A Guide to Cultivating Humility and Achieving Balance Within

a woman sipping tea in her home office

As one of the most important soft skills in a person, humility can help them get ahead in life without using others as stepping stones or developing a sense of self-righteousness. As a person cultivates humility, they simultaneously learn to respect, value, and admire other people’s strengths and abilities. They don’t put themselves on a pedestal under any circumstances.

This belief stems from a place of understanding and acknowledging that humanity is equal, strong, and resilient. No individual should be valued more than another based on their race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, or accomplishments. We’re ultimately all equal. Our lives are of equal importance, and we deserve respect, consideration, and empathy.

If you’ve been struggling to cultivate humility and achieve balance within, we’ve created a short guide to help you set things right.

1. Recognize the Essence of Every Individual

Humility cannot be cultivated unless you learn to recognize, accept, and value the essence of every individual. Because we were all created equal, instead of being critical or jealous of another person’s abilities, appreciate them through and through.

This is imperative. Remember, one person’s strength isn’t the absence of your own. As you uplift others, you’ll develop a strong sense of humility around your own strengths, accomplishments, and successes.

2. Embrace Differences

Feelings of pride and pompousness are triggered when a person feels that they’re different from others, and that their own characteristics are superior to others. They become dismissive of other people’s strengths and fixate on their own. Instead of embracing the naturalness of differences, they consider dissimilarity a weakness.

In actuality, there’s beauty in diversity. If someone looks, thinks, acts, performs, or navigates life differently from you, this doesn’t mean that you have the upper hand. It simply means that humanity is kaleidoscopic. Embrace and respect differences instead of wielding them as a tool to serve your own ego.

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3. Embark on the Journey to Healing

Turning to divine healing is a great way to fight arrogance. As you navigate and understand your karmic problems, spirit attachments, and external manipulations, you’ll manage to overcome them accordingly. This will play a big role in helping you develop humility and consider yourself an equal member of society instead of one that holds more power and privilege.

At Get Wisdom, we’re committed to helping you embark on the path to enlightenment, seek spiritual healing online, and live in accordance with the divine principles for living. Ask Creator a question or explore our Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions to get started.

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Are Empathic People Exposed to Negative Elements More Than the Average Person?

an empath sitting in her living room

In the age of modern-day neoliberalism, empathy is considered a curse and a blessing. Empathic individuals have a strong concern for others. Their regard for human life and ability to understand other people’s feelings and emotions puts them in a precarious position.

On a personal scale, empaths try their best to be there for other people (their friends, family members, etc.). On a political scale, they’re aware of socioeconomic and cultural inequalities and injustices. They strive to make the world an equitable place for marginalized, oppressed, underprivileged, and underrepresented groups. They may achieve this using advocacy, activism, or both.

An empath’s concern and lack of indifference—both personally and politically—is considered their best and worst quality. This is because their regard for others may result in an immense amount of positive change on a micro level and macro scale. An empath can help their friends and/or family members navigate a difficult period of life by lending their support and guidance. Similarly, they can stand up for other people’s rights and actualize a tremendous amount of change.

However, this process isn’t easy. It’s extremely taxing. Empaths open themselves to hearing, understanding, and empathizing with other people’s stories, no matter how painful they may be. They want to listen, support, and help. However, when one is continually exposed to negative elements, they may begin to struggle.

In this blog, we’ll offer more insight into whether empaths struggle more because of the precarious role they play in life. Continue reading.

1. Greater Sensitivity

Owing to their sensitivity, empaths get affected by circumstances that lie outside their direct bubble of existence. For instance, empaths care deeply about the injustices and atrocities that are occurring in different parts of the world, not just where they live. They’re more sensitive and get affected by the extent of human suffering, not just locally but also globally.

For instance, an empath will show the same amount of concern to a victim of racial murder on the other side of the world as they would to a friend who is struggling.. Their greater sensitivity ultimately increases their exposure to negative elements.

Empaths expose their sensors to the onslaught of negativity quite directly because this is how they operate. They want to experience good things in life, but they also want to be aware of what’s happening on a wider scale so they can show their support and actualize change in any capacity.

Ultimately, they will encounter a lot of difficult situations because of their deep level of regard for others. According to Creator, “This is a gift that will, at times, seem like a curse when they are in the throes of a struggle with the darkness.”

