History of Satanic Panic

Satanic Panic sounds like a harmless rhyme—before you Google it. Although, if you wish to look it up, Reddit is (always!) the superior source of information. Satanic Panic was a widespread mass panic—and it might have started with child murder.

Did the West Memphis Panic Have Anything to Do with it?

For once, the timelines do match. The West Memphis Three were convicted in 1994. The gist of it? Three teenagers were arrested, prosecuted, and sentenced for the brutal murders of three little boys in 1993. One of these teens was sentenced to death, the others to life imprisonment and hard labor. You might think the punishment befits the crime—but that’s because you wrongly believe Damien Echols or his two buddies had anything to do with the 1993 murder at all.

Arkansas prosecutors, jury, and judges proved themselves to be packed to the brim with bias with this one. Despite a lack of evidence, the three teenagers were sentenced because they came off as “Satanists.”

The most they did was dress like Marilyn Manson and listen to death metal. Imagine going to death row over Opeth.

Justice at Last

As in the Ron Williamson case, justice for Damien and his friends came from a society that calls itself the “Innocence Project.” These people—Barry Sheck, in particular—have saved countless wrongly convicted death row inmates from the gallows by proving how DNA evidence dismisses their case. And so they did for the West Memphis Three. Sadly for Damien and his friends, their prime years—18 of them—were wasted in prison before they could be released.

But, coming back to the original question: What did Satanic Panic have to do with the West Memphis Three?


How Paranoia Works

Not only does paranoia make people panic for no reason, but it also destroys the lives of others—such as the West Memphis Three. Confessions made in the West Memphis Trial prove just how biased and opposed to a fair trial the judge and jury were, just because they thought these boys were a threat. Why? Because they wore kohl and had tattoos—and listened to loud music.

It was a mass media scare gone wrong—and gave us many lifelong lessons in its wake.

You see, in the 80s and the 90s, there was mass hysteria being created around the idea of “Satanists.” The general consensus was that these Satanists roam around us, that they are out to destroy the fabric of civilized society and other such bizarre beliefs. “Satanic ritual abuse” was a term that was thrown around a lot, and slowly but gradually, panic became the way of life.

The timing was perfect for it: It was as if the stars had all aligned in the right order for this to happen.

How it Happened

Earlier, in 1972, Anton LaVey had published a book called “Satanic Rituals.” This book presented to the world the idea that satanic rituals were an everyday occurrence and quite normal in America. The Jonestown Massacre, in 1978, then showed the natural ramifications of a violent death cult. And then came the 80s with all those serial killers—many of whom performed ritualistic kills, such as the Zodiac, the BTK, Bundy, Dahmer, the Night Stalker, Gacy, and the Hillside Stranglers.

The stage was set, the conditions met—all it took was a spark. That came with the 1993 murders of three little boys in West Memphis.

The Real Villains

It goes without saying that there are real monsters out there—but it isn’t goth teenagers who contribute to noise pollution. It’s what’s out there—the sinister forces that encourage and propagate things like Satanic Panic benefit from infighting among humans. Find out more about the extraterrestrial corruption of human institutions, or join the forum for discussions today.

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Was it Really Saltwater Crocodiles in the Battle of Ramree Island?

In 1945, when soldiers were caught in the thick of the Second World War, a large troop of Japanese soldiers found themselves being pushed back by the British. This happened in Rangoon—and the Japanese soldiers realized that they had no option but to pull back.

Fortunately for them, they found that the area was a massive ditch of swamps and marshes, where they could easily hide. Was this battle, which had been ongoing for six weeks, finally coming to an end?

It did come to an end—but not in the way either party of soldiers was expecting.


As soon as the sun went down and the Japanese settled in those muddy marshes for the night, well-hid from the enemy, there was a strange shift in the air. The British felt it—and the Japanese felt it with even greater alarm. Soon enough, the British army had to contend with a night full of screams and shrieks that felt like they came straight from hell. It sounded like a massive troop of about a thousand hard-trained soldiers were all being tortured at the same time.

