Starting on the Right Foot for 2021: Begin Your Healing Journey

2020 was cruel—but does that mandate 2021 should be quixotic? We think the planet has had enough of melodrama and misery for a year. What should follow is a turntable of sorts—but can all the king’s horses and all the king’s men put this humpty dumpty of a world together again?

The general sentiment is that of hopelessness. The future looks bleak and black—but is it true that life can little more supply us with things other than to look about us and die? If you get the Pope reference, you will find it fitting that this blog comes to a close on a more hopeful note.

Seek Help

It’s true that we are injured. Over the course of one year, we have lost 1,945,266 souls to a pandemic that’s still raging. And these are just one kind of death—we have lost many more to natural causes, political uprising, radical unrest, war and wickedness, street brawls and barfights, domestic abuse, and more. It is natural to feel that the world holds nothing good in store—how can we conceptualize a beautiful future out of an ugly world?


But that is how things must be. Dwelling on the past will do no one any good. Mulling on misjudgments is a waste of time. It is only through confidence and dedication to make the world a better place that we can have any hope for the future.

For the world cannot turn miraculously and instantaneously good of its own will—it is the collective actions of its dwellers that turn the tables. It’s not the time to react—but to act.

United We Stand

The one thing that we must learn and make one in our hearts is this: where divisions arise, strife follows. For long, our sinister sky-borne enemies have played their hand by striking hatred for man in man—and for long we have followed their lead, unquestioning and unbothered.

It is now time to be bothered—not by fellow man, but by the forces that seek to divide ridges between our ranks. It is time to stand like a wall, and time to act like it.

Together, like Pope said, we beat this ample field. When you walk the wilderness of this world, you will find it through with thimble and thorn—but who is to say you have no help on the way? It is the beacon light of divine wisdom and holy guidance that will light the path and clear the darkness for you.

All you have to take is one step—one step in the right direction: seek the light, and the hidden truth, and the Creator’s support. You will find divine sponsorship docked readily in your bay—all you have to do is walk to the shore.

Do You Have Questions for the Creator this New Year?

Get all your questions answered and all your worries eased. You, too, can ask the Creator any question of your choosing—be it about the fate of the future, the plague that’s threatening us all, or a personal grievance you haven’t had the courage to voice. Find support and sympathy from like-minded individuals on the Get Wisdom forum—from people who, like you, prefer asking hard questions as opposed to quietly accepting conditioned untruths.

Together, we can unveil the bitterest lies and break through the hardest walls of uncertainty. Hope springs eternal in the human heart, after all. The path to future happiness lies between healing and hope.

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Ancient Human Sacrifice—And What Reptilians Had to Do With it

Thankfully, no longer a thing—except perhaps in underground cults—human sacrifice was once a major part of many religions. Ancient civilizations often indulged in the practice—although we do wonder if anyone who ever sacrificed another human can be part of a “civilization.”

Inca, Ur (Iraq), China, Maya, Israel, Aztec, Egypt, Hitobashira, Stonehenge, Hawaii, Rome, Greece, and so many other ancient civilizations engaged in the practice. Some were kinder to the victim, getting it done quickly and relatively, painlessly—others followed painful, torturous processes, such as clubbing.

We have evidence of these humans—oftentimes virgins—being “given up” to the gods. The premise was almost always the same: if we do not sacrifice a virgin—or a number of virgins—the gods will be angry.

Oh, and these gods almost always lived in the sky—that’s an operational term here.

Why Virgins?

History seems to be obsessed with virgins in general—be it pagan religions or Abrahamic ones. Something about the idea of a virgin woman is so innocent and helpless that humans, in the extremity of their barbarity, have often found in virgins the perfect victims. The idea that a virgin girl being given to the gods will appease them is, if you think about it, extremely problematic. What could gods even do with virgin girls? And why did these strange ancient gods demand that virgin girls be sacrificed on divine alters?

That doesn’t sound divine at all.

the depiction of a virgin woman

Cannibalism and Head Hunting

cannibalismIn many civilizations, human sacrifice wasn’t just limited to killing another human on an altar and letting their blood spill over the holy foundations of whatever temple they were in. In many civilizations, it extended to even weirder practices—such as consumption of the sacrificed human, or to headhunting. In headhunting, the head of a person was preserved after they were beheaded.

