration of one’s beliefs, this can be done provided the constraints are not too great. People have many layers of beliefs and many of these are interlaced, interconnected, and interwoven in such a way that a simple Belief Replacement may not be possible without unweaving this tapestry, to a fair degree, to take care of some beliefs that may be anchoring a negative belief in place.

The healers who do this work on the human side are well aware of this complication and have a process of digging to find the root belief and change that, at which point, not only will the beliefs anchored to it be readily replaceable with no resistance, but some will fall away in the process of freeing that anchoring negativity and changing it to the positive. It may well be taken care of as a part of the belief replacement because it is essentially subsidiary and a consequence of the presence of the deep negative belief being worked on.

Belief changes will happen when allowable as part of karmic repair, but this can be the sticking point causing resistance to change that even the divine realm cannot surmount unless it is worked on directly with conscious participation by the individual. This can be done at the level of the deep subconscious via channeling, but few are adept at that process, and also can arrange the appropriate healing to be done simultaneously. That is an avenue needing to be more widely known and shared, so these are some of the considerations, the constraints, and the opportunities for dealing with people’s problems on the level of their beliefs. This is one of the most important, and also the most difficult area needing healing, and underlies many, many problems of human beings who struggle with something in their lives.

Because hate crimes are more likely than not being orchestrated by collusion between dark spirit meddlers and the Extraterrestrial Alliance, setting up the perpetrators or victims as the case may be, are representatives of the media reporting the news manipulated to see the worst in what happens and fan the flames of prejudice and division, even as they promote their righteous stance in seemingly seeking the truth? Is their role making things worse?

This is a total orchestration from first to last. Indeed the vestiges of karma from racist perspectives and the period of slavery in history has left its mark on humanity for all those participating. That is not reason to live the reality in a full sense without doing the actual practice. Karma is an influence and not a total redirection and subjugation of behavior. It will dissipate as people move beyond the old ways with new fresh perspectives coming in to new incarnations. It is the natural way of things that the old tendencies, habits, cultural trappings will fade because they are only residing in the akashic records and no longer present in the actual conduct of people in the current culture.

When racial sensitivities become an issue, it is in part because of the karmic legacy much in the way one can touch a nerve to bring up an old hurt or grievance deep within the being. This can happen because the deep subconscious mind will look at the akashic records and will be aware of past difficulties stemming from racial prejudice. That need not be a central element in the current life, but a preoccupation with this can make it so. This the press does mightily to keep the issue of race front and center day, after day, after day—that has quite a negative influence on things because it triggers all with that karmic history to be on edge, to fear what might happen again, or to regret past mistakes and evil deeds. This does not help with healing, it inflames the wounds that are unhealed still and is an entirely orchestrated phenomenon.

The press is notorious for demanding novelty and especially wanting to see direct displays that create a spectacle, that is why accident scenes are always prominently shown—they have the visual as well as the visceral elements on display for all to see. The idea of racism and prejudice is a hot button for many, many people, but unless it is overtly displayed, becomes more innuendo and supposition. Normally the media will shun anyone with conjectures and not hard facts—that is their training and their normal motive of operation. When the normal safeguards are suspended and a lack of rigor becomes the norm, you can be sure this is because of manipulation to cause this.

The media are in the grip of the Extraterrestrial Alliance subconscious programming to make them complicit in promoting racism as a living legacy and scourge needing to be eradicated with the implication all must be targeted who show a whiff of prejudice as being an evil that must be rooted out. This serves the interlopers because it creates great tension and turmoil in society, causing many people to do battle with one another and not with the true source of evil in the world.

Does intensive media attention serve the cause of truth in showcasing hate crimes with such a public spotlight? Does politics play a negative role in assessing these problems of society? Are there deeper and more sinister motivations and whose might these be?

Politics, as practiced, is almost always a destructive influence because the objective is to destroy an opponent, to jockey for position at the expense of the opposition and gain an advantage even if others are hurt in the process. This is an invitation to exaggerate, to apply conjecture and snap judgments when thoughtful reflection and a careful inspection with heightened communication between parties could address the issue and allow a meeting of minds and a greater understanding of the true intentions behind words and deeds. This could dispel the suspicion if it were solely due to a karmic vestige of prior eras. The whole issue of racism has declined through attrition—those participating in slavery are no longer among the living. This dilution effect will serve, under normal circumstances, quite nicely to right the wrongs of the past because they become a historical relic and an artifact of culture no one would choose to embrace again. When people do so, or seem to do so, or are being labeled with those intentions, you can be sure there is something suspect at work and that there is a deeper, darker motivation causing this to happen.