Had the Japanese walked into a death trap? Most certainly. But this trap was unlike any mines the British could have placed before they isolated the group of a thousand Japanese soldiers.

It was something far, far more sinister.

So What was in the Marshes?

Was it a monster? Yes, but not just one, but a whole bask of them. Bask is the collective term used for a group of crocodiles—so go figure.

The marshes were brimming with the largest reptiles in the world: the saltwater crocodiles. It is a croc that puts both the dreaded Nile Crocodile and the marsh crocs of South Asia to shame. Growing up to 22 feet long or more, saltwater crocs can reach a whopping 1000 pounds in weight. Their bite force is one of the strongest in the world—rivaled only by larger animals such as hippos and Great Whites.

And what happens when a bask of saltwater crocs meets unassuming Japanese soldiers walking into their territory, smelling nicely of blood and guts? Dinner. That’s what happens.

Even the battle-weary and hardened Japanese soldiers (remember, this is the same army that annihilated Nanking to the ground in the same war) couldn’t survive that attack. It has since become known as the worst croc attack in world history.

What the Survivors Said

Bruce Stanley Wright, a survivor of the Battle of Ramree Island but who was not on the Japanese side, actually wrote an account of that dreadful night. In his account, he says he heard “scattered rifle shots” in what was a “pitch black” swamp. That means he couldn’t see what was causing the commotion, but he could hear the agonized Japanese and their rifles going off.

Some 20 soldiers came out of that swamp, bloody and hurt, and were taken prisoner by the British forces almost immediately. Since then, many have contested the popular idea that saltwater crocs ate 980 Japanese soldiers in one night.

It would have been hard for one crocodile to eat one man—and it would have been harder for 980 crocodiles or more to be present in a congested swamp. We must also take into account the fact that these weren’t unarmed, untrained people the crocs were supposedly attacking. These were soldiers from one of the most feared empires on Earth, and they had weapons. We knew their rifles went off. How come these bullets never hit a reptile?

Or Was There Something Else in the Swamp?

There are two facts in this account. The first is that there are saltwater crocs on Ramree Island. The second is that 20 out of 1000 soldiers survived that attack. Oh, and there’s also the third: the British won.

These are also facts: no amount of reptiles can eat 980 grown men in one night. There were no croc casualties. Nobody saw the crocs because it was “too dark.”

Maybe it’s just us—but there’s a good possibility something else was present there that night too. You can discuss this and other hidden truths in greater depth and detail by joining the Get Wisdom Forum.

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Why Do Humans Fight Wars?

From the World Wars to the current invasions of various countries in the world, humans have never shied away from war. In fact, it was war that encouraged us to develop rockets and missiles that later took us to space. It was war that allowed us to develop sonar technology that later helped us break through the limitations of everyday life—that is how, in fact, GPS came into existence.

So while there can be an argument about how much war has or hasn’t helped us, there’s always this question that needs to be answered: are we built to fight?

Is it Instinctual?

Whether or not you believe in the Darwinian ideal does not matter. Chimpanzees, like our ancestors, have as much a propensity to fight as the figures of Abel and Cain. In both accounts, we are built as beings who have an in-built knack for destruction. In fact, researchers will tell you that that’s not all—we also have a history of devouring each other, and that too, literally.

It would be safe to say that yes, we do have an instinctual desire to fight—there is something called a “fight or flight” instinct in all of us; it is naturally ingrained. But just because we can do something doesn’t mean we should.

Could it be Something Else?

While there’s no denying that it could be something else, we must really ask ourselves this: are we as humans full of nothing but contempt for each other? Do we not believe in the power of love—or is kindness no longer a thing in our world?

None of that is true. Yes, we have fought with each other and continue to do so these days, but humans have also proved, over the years, that we are made of stronger elements. If there are oppressors amongst us, there are also rebels. If there are fascists among us, there are also those that resist. We are a mixed bag—and many of us realize that infighting has never helped us with anything.