These might sound barbaric and prehistoric to us, but the truth is that the humans that carried them out were just like us. We might pretend to dissociate from the crowd, but it doesn’t help.

While you might remember headhunting or scalping (common among Indians) as a display of gross violence and an exhibition of masculine power, anthropologists also believe that ancient civilizations engaged in such for the sake of cosmological balance.

Cosmological is the key word here.

Biblical Evidence

Evidence of human sacrifice is also to be found in the Bible—and other texts from Abrahamic religions, such as Islam. The story of Abraham taking a knife to his son’s throat is one that has been told over the centuries—the Muslims even celebrate a festival over it, sacrificing cattle as a sign of remembrance.

Whatever its connotation, the fact remains that the concept endured up until Abrahamic religions mandated animals be sacrificed instead of humans.

That, however, still doesn’t change history.

Could Reptilians Have Had a Hand?

Okay, we’re going to crack a lame joke here and say that reptilians couldn’t have had a hand in it because reptiles don’t have hands—but you know as well as we that we’re talking about a different breed altogether here.

Aztecs, Mayans, Incans—all were making human sacrifices at one point or the other in history. They thought they were all making their sacrifices to their god, but here’s the thing:

  • These cultures were all pointedly different from each other, so how did they carry out the exact same ritual to appease the “gods?” If their gods were so different, their rites, rituals, and requirements should have been different, too.
  • These people, who were also different in their understanding of the world and how it works, apparently universally understood that human sacrifice was the one way of ensuring proximity to the gods.


These clues, naturally, lead us to believe that different factions of ancient cultures, distances from each other and not very well-versed in the ways of the world, did not universally intuit the significance of human sacrifice. There was, definitely, some force driving them to do it. All the humans in the world could not devise something like that on their own—that’s not how humans think, naturally. They don’t seek to be inhuman.

Another important thing that we must point out here is the fact that these ancient populations just died out—they were there and then they weren’t.

Why Civilizations that Carried Out Human Sacrifice Died Out

One of the reasons behind their dying out was their utter corruption at the hands of some sinister, dark force that led them to the path of self-destruction. These civilizations, despite being advanced and having access to strange, advanced tools and techniques, went extinct. What could have led the Mayans to make their astounding predictions—or the ancient Egyptians to build those towering pyramids?

Something more powerful was guiding them—and it wasn’t guiding them towards the right path.

No Divinity in Human Sacrifice

Whether you take a more Darwinist approach to it and say that humans were merely evolving, or believe that humans did indeed feed their supposed gods with the blood of the innocent, the fact remains: there is nothing divine in human sacrifice.

The Creator is all-knowing and all-sustaining—and does not require you to torture and torment another being for gratification. The Creator does not require grand displays of cruelty to be convinced of your devotion to the divine. The Creator does not require anything that is so self-demeaning, self-disrespecting, and self-damaging to the human cause.

It isn’t the divine hand at work—but something else entirely. You can ask the Creator directly to find out more or join the discuss on the Get Wisdom Forum.

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Trump’s Space Force isn’t New: We Had One in the 80s

President Trump signed a defense bill worth $738 billion in 2019 to launch a new Space Force. To the world’s utter surprise, this was the latest military service created since the Air Force was formed in 1947.

Being the sixth branch of the US Armed Services, it was hailed as the biggest breakthrough of science as a novel force for combat in the “newest war-fighting domain”: Space.

This was a defining moment for the nation as it took national defense to another level and promised military superiority for the nation. This was the biggest leap of the year but one that wasn’t all too new.

Secrets from the 80s

America has hidden some secrets at the Pentagon that have recently become part of common discourse. The Space Force is one of them.

A year after Sputnik was launched, NASA was established. This was a notable military decision that strategized what the military minds had in mind for developing defensive and offensive arms in orbit. But it was also a cue that something else was in the making as well, and it was the Space Force!

Remember President Kennedy’s popular statement about Americans landing on the moon in the 1960s? That wasn’t just optimism; it was very much rooted in the reality that was just announced last year.

With communism spreading throughout the nation and the Soviet Union taking the lead in the space race, America was desperate to save its national pride, political standing, and military supremacy.

Apollo 11 and Space Conquest

The day it was reported that Apollo 11 landed on the moon marked a rare accomplishment for America and was a major blow to the Soviets. The Americans had secured high ground in this spatial conquest. Landing on the moon was considered to be as much an interstellar adventure as it was a reorientation of the superpowers’ economic and political ranks.