Was the account titled “The Truth About Reincarnation” a practitioner saw posted on a forum, a true recollection of this person’s reincarnation experience? What is it missing?

This is a true recollection but not the sum total of all that has happened to this individual. There can indeed be a rapid turnaround if that is deemed advisable by the higher self and by Creator both—it is not done unilaterally, it is not done by some matrix of ill-defined energy, it is not done by the individual themselves wanting something different, or better, or even self-punishing. To incarnate always requires a place to land that must be agreed on by all parties affected. All in the family unit receiving the newcoming soul must agree and this must also be agreed to by the soul coming in. It is not forced on anyone, it may be done under some pressure, which is truly guidance, not putting a gun to their head. It can be quite firm guidance but is done with divine love, and that might not always be appreciated if the soul extension involved has been struggling mightily with their life and is in a state of torment and confusion. Under those circumstances, the person will not be seeing things clearly and may be reacting with incomplete information through a distorted lens, and this will color the recollection of the exchange and the circumstances for the decisions and change of direction that are recalled.

This individual has returned to the light, truly. The time in the light is beyond the reach of recall. We have discussed this with you before, that all such conversations, that all such probings using hypnosis or intuitive inspection are a kind of fantasy exercise that may yield impressions, but will not be an accurate perception of what was going on and why. So there is truly a veil that cannot be breached, and this gives rise to some misinterpretations as well. Someone reaching out intuitively to see where they have come from, to explore their time in the light, will hit a wall and not be able to gain useful information. What they will be able to see is their time in prior lives, and even their time as an earthbound spirit, because that is still within earth plane and will be recorded within the akashic record. This is the type of experience this individual has witnessed and is in keeping with the great experience base of doing out-of-body astral travel into the lower astral plane. So there is an ability to connect with those energies quite readily and this is giving rise to the impression that reincarnation is solely limited to the lower plane and the Earth itself, and that is a misunderstanding and a misinformation to accept as the extent of things—this is far from the case.

A practitioner asks about potential effectiveness of using the following prayer: “Source Creator, please, for the highest and best good of all concerned, wake up the masses of humanity, in all time domains, as many as possible, every day, in every way, everywhere, using any and all means possible, to the reality of Divine Love, so that the critical mass required to stop the ET Agenda for good is reached as soon as possible. And to this end, help an ever-increasing number of people find their way to, and inspire their hearts and minds to be deeply receptive to the truth and urgency of its messages, so that the pool of LHP practitioners continues to expand at an ever-increasing rate. Encourage, support and strengthen their willingness to add their prayers, and to learn and practice the LHP regularly, to help the Divine Human Experiment succeed, and stop the ET Agenda in time to save and free Humanity, for the Benefit of All. And encourage, support and inspire me and all the Participants and Supporters of Get Wisdom to do all of the above as well, to the best of our ability, on a daily basis. Apply these requests: Repeatedly, as frequently as is feasible, in perpetuity, until the Divine Human Experiment is successful; across all time domains, past, present, future, and all future extensions, in all possible universes, dimensions, time lines and realities. Conduct all these sessions on subgroups of these targets as appropriate, considering the level of need, to stay within my energetic reach as an individual practitioner to support the work fully. For each session, combine these energies with the energies of all other Lightworker Healing Protocol practitioner sessions so all have an enhanced effectiveness. Bring Ultimate Divine Protection, Support, Guidance and Healing to all parties involved regarding these issues. Link this entire prayer to a code word I designate as _ __, so that every time I say this code word, the entire prayer request is made, including its indefinite repetitions. Thank you. Show me now.” Will this help the ongoing enterprise to save and heal humanity?

This will be a help and as we have indicated previously, humans can literally pray for anything they desire. As long as it is for the betterment of someone the prayer will be acted on in proportion to the usual criteria of belief quotient in the divine and the self. And this can be directed to anyone as the recipient of the intended benefits or the action deemed worthy and appropriate by the requester. In this case, you are wishing to have divine realm motivate others, and this is always a delicate matter because free will cannot be contravened or manipulated beyond what is in alignment with that person’s own wishes and inner desires for things to happen in their life experience.