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2. Achieving a State of Balance

Empaths play a big role in making the world more balanced. By intervening and providing help where it is required, they achieve greater equity and justice in the world. However, this balance can be tricky. It can affect their mental health, especially if they don’t create healthy boundaries.

As an empath, you should know your stressors and triggers. If you don’t already, take some time to understand situations that cause you to shut down. There’s only so much you can do. If you have become the go-to person for a crisis in your family or friend circle, you should step back and make your boundaries very clear. This is imperative.

Empaths who fail to do this struggle to deal with the extent of negative energy that follows them around on a daily basis. They struggle to take breaks, have positive experiences, and live life more meaningfully and intently.

Introspect and take a step back for your own mental health. You can still commit to doing the work, albeit in a more controlled manner. Feel free to say no if you need to. Remember, you’re gracious enough to extend selflessness and empathy to others. Make sure you extend it towards yourself too.

3. Embarking on the Journey to Healing

Because of the nature of their life, empaths can suffer from karmic and spirit problems more so than the average person. Instead of shoving your problems under the rug, recognize and address them. Empaths can greatly benefit from healing their karmic wounds and getting rid of spirit attachments.

We recommend starting with a Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) session with an experienced healing practitioner from Get Wisdom. As you seek enlightenment, healing, relief, and emotional peace, you’ll feel more fulfilled and less weighed down by the disadvantages of your empathic side.

At Get Wisdom, we offer divine channeling and spiritual healing services across the globe. Seek divine wisdom, unearth your true purpose, and don’t let corruption or misdirection affect your life. We’re here to help.

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Can the Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) Help Me Eliminate Self-Doubt?

A woman hides her face in shame and self-doubt over her decisions.

Whether you’ve been bullied, abused, or faced setbacks and failures as a result of your challenges or struggles, it’s impossible to come out of it with your self-esteem intact.

Sometimes that’s not a  bad thing; these challenges and setbacks bring us closer to our real mission and goal in life and help us connect with our Creator more meaningfully. But it’s not possible to live a life with self-doubt crippling you at every turn.

So how can Lightworker Healing Protocol help you? Let’s find out:

It addresses your inner corruption

We all hold onto inner corruption, whether we like to admit it or not. This corruption is not an indicator of one’s lack of moral goodness but the cumulative trauma and negativity we accumulate from life experience. This could be family trauma, abuse, and encounters that shatter your self-belief.

It breaks dark spiritual connections

The LHP works to break harmful connections that weigh heavily on us, hold us back, and come from corruption by evil forces. These demonic spirit attachments can manifest in the form of self-harm, anxiety, negative self-image, and so many more forms of trauma that it can become impossible to carry on living with them. The LHP breaks these connections and frees us of them by cleansing our being.

A man bows down against a church pew, covering his face in pain

It takes karmic history into account

You may have heard of generational trauma, but that’s a small part of karmic history. We store generations and thousands of years worth of trauma in our minds and bodies without even realizing it, and the LHP works to unearth, unravel, and free us of that. You will only come into a state of self-belief when you shed entire histories of failure, shame, and doubt. Make sense?

Difficult life experiences, major setbacks, failures, losses, and rejections can take a toll on anyone’s self-worth and self-belief. It’s very difficult to cope with humiliation, bullying, and naysayers and still build a fulfilling, happy, and satisfying life for you. If you’re struggling with these difficulties and your self-worth has taken a hit, you need to work to get on the path of enlightenment. The Lightworker healing protocol (LHP) can help you get rid of evil thoughts, dark possessors, and overwhelming inner turmoil that hold you back. Contact us for our online spiritual healing services today

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A Guide to Understanding Our Relationship with Angels

An angel with her face turned away and her wings facing onlookers.

Ever looked up and thanked your guardian angel for helping you through tough times? Or wondered how you managed to accomplish something because you know there’s a special being helping you through it? There is definitely truth in the existence of angels—after all, some of the greatest thinkers have also been convinced about their reality.

We don’t realize it, but our connection to and relationship with angels are a lot deeper than we think. There’s so much to understand about them, starting with a few basics:

Angels exist to help and to assist

The Creator made angels to serve, help, and assist. That is the very purpose and reason for their existence. It’s amazing how they work hard to make our desires and our goals a reality without us even knowing what they do. They work for the Creator, work for His creations (i.e. us), and serve those on the Divine path.