However, the real space race is yet to be won. And it’s safe to say that there are other contenders for the crown in the game. With China working on maneuverable orbital platforms, it’s clear that the future wars won’t be dull.

But there’s one common opponent that all these countries are missing out on: the extraterrestrials.

The Super Power in Space

As we strive to secure our army camps in Space, we forget that there’s an enemy, native to that land, with an army greater than Sauron’s forces and the army of the dead combined. Don’t discredit these fictional references for being completely fictitious. They’re an important reference point for us to understand what we’re up against next.

There’s no way either of the human armies can survive the combat if they’re met with a force they’ve never seen or heard. The nefarious aliens are an evil that’s yet to reveal itself. But if you’re introspective and observant, you’ll notice signs of their presence in every evil.

Remember, Space might be new territory for you, but for them, it’s their home ground. That offers them military leverage. Not to mention, the elements of nature are in their favor more than yours. But there’s only one power greater than all else: the Creator!

Worried You Might Fail? Divine Intervention is the Answer!

There’s no evil in the world that your divine Creator can’t save you from; you only need to believe and follow the divine path. Enlightenment shuns darkness, and we’re here to help you learn those divine principles for living.

If you feel that you need divine help to learn about the secret space program, reach out to the Creator and ask your question. You can also go through the existing database on Get Wisdom and see if you can find answers.

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Why is There So Much Hunger in the World?

When you realize that the picture of a malnourished kid with ribs poking out and a dry mouth is not just a picture, the reality hits hard. It might be a poster that you saw on a charity website, but it’s the reality for almost 690 million people in the world.

World hunger is a real issue and one that the UN and many countries alike have tried to combat and failed. It might be another unfortunate shortcoming on the list of agendas for the year for these institutions, but for the 690 million stomachs, it means a slimmer fighting chance against death.

The Disparity of Hunger and Gluttony

These are not just numbers; these are people with lives and dreams as real as ours.

When you see them yearning for a few sips to moisten their lips and someone else wasting tons of water during a relaxing hot bath, the disparity is hard to miss. All that you find on the dinner spread of a fancy feast could fill the stomachs of so many!

Families are waiting for divine help when they see their hungry child breathe his last. There’s so much suffering in the world that you find it hard to preserve your faith in the Creator.

And it’s in moments like these that you seek an explanation from a divine source. You want answers for why some people are bestowed with trials as trying as this for no fault of their own, and others sail through life with no accomplishment to their name.

A rich person enjoying a slice of cake while people die of hunger

Divine Oblivion or Human Ignorance

Many people will make statements as bold as: is there a Divine Being? Is the Creator even listening to our cries? Is the Divine blind to our suffering? There’s no doubt about the validity of such questions because only the most inquisitive and intelligent minds ask questions. And global hunger is not a caricaturized commercial agenda to reap charity.

John Holmes, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, testified that 25,000 people die due to hunger and hunger-related diseases every day. That’s a number too large to ignore!

Among other things that 2020 brought on us, it aggravated global hunger because of the novel coronavirus. 12,000 people are expected to die daily from COVID-19 caused hunger, which is more than the fatalities on account of the virus alone.

In conclusion, this crisis leads to a spiritual dilemma of a much greater gravity: is it happening due to divine oblivion, or are we missing out on something? Is there another reason for all that’s happening in the world?

Beyond the Material Realm, Where the Answers Lie

The divine is everything that the human isn’t.

It’s beyond the material realm that we inhabit. It’s a world that begins the horizon, and that’s why we fail to see how it operates or whether or not it exists.

But it’s precisely believing in the unseen divine Creator that requires all your intellectual strength.

You can’t get answers for all your hows and whys before believing that a Creator is looking over you, your pain and bliss, and destining you for the ultimate through the divine path.

What if we were to say that these realities are woven into your reality through a collective narrative of the world so that you’re blinded to seeking solace in the divine? It’s easy for the Creator to undo the bad things in the world. But then would you have a role in what happens, any responsibilities, or any growth and learning from taking action yourself to use your free will to enlist divine help?

Your life may seem chaotic and disorderly, and all the suffering, a failure of the divine, but know that nothing in this world happens without reason. There are signs of the divine all around you; it’s just that we lack the language to interpret them. There are answers for why global hunger is happening, too. Because it’s not a failure of the divine, it’s a doing of the evil extraterrestrial devils out to destroy mankind. But we’ll get rid of these if we persist in our struggle to find and stick to the divine path.