So who does it help?

Think about it. Suppose you had an enemy who really wanted to defeat you, but all their attempts were thwarted because you put on a united front. In that case, what would they do? They could turn back and leave, but our collective enemies are not like that. They have had their eyes on us since forever. They benefit from our infighting because we become too busy caring about what’s going on out there.

Interested in Reading More?

Find out more about the intricacies of the war here on the Get Wisdom Project. Go through the Divine database for more interesting information, or join the Get Wisdom forum to engage with like-minded individuals and seekers of hidden truth.

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Joseph Stalin—Man or Something Else?

A graphical representation of Stalin and the atrocities he committed

Joseph Stalin committed some truly horrific deeds in his time, and his life was rife with death and incalculable suffering. He grew to power as a general secretary of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union after the Russian revolution in the early 1920s. Due to his shocking and ruthless nature when it came to punishments and killing, his people established him as the unquestioned and de facto dictator of his time.

Horrific Deeds Of Powerful Men And World Leaders

Many people have compared Stalin to Adolf Hitler who was responsible for the Holocaust that took the lives of an estimated 6 million Jews. However, others argue that Stalin was simply a product of his time, and one of the many evil and cruel men that have come to power in the 20th century. Another classic example of evil men is Mao Zedong from China who was responsible for killing millions as well as the deaths of tens of million people in the country who died from suicide and starvation during his time.

Inherently Evil Or Under Reptilian Influence

What sets apart these men from other world leaders who are simply ruthless is the nature of their deeds. A key indicator that Stalin’s evil nature was much more than just human is his fascination with creating a better human race by ordering his top scientists to create hybrid warriors using the genes of humans and apes.

According to Moscow newspapers, Stalin told his scientists that he wanted a race of invincible human beings who didn’t feel pain and were indifferent to emotions or other needs, including food.

That seems more than the human part of this man talking and shows something sinister lurking under the surface. Another example of Stalin being under the influence of something far more dangerous was his complete disregard for human life. Archives and historical reports show that Stalin would calmy discuss the execution of some if the best people in his party and then go out for a movie or entertainment that same night without so much as a blip on his conscience.

A representation of the reptilian alien race that is taking over the world

Time To Awaken To The Dire Truth And It’s Implications

Looking at the history and the blood-chilling acts of some of the most dangerous world leaders such as those mentioned above it is hard to believe they are human beings just like us. But what if your instinct that they aren’t completely human is true? What if they are actually under the influence of a reptilian alien race that can come to the earth with the sole purpose of enslaving the human race by taking over the leaders in the government and entertainment industry?

Evidence for the existence of extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids is provided by looking at the sinister way people can come to be responsible for some of the biggest atrocities committed on the planet, including the Holocaust, the 9/11 attacks, and the world wars leading to the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The inherent blood-thirsty nature of these reptilian influences can be easily recognized by those who have opened themselves up to the hidden truths and chosen the path of enlightenment.

Take steps today to recognize the deeply malevolent intent of these alien reptilian beings and take measure today to start your journey toward spiritual healing and enlightenment.

Get in touch with Karl Mollison, a renowned scientist, healer, and channeler, today and begin your spiritual healing through divine inspiration sessions, divine wisdom channeling, advanced energy treatment, and more.

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Could Aliens be Hiding in the Bermuda Triangle?

Near the islands known as the Greater Antilles, in the North Atlantic Region, there lies a triangular piece of the ocean known as the Bermuda Triangle. If you look for it on a world map, you won’t find it there. According to the US Board on Geographic Names, the Bermuda Triangle doesn’t even exist in the Atlantic Ocean.

But of course, we know that it exists. And we know this because . . .

The Disappearances

If one plane had disappeared while flying over the Bermuda Triangle, we could have made an exception. But it isn’t just one plane that disappeared over this mysterious region. There was the disappearance of Flight 19 in 1945. Then, in 1950, there was the Douglas C-54 Skymaster. And this spate of disappearances has gone on right up until recent times, with the latest plane having disappeared over the Bermuda Triangle in 2015.