We often can find opportunities for many people, to motivate them with offerings and opportunities to participate in charitable acts, specific acts of kindness, and to bring things to their attention, that may well trigger them to sign on or sign up, as the case may be, for participating in an endeavor or joining an organization that will end up benefiting them or others. So this is not out of bounds in any way as far as free will considerations are concerned. That will simply need to be factored in with the implementation.

We cannot commandeer all human beings to march off to the Get Wisdom website and have them sign up for training, but we can find opportunities for many, many individuals to bring this website to their attention, and intrigue them to take a look. That would be allowable, but it will be a variable and will have to fit each individual situation as to the timing and appropriateness. Some people are simply so closed-off we cannot begin to approach them with such an idea or notion because it is too much in conflict with their inner thoughts and beliefs, and would clash, and thus be a free will violation. There is a risk to the person in forcing information that is unpalatable. It is much like an insult or an assault, although of a more minor degree then the sort of things humans experience and complain about. But we can certainly discern who is open and who is not, and thus you would benefit greatly in having us participate in the recruitment.

We do this, as you know, in helping clients find their way to caregivers because they themselves are wanting something to happen to better their circumstances but may not know where to turn. So we can make offerings of inner suggestions to consider, and to bring facts and information into their awareness by encouraging them to find their way to certain websites, for example, where they will see what is being offered and perhaps may engage. And in this way, we can serve as a sort of matchmaker to bring people into conjunction with an answer to a prayer, or a lifelong desire for knowledge and understanding about something, or an opportunity that would give them direction for the next phase of their life journey, especially when they are ready and eager for a change of pace, or a new venture of some kind.

So this is well worth cultivating as requests. It can be done ideally through both prayer requests as well as inclusion within the Protocol itself. The current Protocol practitioners are ideally situated to make a routine request for a broad outreach to be mounted on behalf of the enterprise, as they are engaged with the work already, they believe in it, they have standing with Creator by virtue of their dedication and altruistic contributions to the cause of the light.

In addition, much of the boilerplate described here to cover all the bases about repetition and safeguards and thoroughness are already parts of the Protocol. So this would streamline things by adding just another request for this additional outreach to be done within the overall conditions for the Protocol itself. And that would greatly simplify things for the practitioners in terms of the prayer outreach. This is nicely complementary because there are many people who would be willing to pray for a good outcome and a means to achieve it but do not wish to become healers and take on the extra burden. And it may well be too complex for them to embrace, and would not be worth it if they would chronically doubt their effectiveness because it simply does not seem like a good fit to their skills and ability. So it could end up in not only wasted motion but undermining their confidence in themselves, and perhaps in divine realm as well. If they do something over and over again they have doubts about, that can spread into other aspects of their expectations and start to taint their appetite for the enterprise altogether. And this would be most unfortunate and could easily be avoided.

So in terms of the way to mount a prayer, we would recommend something much simpler because the divine realm has the understanding and latitude to work from simple requests and stretch them a bit, if need be, to cover contingencies and gather up loose ends so they are accounted for and will not undermine things. So you could say simply that you are asking Source Creator each and every day to reach out to all humans who have an ability to embrace a request for their assistance to find their way to a prayer they can participate in and pass on to others that ask for human betterment and safety from all who would drag them down and interfere with the working of the divine, and promote healing to save and heal humanity. This is general, it is broad in scope, and is something people can understand without knowing the sordid details of all that is going on behind the scenes you are privy to, but which might terrify many. And just as many or more would be repelled by the seeming absurdity of the scenario you are all too familiar with and take for granted at this point, but which would be highly bizarre and unbelievable to so many.

If you keep it simple in addressing the needs of humans to overcome evil, and help them thrive and survive, you will do much better in engaging cooperation. If they mount a prayer that addresses the need in general ways, the divine realm can use this to act on and it will be just as effective. After all, you are using the energy of the requester and their heartfelt desire for human betterment and that is the point. Too much specificity and dark descriptions of all humans face may risk undermining their confidence in the enterprise, and in the outreach, and in their own ability to make a difference, and this would undercut the attempt at the outset. This can be avoided by keeping things general.