Sometimes, treading that path seems like walking through the wilderness, looking for meaning, divinity, purpose—something more of a resolution to your inner conflicts. But there’s a hidden truth waiting to be uncovered by you; that’s your reward for staying on the divine path.

Now you have the chance to direct your questions to the Creator and seek answers. It’s no longer impossible. Speak to your Creator, your divine inspiration, because enlightenment is the only light that can overcome the darkness.

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Is a Socialist System Workable—Or Can it be Exploited?

The elections now over, some people have nothing but the deepest sympathies for Bernie Sanders. Some have tried exploring why they think the man was not successful both times—and some have said it’s because Sanders was too vocally socialist. Some see this as a reminder of how great socialism is—but they’re missing the point.

It wasn’t the masses who rejected Sanders. It was his own party. And they had their own justifications.

Democrat socialists have pointed out that Sanders was sidelined because he didn’t really come with the promise of economic growth, and that hindered his success in the electorate.

But let’s say, for once, that socialism did come through in the U.S. Would it work?

The Pros

One needn’t look too far when looking for the pros in socialism—on paper, it puts the pro in the Proletariat.


Of course, socialism comes with a lot of merit. It claims to make people prosper by offering a lot of things for free: healthcare, education, and so on. And that’s an attractive idea: a society where the most basic of necessities are available for free. You’re looking at a reduction in the disparity of wealth among people—as in people might have equal salaries and own equal wealth.

It sounds too perfect—too ideal—too impossible.

While socialism promises free healthcare and financial help for people who can no longer work or are brought down by illness, it also allows for the same for everyone else. You might think prices will be regulated more easily and even unemployment might go down.

However, here’s the catch: the person or persons in charge of these changes and decisions will be human, all too human.

The Cons

There’s just one con to socialism as a form of government: it’s too divine. It purports to divide the means equally among everyone and rule with an absolute just hand—only we forget that humans can never go near that status. We say that the means of production shall be seized and the ends distributed equally among all—but we forget that a wolf will still be guarding the sheep regardless. We forget that the people in charge of pulling the strings are also people—given to the same human errors of judgement and greed as the rest of us.

Sure, they might stop others from accumulating enough wealth or lands—but will they do the same for themselves? Or will it just be capitalism painted red?

The U.S. Economy Doesn’t Allow it

One of the reasons the Democrats might have stood behind Biden and not Bernie is because the U.S. economy is always a priority. A socialist system threatens its very virtue. Financial collapse and gradual devaluation of the dollar are bound to follow. People’s labor will still be put into something, and it will be shared—only in such a system people will just have to accept that what they have is all they could get with a government that mandates equality.

Interested in More?

Read more about why socialism as a system is bound to fail at Get Wisdom and add to our analysis by joining our forum today!

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Freud Said Dreams Belie Our Darkest Fears. Was He Right?

Sigmund Freud is remembered for a lot of things—and unfortunately, for a lot of wrong things. He is the butt of almost all yo’ mama jokes and is mocked in memes, but here’s the thing: Sigmund Freud will outlive all his critics and the social media memes aimed at him because he said several things nobody had ever said before, thought about things nobody had ever thought about before, and gave dreams a whole new meaning.

Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams still is, to this day, one of the most iconic books on dream interpretation and understanding.

And there’s much you can learn from him.

The Weird and the Wonderful

For Freud, dreams are a key to something deeper—someplace far more precious that we give it credit for. It is in dreams that we find the strangest images and most random people. People you haven’t seen or even thought about in years will randomly show up in your dream on a horse while you ride a mule behind them, riding on water like Jesus walked on water, and you’re both dressed for prom night.

Sigmund Freud

Sounds like complete garbage?

Not to Sigmund Freud.

Interpreting Dreams: Understanding the Unconscious

Freud—and other psychoanalysts who worked in the same strain—would say that you must have come across something that reminded you of the person you haven’t seen in eons who showed up in your dream. Perhaps you passed them on the street without noticing them or might have seen their name in a Facebook feed and not registered it.

The conscious part of your brain didn’t register it—but the unconscious part did.