And it isn’t that ancient people were incognizant of the fact either . . .

Christopher Columbus Saw it Too

The strange occurrences that the Bermuda Triangle is famous for were reported as far back as in the 1400s. It was in 1492 that Christopher Columbus saw abnormal things around this same region, among which was a strange light. There are historical accounts referencing this incident.

If it has been there since the 1400s, and if the strangeness is to the point where entire airplanes have disappeared in the region, there definitely is something off with the region.

Something is Hiding There

Something is definitely off about the Bermuda Triangle; that much is we are sure of. As to what it is, there are a few explanations. According to some people, the Earth’s natural properties in that region might be such that they make it more gravitational. According to others, that region houses secret government programs forbidden to the general masses, and therefore, no one must go there.

But there’s a third explanation, too. And it has to do with a force far more sinister than us humans. What if something far more powerful, far more deceitful, far more terrible is hiding down there? Is it aliens? It very well might be. Only a supernatural or superhuman force could have the power to make airplanes disappear.

Read More on Get Wisdom

If you liked this blog and want to find out more about aliens hiding in mysterious places on Earth, join the Get Wisdom Forum and go through the Divine Database: we’ve got resources on everything, from details about the extraterrestrial agenda to alien abduction. Your search for scathing details about hidden truths begins here.

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Saved by a Haircut… or by Divine Intervention?

Serial killers are a rare occurrence and serial sexual homicides account for less than one percent of all homicides in the United States. However, they are considered dangerous because of the high number of victims for each serial killer compared to single or other multiple victim homicides.

Ted Bundy — A Disturbed Individual or A Malignant Being

One of the most notorious serial killers is none other than Ted Bundy. The man hardly requires an introduction and openly confessed to killing at least 28 women before he was executed for his crimes in 1989. The authorities believe that more than 28 women fell victim to his killing spree. One of the most fascinating things about the case of Ted Bundy was how charming he was and how many of his victims fell prey to his captivating personality. That begs the question of whether he was just a disturbed individual living out his deranged fantasies or were there some dark forces that were controlling this man?

The One That Got Away

While his gruesome track record supports the argument that the man was indeed being led by some dark forces, looking at the events of women that got away and avoided becoming another victim of Bundy, also shows evidence of the Divine. Sotria Kritsonis recalled her own escape from Bundy in 1972 and has thanked the foresight that made her get a haircut a few days before. According to Sotria, she got in his car after Bundy pulled up at the bus stop and offered her a ride. Moments later, Bundy started menacing her and she realized she was trapped because the passenger door had no inside handle. Terrified, she started praying. Bundy told her to take her hat off. After looking at her new haircut he stopped the car and shoved her out. She realized Bundy must have been stalking her for some time. In fact, Bundy sought out women victims with long brown hair. Getting her hair cut short saved her.

Coincidence Or Divine Knowledge?

Now the question begs to be asked, what compelled Sotria to get a haircut just a few days before, when Bundy was likely targeting and stalking her? Was it a coincidence or Divine guidance at work that day?

According to another survivor Carol DaRonch, she sensed something was wrong the moment she sat in the car with Bundy which alerted her to the possibility of there being something more than meets the eye.

Human beings by instinct seek the truth and have an innate ability to sense when something isn’t right. It could be the dark agenda of extraterrestrials who are controlling people such as serial killers and pedophiles, and dark spirits causing the corruption of their soul, making them perform acts that are inherently evil in nature. Partnering with the Divine through prayer can allow Divine intervention when you need it most.

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The Serial Killers Who Were Influenced by Satanism

Generally classified as psychopaths or mentally deranged individuals, serial killers are rightly vilified for what they do. But there is, all too often, a pattern connecting them to Satanism that we so willfully ignore—because it makes us uneasy.