This is why the prayer for saving humanity is so very generic in words and feel, so as not to seem too daunting a prospect. It is simple and clear what is being asked for and seems to be within reach of anyone, to at least make the request. If they do not understand the full scope and level of negativity needing to be surmounted, that does not take away from the prayer and its intention, but it will help protect the one doing the prayer from undermining themselves if too much understanding of reality challenges their faith in being an effective advocate. The key, as with the other prayers, is to include the phrase “each and every day” and to keep the prayer ongoing and acted on again and again and again until the desired objective is achieved. And that will nicely empower the prayer as well, once it is launched a single time, to continue in force. As with other requests including prayer, if it is repeated by the original requester and even over and over and over again on a daily basis themselves, they will continue adding further power of intention, not only to that particular daily repetition, but to all prior and future repetitions ongoing, and that will further empower their own efforts. So this is a fine idea that again uses human ingenuity and initiative to widen your reach and increase the probability of success accordingly.

“Source Creator – Is there any truth to the claim that there exists a technology or control system that enables humans or dark spirits or extraterrestrials to capture a human soul for use in other bodies and/or storage such that the remaining body is without a soul or operating on some truncated version of a soul?”

There can be differences of interpretation and word usage that complicate describing phenomena like those in question here. This can obscure the true nature of some phenomena if one is not careful. When it comes to the actions of the interlopers, they are not soul-based beings to begin with. They do not believe in the soul and they do not do anything that is truly soul directed, at least intentionally. Much trauma they cause does affect the soul, and sometimes quite dramatically, but that is a distant interaction from the plane of the physical and will not be perceived by them. This is how they can be brutal without understanding the true depth of the injury they cause nor its consequences to them from a karmic backlash. So while technologically quite advanced, they are metaphysically primitive in their thinking and more literal than nuanced in their appreciation of the dynamics of energy when it comes to the broader meanings held by the divine realm. Being loveless, they completely miss the point of existence and the nature of interpersonal interactions in how they would be conducted in an ideal fashion at a divine level.

So what they do to manipulate people is done energetically and through psychological pressure or manipulation clandestinely, and often within the deep recesses of the mind that are inaccessible to the conscious awareness. So they can alter a person and manipulate them quite profoundly without the conscious self being aware this is happening, and then may find their own self changing over time in unexpected ways and go with the flow, not even realizing it is a manipulation being brought about because their thoughts are perceived to be their own and the feelings are perceived to be their own and, in fact, this may well be true from the inner origin of the programmed beliefs—the poison seeds have been planted and sprouted, and the person is simply harvesting the end product which will be a degradation in some fashion of their function.

So there are many types of manipulations, including suppression of the mind entirely, but this is not a soul manipulation, it is simply the manipulation of the extension of the soul present within the human body. That cannot be captured or controlled. It can be suppressed from conscious awareness and then portions of the mind forced to think certain ways and act certain ways and have the body carry out new wishes and desires generated through a kind of programming. So that is a manipulation only and a temporary distortion of the human in question. When they die, they will return to the light and realign with their soul and will not be altered permanently by what has taken place. It will be on record within the akashic record stores, and upon returning in a new incarnation, the individual will reconnect to the akashic records and the energies of the prior life experiences will reconnect to them and begin to influence all that happens.

So, in a sense, the journey back to the light is a timeout for rest and recuperation and will not heal the karmic wounds of the prior life in the physical. So the hazards are to be commandeered to suppress one’s own mind and have alternative programming instilled and reinforced to be focused on and expressed by the human being manipulated, or to manipulate them during their transition from the physical body at the moment of death to prevent their return to the light and to keep them earthbound and trapped in limbo as a kind of punishment and/or containment system that is, in effect, a prison to keep the person from coming back and being a troublemaker once again.

But there is no true soul capture. All that can be manipulated is the small expression of the soul that is present in physical form as you perceive it from your vantage point as physical human. The fears being generated here are, in essence, the awareness that one can lose oneself by abrogation of their sovereignty when the free will, free choice, free thought, in fact, are suppressed, and programming of all kinds can be substituted in their place. This certainly fits a loose description of having the soul taken, but that is more metaphor than reality. The functional state is, of course, not only undesirable, but likely devastating to the soul journey because there will likely be severe karmic consequences in addition to the harm from losing opportunities during the lifetime to do something truly desired, or that would be truly desired by a fully functioning and healthy person, and not someone who has been manipulated and distorted in their thinking.