Similarly, you might have seen a horse on a random TV ad, maybe heard a colleague talk about their trip to the Niagara Falls, and you might have seen your child draw a mule in their notebook. These are completely unrelated events, but they come together in your brain because your unconscious remembers it.

Your brain stores everything you come across at all times. Only, it would be too deafening for your head if you were cognizant of everything all the time, and so it is relegated into the realms of the unconscious.

And from there, it spills out in your. . .

Dreams: A Place of Fear and Desire

Freud tells us that the dream is where everything we repress comes back—it spills out. There are things we dare not admit or even acknowledge to ourselves: such as love for someone you can’t be with or hatred for someone you can’t kill. Your consciousness is afraid to even bring these deep, dark desires to light—but your unconscious is a no-holds-barred crazyland. It’s Arkham Asylum—only, all the inmates are Joker clones.

Anything that you have consciously denied admitting to yourself: such as strange encounters with bizarre entities in the night, can spill out into your dreams. It’s your mind’s way of cleansing itself to be at peace—just as you feel better after you have cried.

If we were to explain Freud’s Dream Interpretation theory in two lines, they would be these:

Stars, hide your fires
Let not light see my black and deep desires

Not Happy Hiding Your Fires?

If you feel like your dreams have become too troubling lately, and that you can’t deal with the images and scary entities you see therein anymore, reach out to spiritual healer and channeler Karl Mollison. He might be able to unveil some of the hidden truths that are plaguing you.

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Why is Passing Over Painful for Some People but Smooth for Others?

Death is the most natural thing that happens to all of us after life. Of course, it is something we have always been obsessed with as a race. Humans have tried to escape death all along. Immortality has been a pet child of alchemists and all have tried to find a way around it—but we have come this far with all our advancements and all our tech and we know one thing for sure: you cannot cheat Death.

There’s no way around dying. We can delay it with good health for some time, but the clock is always ticking.

In fact, we begin dying from the moment we’re born. You could say life has no purpose other than death.

Then why are people so aghast when it happens?

Why are People Afraid of Death?

It’s the good old fear of the unknown again. We know we’re going to die, but we don’t know when, or how, or where. We don’t even know why. All our philosophies and sciences and literature hit a rocky road and a dead end when it comes to dying—because for something that happens so often and so commonly, we know so little about it.

a dead bird

So, we bury our loved ones and we look to religious texts for assurance that there’s something beyond, that there’s a bridge, and that they’re in a better place.

But are they?

Passing Over

Of course, there’s a better place, but it isn’t the place that’s the issue here. It’s the passing over. How one transitions from this world to the next is of great concern for a lot of us because that process spells just one thing for all of us: pain.

We have a vague idea of the pain our souls will have to experience when we do pass over. Why, though? And does everybody experience the same amount of pain?

No. As the Creator tells us, passing over is different for everyone. For some people, it’s painless and smooth. For others, it can be excruciatingly painful.

Why Passing Over is Different for Different People

It’s a karmic dilemma, as explained by the Creator’s divine wisdom. People whose lives have been untroubled by and large have a smoother passing over. People who have had to deal with bad health or psychological troubles have a harder time.

Sounds cruel?

At first, yes. That’s because you see only the immediate—you see only the pain caused by the heart attack and not the circumstances that led to the heart attack. You don’t see the karmic cause because that is long-reaching and goes far, far back—perhaps even to a different life in a different world.

There’s a reason some people die in their sleep and others in brutal car crashes.

Worried about Your Passing Over?

Drink from the wellspring of divine wisdom and allay your worries. Ask the Creator what worries you and have your answer sooner rather than later. You can get directly in touch with Get Wisdom for more details on how to ask a question.

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Who are the Watchers in the Book of Enoch?

ancient Hebrew text

Anyone who has cared to study some more about Anunnaki knows that these entities have been around for quite some time. Mention of them is found as far back as ancient Sumerian texts, and their relationship with human beings has long been a source of contention for seekers of hidden truths.

They have appeared in some of the oldest texts in the world—also in the oldest surviving text in the world, The Epic of Gilgamesh, which is probably about a half-man, half-Anunnaki, according to sources.

But while we know that mention of the Anunnaki is frequent in pre-Christian texts, we don’t know that they might have been mentioned in other texts as well—such as the Book of Enoch.

What is the Book of Enoch?