Death Row Romeo

Ramirez terrified the Greater Los Angeles area in a manner few killers had managed to do before him. While it was clear to the police force in LA that they had a serial killer running loose in the streets, they found it very difficult to work out his modus operandi. The only consistency was that he would break into houses in the night.

What made him so dreaded was his lack of a victim choice. Bundy killed young women with long brown hair parted in the middle. Dahmer killed young men who frequented gay bars. Ramirez? He killed anyone who was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

And not only did he inflict pain upon his victims, but he also left Satanic symbols all over the crime scene. Once, after he was caught, he said “Heil Satan” loudly in court and brandished his palm for all to see—it had a crude star drawn on it.

If you want to find out more about Richard Ramirez and his reign of horror, do check out the Netflix documentary Nightstalker.


a satanic mask

Dahmer needs no introduction. The world is well aware of the atrocities he inflicted upon unassuming young men—but what the world does not know is that there’s a lot more to him than what was depicted in My Friend Dahmer. Sure, Dahmer had a dysfunctional home and a problematic upbringing, but that does not discount this: Dahmer thought he was Satan.

He truly, genuinely believed that.

That part of his trial was dismissed, though, because we humans don’t like entertaining uncomfortable thoughts.

The Son of Sam

David Berkowitz is yet another enigma. Known as the “Son of Sam” killer, he went around killing couples in their cars or isolated spots. Initially, the police had suspected it was someone projecting his lack of human connection onto those that did have them—since women were the receivers of the full brunt of his rage. They were shot first. The men were shot after. The paranoia that followed his killing spree was such that scores of young women had their hair cut short—since the killer targeted women with long brown hair. Yeah, he had that in common with Ted Bundy.

When he was caught and queried about his actions, he had the most peculiar thing to say: The dog made me do it.

According to Berkowitz, his neighbor’s dog had been giving him instructions to go forth and murder people—and people classified that as either bizarre or untruthful. We think it was a bit of both.

Read More

Here’s an interesting and detailed answer by the Creator explaining how the loss of Satanic cults coincided with a reduction in the number of serial killers in the world. You can further discuss this and other tidbits of divine wisdom by joining the Get Wisdom Forum.

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Do Angels Live Among Us?

angels traveling across different realms

People have been contemplating the nature, form, and existence of angels for centuries. Do they live among us? Or do they move among different realms? Moreover, what is their purpose? Let’s dive deeper.

1. The Role of Angels

Angels are assistants only. They are an interface between Creator and other aspects of the universe, including all of its beings: angelic, physical, or those in higher dimensions. All beings have creative ability, but this does not extend to the creation of life forms of a complicated sort. That is the essence of Creator’s energy and consciousness, and is not bestowed to portions that act independently, like us.

Recommended Read: Are All Angels and Archangels Light Beings or Are There Not-So-Good Ones?

2. Do Angels Walk Around as Human Beings?

Yes, angels often incarnate to live a life as a physical human being. However, this happens approximately once every 1000 times. While it’s not as common as people may think, it’s still a pretty large number. In fact, there are presently approximately 328,000 angels walking around as human beings in the US.

The reason for this is the dire circumstances humanity is facing. Considering the huge karmic backlog faced by the average person, it is harder than ever for the divine realm to have an impact on things and enlist people to serve the light.

Many become sidelined and never participate in a meaningful way to improve things while they are here. This is an enormous wasted opportunity.

3. How Does an Angelic Being Appear?

An angelic being can appear in visual form, or may appear in a photo taken. The latter is more likely because humans are not well-equipped to see the energy of these high-vibrational beings. It is more likely they will see a lower-level spirit than an angel. But there are special circumstances when they can be allowed to appear visually.

Recommended Read: Common Misconceptions About Aliens

Looking for more insight into the existence, purpose, and manifestation of angels? Browse through our Creator Q&A guide to explore more insights. If you’re seeking the hidden truth about benevolent extraterrestrials, divine caution, divine guidance, extraterrestrial agenda, extraterrestrial imposters, and healing, among other aspects of life, we can help you get started.

