The Rising Cases of Prominent Men and Sexual Harassment

The Rising Cases of Prominent Men and Sexual Harassment

Years ago, sexual harassment was rarely mentioned— the term was not much used in those days. That’s not to say it didn’t happen, but there’s no denying that the cases have become widely popularized in the last few years. Today, there are many powerful men being accused of sexual harassment— and many who’ve had these allegations proven and  in many cases there is strong evidence piling up against them.

And that’s only the powerful men on the accusation list—the list of other men who are safe by virtue of not being wildly popular might be longer still. This actually is a very ancient and multi-cultural problem.

The Men on Trial

Vox published a stark and chilling list of famous men who have been accused of sexual harassment—the list includes Trump, Ronaldo, Spacey and Weinstein. It was started in 2017, of course, with the Weinstein accusation—and there were dozens of women from all around the world ready with statements against him. Thus, began the #MeToo movement, and it kept on growing . . . and growing . . . and growing.

Eventually, more revered names such as that of Bryan Singer (of the X-Men movies and Bohemian Rhapsody) and even Michael Jackson emerged. And it wasn’t just the men in ‘showbiz,’ if that’s what you’re thinking. Even, Neil deGrasse Tyson of Cosmos had joined the list.

Is it Karmic? Or is There Spirit Meddling Involved?


Our guess? Probably both. The causes are often various, with men’s karmic histories playing a huge role while spirit meddlers are a less appreciated phenomenon.  But we won’t repeat that age-old mantra that you’re tired of hearing—that it’s “just hormones.” If you look at history, you’ll see very clearly that the track record men have of predatory behavior isn’t exactly sporadic. Social forces and darker ones have aided and abetted this behavior, and it has been thus solidified.

And, of course, the dark forces—they are always out there, waiting for us to err even in the slightest—take full advantage of this weakness that many of the men of this world harbor.

What the Forces Get Out of This

It’s sometimes easy to see what they might get out of this. When one aids and abets a person who preys on another person, they have a hand in causing harm. They’re complicit in the hurt and damage caused. This benefactor is a dark spirit who feeds off the perpetrator AND the victim. And of course, they feed on the energies derived from the sexual gratification, pain, remorse and regret they receive from such episodes.

Additionally, this form of behavior on the part of the males (and which may keep coming back to them due to their karmic histories) adds to the growing resentment and distrust in society. For the dark spirit it is a win/win. There is specie-on-specie hate with one faction of humans being rightly wary of the other. The only thing this does is keep the human family divided against itself. And a house that is against itself cannot stand long.  And this situation, as described, greatly helps the extraterrestrial agenda.

Read in detail spiritual healer and channeler Karl Mollison’s explanation of this issue here.

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How the Truth is Kept Hidden from You

How the Truth is Kept Hidden from You

If you Google “latest world problems,” the first thing that shows up is this: climate change. We guess that one goes without saying given the Greta Thunberg effect is still going strong. But there’s more: such as security and pollution and political correctness and cultural appropriation. Not too long ago, the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was vilified for something he had done far back in the past: blackface.

This was considered tantamount to cultural appropriation and racism and whatnot, and it’s been speculated to hurt the Prime Minister in the upcoming elections.

And speaking of elections, half of the world’s problems remain rooted in this democratic practice. But are there not other problems to boot?

The Invisible Problems of this World

While the world spends their hours tweeting about Trudeau’s blackface and other nonissues (he has apologized for it, by the way, and acknowledges that he hadn’t known any better) such as whether or not Game of Thrones should have won an Emmy, other evils lurk in the the shadows.

Children, dying of bombs and hunger in various war-torn regions. Territories illegally occupied by fascist regimes. Psychopathy that’s leading people toward serial killing and mass shootings. The rising radicalization in the world. The Pope admitting monks kept nuns as sex slaves. The cancer industry is actively eluding finding a cure because they’re too busy making money (as detailed in an article published in the San Francisco Daily Digest that has now vanished from the internet, in only a matter of days).

There’s so much that is so wrong with the world.

But why are we not asking the right questions and seeking not only the wrong answers but also looking in the wrong places?

The Masking of the Truth

Masking of the Truth

Let’s look at the old legend about the Naked Truth and the Lie. It goes that once Truth and Lie took a walk together, when they came upon a well. Lie told Truth that the water was so nice, so cold. Truth didn’t believe him—but she dipped her foot in the water and discovered that the water was indeed nice and cool. She undressed and stepped into the well.

When she came out, Lie had taken off with her clothes, leaving her naked. Since then, Lie has roamed the Earth dressed in Truth’s clothes, and the world has believed him—whereas everyone averts their eyes and turns a cold shoulder towards the truth: because the sight of the naked Truth is too much for them.

Jean-Leon Gerome’s 1896 painting titled “The Truth Coming Out of its Well” depicts just this.

While this might be just a legend after all, it explains many things quite nicely: that people are content being fed lies dressed as truth, swallowing it without question or comment. On the other hand, the naked truth always makes people uncomfortable, and so they turn away from it. Plato said as much himself when he theorized the world of forms.

But this doesn’t mean that the truth is is something that cannot be found or that it’s unattainable. It’s very close to us, within our reach—and we only have to reach out to touch it, to feel it, to embrace it. Opening our hearts towards divine wisdom and enlightenment is only the first step. If you are a seeker of hidden truths, the Get Wisdom Database will be of great help to you.

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Why We Should Never Forget Operation Desert Storm

Why We Should Never Forget Operation Desert Storm

In 2021, Desert Storm will turn 30 years old—it will be 30 years since the United States went to war with Iraq. For some this was not a war over anything tangible. 9/11 hadn’t even happened yet.