The Book of Enoch is an extremely ancient Hebrew text which is purported to have been written about Noah’s grandfather—that’s Enoch. A lot of the book, on the first reading, is very supernatural and is about little more than demons and giants. It explains which angels were expelled from heaven and why, and why the great flood was such a massive moral necessity—so the regular religious stuff.

You read a lot about fairies and other superhuman/nonhuman entities which makes you believe that the Book is, at first sight, simply a fairy tale.

ancient Hebrew text

But there’s more to that.

The Book of the Watchers

The first part of this book is about some entities called the “Watchers”—largely believed to be angels. It is believed, and is purported in other Hebrew texts, that the Watchers were angels who fathered a supernatural race called the Nephilim. In other sources, they have been called fallen angels and even giants.

While most readers just take this at face value and believe that it is, again, regular religious fare and nothing more, there are clues in this book that point to a different direction.

Such as. . .

The Demoralization of Humans

The Book of the Watchers is, by and large, about the demoralization of the human race—a phenomenon that coincided with the interruption of angels in human affairs.

In this book, the idea that is presented is that the Watchers are, like the Abrahamic Satan, fallen angels whose purpose is to lead humans astray. You can give them whatever name you like: demons, Beelzebub, djinns, or. . . the Anunnaki?

The Anunnaki too were lofty—the like the once-noble Watchers. They too have interrupted several times in human affairs—like these said angels. The Anunnaki have even mated with humans, and the Nephilim—or the race of giants—could be, like Gilgamesh in the epic, one of these hybrid entities.

Interested in More?

The Get Wisdom database has a lot more where that comes from. Join our forum today to get information about all the hidden truths that you seek in silence.

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Is Vaccination Safe?

Anti-vaxxers have existed for a long time, but it would seem that their ranks have seriously doubled during the COVID-19 outbreak. For a lot of people who subscribe to this point of view, vaccination is not something that brings relief or something that prevents ailments in the future.

For many people, vaccination has a greater, deeper evil hidden within—and sometimes, the anti-vaxxers are not wrong.

Is Opposition to Vaccination New?

You might wonder why in the world anyone would oppose a vaccine—a life-saving preventive mechanism; a miracle of medical science? Well, the anti-vaxxers have their own answer, and it kind of makes sense. Don’t believe us? You will.

Understand that opposition to vaccination has always been around. Smallpox vaccine—which afflicted huge swathes of the population—also faced the same opposition from anti-vaxxers. In fact, there was a whole anti-vaccination movement in England sometime from 1853 to 1907. The objections ranged from the religious to the political.

But there are more radical opposing positions too.

What is the Opposition to Vaccines?

There are a lot of ideas that the anti-vaxxers support, and some of them—when you dig deeper—hold some weight. One rumor is that vaccines cause autism—which, by the way, the CDC has already proved is wrong. Vaccine denialism sounds like an obscure, illogical stand to take—but is it really?

People’s concerns about their children’s health aren’t something you can just dismiss as illogical. Maybe they aren’t well-informed, but they do know that vaccines are things you’re putting in their bodies. And how can anybody be sure that the authorities aren’t lying to them?

The reason so many people doubt official narratives is because the authorities have cried wolf too many times.

What Does the Creator Have to Say?

One of our users has actually asked this question on the Get Wisdom forum: should we get vaccines? The fear and the concern are all too real. According to the Creator, there are no answers in black-and-white. There are a lot of factors that come into play here, such as:

  • Karmic predispositions
  • Genetics
  • Individual considerations
  • Social environments

There is, of course, great value in vaccination. All the diseases that we have managed to eliminate—or almost eliminate—prove this. Smallpox and polio are prime examples. It’s widely believed that the coronavirus threat will only be over once we have a vaccine on our hands. Nothing can hep you fortify your defenses against microbes other than a vaccine. Turning your back to one can have serious consequences.

But then, the cons have weight too.

There are, for instance, too many antigens in a vaccine sometimes. The body might not be able to adapt to the onslaught of the multiple materials being injected. These vaccines could also be administered too early or in excess—both of which can lead to potential problems in the very young.

So What Should One Do?

Well, we’ll say talk it out with your physician first, of course. Keep an open mind, but also be persuasive in your questions. You can also read the Creator’s answer here or ask the Creator your own question. Remember: the world gives you questions, divine wisdom gives you answers.

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Do Critics of Intelligent Design Have a Point?