Our resources are carefully put together to help you embark on the path to enlightenment, and use your knowledge to lead a meaningful, fulfilling, and purposeful life. Browse through our divine inspiration sessions to get started. If you have a question for Creator, feel free to reach out to them.

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What Do the Similarities Between Greek and Hindu Mythology Tell Us?

India is at a distance of 5,775 kilometers from Greece. There should be no way for these two countries and cultures, so far separated, to have anything in common: but they do. They have more in common than we could have imagined.

The Trio

Three is a number that appears recurringly in several religions and cultures—and the same goes for Greek and Hindu mythologies. Greek mythology, as people already know, has three main gods: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Well, guess what? So does Hinduism. Their three main gods are Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva.

To add more to this, Indra, the “King of Gods,” can be seen as a parallel to Cronos—the father Zeus had to defeat and imprison. Indra is also depicted as vengeful, in a manner very similar to Cronos.

The King of Gods Likes Women

statue of the Greek God Zeus

The tales of Zeus seducing women and taking them as “wives”—most of the time through dubious means—are too well-known to be repeated here. In Hinduism, the King of Gods—Indra—has similar womanly conquests of his own. In Hindu mythology, Ahalya was the wife of a sage named Gautama Maharishi—and was seduced by Indra. When her husband found out, he cursed her for all eternity. Sound similar to someone else’s situation? It isn’t exactly Medusa all over again, but the similarities are striking. Ahalya, like Medusa, was a beautiful woman—and cursed for it later, their beauties snatched away as punishment for sins they did not commit.

Like Medusa, Ahalya’s punishment came from the angry spouse of her seducer. And like Medusa, Ahalya was turned to stone as punishment. We guess both cultures were equally misogynistic at one point.


No weapon in Greek mythology is as famous as Poseidon’s trident. The forked metal weapon has appeared so many times in popular culture it’s almost impossible not to know. Well, it turns out the trident is also a major weapon wielded by Hindu gods—Shiva, specifically, is probably partial to the trident.

Moreover, Indra, the God of Kings in Hinduism, wields a weapon called the Vajrayudha—which is equivalent to the thunderbolt. We all know who the Greek king of thunderbolts is, don’t we? It would appear Zeus has an equal after all.

God of Death?

statue of a Hindu God

Hades—mostly, thanks to Disney and its villainous portrayal of him—gets flak for being a villain. Sure, he’s the master of Greek hell, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s a bad guy. Hades has feelings too. His Hindu counterpart—Yama—is also the God of Justice. Both Yama and Hades collect souls and pass judgment.

Mountain Men

It would appear that gods of both these cultures have an affinity for mountains. The Greeks live on Mount Olympus, whereas the Hindu gods are said to reside on multiple mountains, the most famous of them being Mount Kailash—or Mount Meru, as it is called in some holy texts. Did you know that Mount Kailash is one mountain that you cannot climb? At all? It is strictly forbidden!

The Gods Love Shooting

No, they aren’t hunters, and they don’t possess modern weaponry—thunderbolts and tridents, remember? Instead, what we’re here referring to is the act of shooting arrows to make people fall in love. We know Cupid does that—but Cupid is part of Roman mythology (and yes, Cupid is a god, for all those who don’t know). However, Cupid does have a Greek counterpart: Eros. Cupid has a Hindu counterpart, too: Manmatha, or Madan, is depicted in Hindu mythology often riding a parrot. Like Cupid and Eros, he, too, carries a quiver of arrows on his back and goes about infecting people with love as he pleases. All three Gods are partial to shooting arrows into people’s hearts—which should kill them, really, but makes them fall in love instead. Many would say it’s the same thing.

Their Greatest Heroes Come from Water

statue of the Greek God Poseidon

If you think about it, there is no greater hero in Greek mythology than Achilles. We all know Achilles as the guy who besieged Troy, who fought and killed Hector as revenge for killing his friend Patroclus, and who eventually died. It is also well known that Achilles wasn’t a mortal—he was a demi-god, the son of Thetis: The Goddess of the sea. Thetis tries very hard to prevent Achilles from going to war, but he goes anyway—because he wants to be remembered as a hero. Once he is dead, his remains are returned to Thetis.