The purposes of the war would for many remain obscure. And the lies that sold the war to the US public and the rest of the world remained obscure too—until they were proved to be utterly, entirely false. Operation Desert Storm—or Desert Shield, as it is often called—came only after Iraq had invaded Kuwait, and after the U.S. had invaded Iraq over false allegations.

And some in the world believed those allegations without question, without query, without comment.

The PR Dilemma

Often people wonder if humans are inherently bad. After all, in the face of such widespread evils and ills, how could one think otherwise?

Humans are, by inherent nature, compassionate. And they were compassionate when belligerent powers were scratching their heads over how to win the American public over to the cause of war.

Loss of human life and the often inevitable escalation of belligerence in the world at large repeats over and over again going back into the darkness of history. And there are many forces that enable such things to happen.

The Public Relations Solution

Public Relations Solution

A 15-year-old girl brought the answer to the question of whether the U.S. should invade Iraq or not. A teenager, known then only by her first name Nayirah, appeared in front of The Humans Rights Caucus, and gave her testimony. She told the tale of her own service at a hospital where she had witnessed the Iraqi soldiers commit atrocities and commit thievery.

One story, from her in particular, was repeated over and over by various outlets.

This was the incubator hoax. Nayirah had explained how she had seen soldiers take babies out of incubators and left the babies out to die. The repetition of this horrendous act by almost all major media outlets was what helped change public opinion—and it was this that propelled, finally, the United States into the war in the desert.

And It Was Totally False

The surname of the 15-year-old surfaced later, and with it a Pandora’s box was opened, causing global disbelief and shock. This was no ordinary nurse or worker at a hospital—this was the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador, a part of the powerful ruling al-Sabah dynasty. From Harpers’ to the New York Times, and from Amnesty International itself, various ‘credible’ sources backed her testimony, and helped reshape public opinion. What matters here is that this was a completely fabricated testimony—as was later proved.

What is the Point?

Whether or not Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait was right, whether or not the al-Sabah dynasty had been trying to squash democracy in Kuwait, and whether or not the U.S. was acting out of humane concerns might be beside the matter. These are debates for another day and for another forum. What the seekers of wisdom and enlightenment should take away from this is that careful scrutiny is recommended at the mention of emotional buzzwords—such as democracy or climate change—and action should come only after long consideration.

Because you never know what lies you’re being fed.

To engage with others who seek the truth, join the Get Wisdom forum or check out the Get Wisdom database for more information.

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There’s a Reason So Many Scientists are Advocating for Cannibalism These Days

It was only last month that a Swedish scientist caused quite some stir among those rightly concerned about the moral state of humans currently inhabiting planet Earth. Magnus Söderlund, who is a behavioral scientist, suggested a killer way to tackle climate change and its effects on our agricultural system: he said we should eat … each other!

He wants us to go full Hannibal, and he’s not the only one.

Richard Dawkins—a far more popular name than the Swedish one—famously came under fire for advocating cannibalism. It’s noteworthy to mention here that Dawkins is also the poster child for ‘crusading atheism.’

The Garish Suggestion

The suggestion was made as a solution to combat an apparent and, in some cases, real problem of “food supply.”  Some scientists have claimed that the world population continues to grow despite mounting evidence it is leveling off or in some areas falling. They’re guessing we’ll run out of food. Alternatives such as grasshoppers and cockroach milk (yes, that’s a thing), all sorts of bugs and things are being normalized as food sources. Which is certainly debatable as appropriate food sources—but then the idea is brought up: there are dead people everywhere, being buried and burnt, when in fact they could be eaten. We do wonder what exactly they had in mind: steak a la carte or some fava beans?


So, Should You Start Feasting on Fellow Man?

We think that people who actually do that sort of thing—consume human flesh—are either disturbed psychopaths (such as Jeffrey Dahmer), touted Satanists in the upper echelons of the cabal, twisted pervs on the dark web or lost tribes in remote jungles.  Remember that Japanese dude, who killed and cooked and ate his classmate in Paris? He’s a celebrity now.

The fact that someone who commits heinous crimes and performs unspeakable deeds is hailed in society (the Japanese cannibal has actually written cookbooks, is regularly on TV, and has a solid fan base) is appalling to many. And perhaps it should horrify us because this suggestion as a solution to a manufactured problem may likely be taken seriously in a growing portion of the world’s endangered population. Yes – the endangered population is – humans.

Eating farm animals is considered different to many of us. Eating a human may be tantamount to reducing the human status to that of an edible commodity.

Have you ever wondered why it might have been easy for people like Jeffrey Dahmer and Richard Ramirez to eat their victims? It was because they felt nothing, nothing for fellow man, no regard or respect. But there are other unseen causes that few know about or would be able to explain in a coherent and rational manner. If and when cannibalization does become normalized and mainstream in society, the gradual degradation of humans will be complete. And this would most likely happen with outside assistance that is little appreciated or considered in the modern world.

What it Means to Embrace Cannibalism

Cannibalism isn’t new. Back when humans were supposedly in a more primitive state, tribes would kill other tribes, and cannibalize the fallen enemy. The purpose of such wasn’t to have a feast or to satiate hunger. It was to announce dominance over another group of people. Races that look down upon other races are thought to condone cannibalism—and in a very real sense,  the races in question here could be those from extraterrestrial civilizations more advanced technologically, but inhabiting a lower spiritual state, itching to sow the seeds of discord on this Earth.

There’s also a well-researched connection between cannibalism and evil forces, as was discovered during a channeling of Jeffrey Dahmer. You can watch the interview with the necrophile/rapist/cannibal here, performed by scientist, spiritual healer, and channeler Karl Mollison. And why are so many scientists suddenly advocating the unthinkable? Perhaps not by any design of their own, but with external help in order to ensure that humans are forever pitted against each other.  Bon Appétit!

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