As long as intelligent design has existed, so have its critics. They point to all the obvious imperfections in the human body and life and present it as proof of the validity of their claims—as did one Get Wisdom user as well. Naturally, these critics have been called out several times and taken to task—and herein, we will discuss which faction has the more weight in their argument.

What is Intelligent Design?

There are those who believe in the Big Bang theory—and those who believe in the Big Bang theory but also believe that it could not have happened on its own. One faction believes that it was all a massive randomness, some sort of cosmological abiogenesis that just. . . happened. First, there was nothing, and then, there was the world. Just like that.

a galaxy in outer space

The opposing party also believes that first there was nothing and then there was something—but they differ and believe that some intelligent design must have caused the big bang. It could not have happened on its own—that it was not some giant space accident.

Causation, of course, is a major point of contention for both, space scientists and philosophers—because there are so few definite answers. If everything has a cause, then that intelligent design must also have a cause—and how does one answer that?

We think it’s time we turn to an authority on the matter—a physicist, and a Nobel winner, no less.

What Roger Penrose Says

This year’s winner of the Nobel for Physics, Roger Penrose, famously said that there was a universe before this universe. Naturally, he faced the consequences for saying so, and was met with opposition and mockery. But then, people hadn’t believed Einstein and Galileo at first, either.

According to Penrose, the big bang wasn’t the start of our universe—it was the ending of one that existed prior to this one. A chain—a universe before a universe before a universe, with perhaps no end or beginning in sight. Or perhaps it is circular, cyclical—we don’t know for sure, or we don’t know just yet. Just like we don’t know about what goes on inside a black hole yet—but hey, people didn’t believe black holes were real at one time either. People won’t believe things until it’s inevitable not to believe them—we, the seekers of hidden truths see deeper and know that there’s more fact than fiction in what is usually dismissed by the masses.

So, when a leading physicist and the recipient of the Nobel Prize says there was a universe before this universe, we believe that he has a point. So do critics of intelligent design.

Creationism Versus Empiricism

a woman wonders about the nature of the universe

The debate is actually as old as time: it’s like a more a sophisticated version of the question of the egg or the chicken. What came first? Creationists believe in intelligent design, decry cosmological abiogenesis, and claim that there is some force—call it God or whatever—that is behind the creation and the existence of the universe.

Empiricists say that since this claim lacks any empirical evidence, it must therefore be, by default, bogus. Empiricists have a very Cartesian view of things like that. They somehow seem to forget that the absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Several things which we didn’t know existed or didn’t think could exist do exist today—and therein lies all the difference.

Just because it isn’t in evidence yet doesn’t mean it can’t be. If it has a half-logical premise, it can be—and intelligent design does have solid argumentation and reasoning behind it. As far as empiricism goes, they can’t explain why it was such a huge accident either.

New Discoveries

We think we’re the most intelligent beings all around, and that might have been true if it weren’t for the fact that we’re still behind on several counts. We have entire oceans that are left unexplored—only three people so far have been down in the deepest site—the Challenger Deep—of the Mariana Trench, one of them the director of the Titanic. We’re still discovering deep sea creatures. Up until some years ago, we never had a colossal squid caught on camera—we had never seen it move alive.

And it was only in October 2020 that humans discovered a new organ in our bodies—of course, it isn’t new in the sense that we have just developed it in our bodies. It’s just that we never noticed it—not despite our many decades of surgeries and anatomy, we did not.

It’s only recently that humans have discovered water on the moon and on Mars. We have, only this year, discovered that Venus has basis for life. It was also only this year that we realized we are helpless when faced by a virus that then proceeded to kill over a million people around the world.

Humans are deceived when they say they’re the most intelligent creatures in the universe—because (a) there definitely are more beings out there and (b) we have been faced with our own lack of ability time and again.

Faults or Something More?

Critics of intelligent design often see faults because they are looking for faults. They see blind spots because they want to see blind spots—they don’t look at these “flaws” from multiple angles, and thus fail to register that these faults could have a logical premise too—and are, therefore, not faults at all.

Whether it’s cellular anatomy or biochemistry, we know for a fact that humans don’t know everything. Much is still veiled from us, and simply brushing everything that has not yet been revealed unto us can lead to dangerous, limiting paths. It can constrict intellectual and intelligent development, constricting us to a shortage of ideas that have been regurgitated over and over again. The Creator has also answered a question of a similar nature here.

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