Achilles has an equal in Hindu mythology, and he is called Bhishma. Bhishma was the son of Ganga—the goddess with a literal river named after her—and he, too, died in the greatest battle of his time.


Finally, it goes without saying that our knowledge of these two ancient cultures, their heroes, their battles, and their gods, comes from epics written over many books. The Greeks have their Iliad, Aeneid, and Odyssey. The Hindus have their Mahabharata and Ramayana—massive books, spread over many volumes, relating tales of the great gods, their adventures and misadventures, and more. Epics from both cultures are treated as high literature.

The only difference, perhaps, would be that Greeks no longer believe religiously in their Gods—whereas Hindus, to this day, are loyal to their heritage.

What Do These Similarities Tell Us?

There are those who will say that humans have told the same stories over and over again. It’s not entirely untrue: many cultures have their own version of Romeo and Juliet, stories about heroes who defeated great monsters, and disobedient angels.

One explanation might be that humans are hardwired to tell stories—and that our collective, universal ideals are limited to the point where these storylines are bound to overlap.

The other explanation is that at some point in time, super-powerful deities like Zeus and Rama did exist. Sadly, while science does have proof to explain the existence of animals in the Jurassic Period, we haven’t yet been able to determine if Aphrodite and Yama existed.

However, the existence of two sets of stories so strikingly similar, in two such distant parts of the world, does tell us this: there’s some truth to this tale. We might not know to what extent it is true—but we can safely say that these stories are not entirely without merit.

About the Author

The author, Karl Mollison, is a spiritual healer and channeler with a special interest in religions, spirituality, and healing. You can find out more about his project and person here

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How Accurate are the Insidious Movies?

The Insidious movies are considered the most harrowing horror movies of all times. And it’s easy to see why. The terrifying sequence of events can unnerve even the most seasoned horror film enthusiast.


However, as you dig deeper, the hidden truths in the series become more evident. Are the Insidious movies based on real life? Or are they simply a work of fiction? While the franchise strongly claims that the series wasn’t inspired by real-life events, the revelations in the movies indicate otherwise.

In this blog, we’ll explore whether the Insidious movies are accurate or fictional.

Astral Projection

According to the writer and director of the movie, Leigh Whannell and James Wan, the Insidious movies are pure fiction. While they’re not based on real life, fans have been quick to create strong correlations between some of the events in the movie and possible occurrences in reality.

In the Insidious movies, astral projection is largely used to travel into the Future. However, these out-of-body experiences hide a lot of truth. While they’re stated as being fictional, the reality is slightly different.

Astral projection is very much real. In fact, the Extraterrestrial Alliance actively pursues humans doing astral travel to capture them.

Click here for a closer look at what Creator has to say about this.

Recommended Read: Did the Pentagon Really Spend Millions on UFO Research?

Spirit Possession

Spirit possession is a common theme in the Insidious movies. While it’s believed to have no truth behind it, spirit possession is very much real. Spirit meddlers can affect human thoughts and emotions, and can block and stimulate nerves to disrupt the workings of the physical body.

They can produce a large variety of symptoms that may be temporary or intermittent. This causes a lot of confusion to physicians, and deeply affects the individual. Since there’s no diagnostic label, the consequences of spirit possession become progressively worse.

Click here for more insight into this.

How Can I Dig Deeper?

If you’re looking for answers to more questions about the Insidious series, we recommend browsing through our resources. Start by exploring the themes of extraterrestrial spirits, curses, spirit meddlers, spirit possession, and subconscious channeling.

Once you have a good grasp on these realities, dig deeper. Our divine inspiration sessions can help you seek the hidden truth. Navigate our videos, podcasts, books, interviews, transcripts, and webinars to get started. If you have more questions, you can reach out to us.

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