How the Truth is Kept Hidden from You

How the Truth is Kept Hidden from You

If you Google “latest world problems,” the first thing that shows up is this: climate change. We guess that one goes without saying given the Greta Thunberg effect is still going strong. But there’s more: such as security and pollution and political correctness and cultural appropriation. Not too long ago, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was vilified for something he had done far back in the past: blackface.

This was considered tantamount to cultural appropriation and racism and whatnot, and it’s been speculated to hurt the Prime Minister in the upcoming elections.

And speaking of elections, half of the world’s problems remain rooted in this democratic practice. But are there not other problems to boot?

The Invisible Problems of this World

While the world spends their hours tweeting about Trudeau’s blackface and other nonissues (he has apologized for it, by the way, and acknowledges that he hadn’t known any better) such as whether or not Game of Thrones should have won an Emmy, other evils lurk in the the shadows.

Children, dying of bombs and hunger in various war-torn regions. Territories illegally occupied by fascist regimes. Psychopathy that’s leading people toward serial killing and mass shootings. The rising radicalization in the world. The Pope admitting monks kept nuns as sex slaves. The cancer industry is actively eluding finding a cure because they’re too busy making money (as detailed in an article published in the San Francisco Daily Digest that has now vanished from the internet, in only a matter of days).

There’s so much that is so wrong with the world.

But why are we not asking the right questions and seeking not only the wrong answers but also looking in the wrong places?

The Masking of the Truth

Masking of the Truth

Let’s look at the old legend about the Naked Truth and the Lie. It goes that once Truth and Lie took a walk together, when they came upon a well. Lie told Truth that the water was so nice, so cold. Truth didn’t believe him—but she dipped her foot in the water and discovered that the water was indeed nice and cool. She undressed and stepped into the well.

When she came out, Lie had taken off with her clothes, leaving her naked. Since then, Lie has roamed the Earth dressed in Truth’s clothes, and the world has believed him—whereas everyone averts their eyes and turns a cold shoulder towards the truth: because the sight of the naked Truth is too much for them.

Jean-Leon Gerome’s 1896 painting titled “The Truth Coming Out of its Well” depicts just this.

While this might be just a legend after all, it explains many things quite nicely: that people are content being fed lies dressed as truth, swallowing it without question or comment. On the other hand, the naked truth always makes people uncomfortable, and so they turn away from it. Plato said as much himself when he theorized the world of forms.

But this doesn’t mean that the truth is is something that cannot be found or that it’s unattainable. It’s very close to us, within our reach—and we only have to reach out to touch it, to feel it, to embrace it. Opening our hearts towards divine wisdom and enlightenment is only the first step. If you are a seeker of hidden truths, the Get Wisdom Database will be of great help to you.

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What we’ll cover in this event  …

Are Fossil Fuels More Plentiful Than We Think?
The pursuit of fuel for a growing human population still not universally using automotive transportation has been a huge and costly endeavor. Creator gives feedback about the true status of these natural resources.

Are Alternative Energy Sources the Answer for Conservation?
Creator shares the divine perspective of various approaches to avoiding burning oil, coal and gas. These are hotly debated issues with great political  and economic significance, and there is much corrupted thinking confounding the debate as well.

Have Advanced Energy Technologies Been Suppressed?
Creator confirms that many longstanding rumors about more fuel efficient engines, “free energy” devices, and even use of water as a fuel, are actually true, and who is behind the manipulation.

Will Eliminating Hydrocarbon Fuels Affect Climate Change?
Creator explains why the skeptics who disbelieve human-caused climate change are actually right. There are important lessons about why eliminating fossil fuel use is a major political goal, where such ideas come from, and where they are leading us.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about divine truth about fossil fuels …

Are the experiments described of transferring cancer cell nuclei into normal cells that stop dividing abnormally, and transferring normal cell nuclei into cancer cell cytoplasm and seeing them become cancerous and proliferate abnormally, revealing the truth about metabolic origin of cancer?

This indeed is the case. While it may appear to be a simplistic approach that could have many unseen pitfalls because it is still fairly crude, although elegant in the execution of maneuvers, it nonetheless is a useful read-out that is lining up perfectly with the idea that the dysregulation of cancerous cells resulting in a profitless proliferation that goes unchecked is not coming from gene expression per se. There are gene changes in support of what happens, but the true causal elements are metabolic, taking place within the cytoplasm, and then impinging on the nucleus to stimulate changes in gene expression, so the latter are a consequence and not a cause of the abnormal cellular behavior.