But you need to connect to seek their help

Seek, and ye shall find—and this holds true for angels too. You have to seek out their help actively and request their assistance in order to get it. Make communication, use the Lightworker Healing Protocol, and reach out to them to make the most of the power they hold.

An angel-like warrior wielding a sword emerges from the shadows in smoke

They act as a bridge between humans and divinity

Angels form a bridge between human beings and divinity. They are our direct connection to Creator because many feel scared or disempowered when addressing Him directly.

They are what connects us to the power and magnificence of a higher power because they are who we feel comfortable turning to in times of turmoil. When we talk to angels, we acknowledge and embrace the power of the Divine and use this as a stepping stone on our spiritual journeys.

They help open doors of opportunity to grow in life and connect with Creator on a deeper level. They help us stand apart from non-believers who become disillusioned about the possibility of miracles and the power that sentient, divine beings like angels have been given. So never hesitate to call upon them, ask for their help, and request their guidance.

At Get Wisdom, we are deeply committed to sharing the truth about life, humans, and other beings under divine guidance. We want the world to know about the wonders of the world, how other sentient beings such as angels exist and interact with human beings, and what our relationship with them is like. You can access many webinars, channelings, and podcasts that we offer for spiritual enlightenment and ebooks that help seek enlightenment about the world we inhabit.

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How Can I Strengthen My Faith and Increase My Belief Quotient?

a woman praying in her living room

As a person who has recently undertaken the journey towards divine healing and enlightenment, you may feel like your faith isn’t as strong as it needs to be. This is a common, natural, and inevitable thought among people who have recently started to explore the hidden truths of the world and become the best version of themselves.

Fortunately, there are many ways that you can strengthen your faith and increase your belief quotient. In this blog, we’ll break down the basics to help you get started.

1. Reach Out to the Divine

a woman reaching out to the divine

As a rule of thumb, we always encourage people to get into the habit of reaching out to the divine. When this is done frequently and habitually, it feels natural and is fully embraced with the expectation of it being beneficial. This, in turn, increases the person’s belief quotient as there is less inner resistance.

According to Creator, “You will not feel silly, you will not feel foolish, you will not commence the exercise with hesitancy and doubt in your mind. These things will likely happen if you are rusty or lack prior experience in reaching out through prayer.”

This is the benefit of having rituals, as elucidated by Creator. It makes one comfortable with the undertaking. As a result, they don’t feel self-conscious and hesitant. Each of these feelings can decrease the intention you are adding to the moment.

“When prayer is free and easy, it will be more powerful because you will not be constricting the intention and limiting the divine response, which must always be in proportion to the intention of the request,” Creator continued.

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2. Pray for Support and Assistance in Developing the Aforementioned Skill

a man asking for guidance to strengthen his faith

While reaching out to the divine may sound like an easy and straightforward process that comes naturally to people, this isn’t always the case. This practice needs to be cultivated with thought, assiduousness, presence of mind, and a strong belief in the divine.

As stated earlier, doubt and hesitancy can make the prayer less meaningful. These feelings can also prevent the person from fully exploring and committing to their faith.

According to Creator, “One of the most powerful ways to cultivate greater belief and thereby the effectiveness of prayer requests is to pray for support and assistance in developing this skill.”

However, one must have the belief in order for it to be possible in the first place. They must start somewhere, and this is the perfect starting place because it’s local. To clarify, you’re seeking help for the self (yourself), not for other individuals, groups, or even humanity as a whole. You’re simply asking for personal assistance to become better at prayer.

Even if you have numerous doubts and feel that your worthiness is somewhat shaky, you can still get divine support to some degree and build on it with time, practice, and commitment. It will get better and things will improve over time.

“If you continue to go to the well, you will continue to get a reward, and it will grow over time. In this way, you can work your way up to becoming very powerful in your reach and assisting your divine alignment in very meaningful ways that will pay many, many dividends,” Creator continued.

As in all things, practice makes perfect. If you ask for a divine answer and to be shown evidence that the divine is hearing you and can acknowledge your outreach, these will be granted if there is sufficient belief in place.

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3. Cultivate the Power to Develop a Stronger Intention

a woman praying for the ability to develop a stronger intention

There is another way you can practice and create an open-ended possibility of receiving a divine outreach that’s personal to you and a kind of miracle in the bargain. Such experiences are extremely helpful for self-encouragement and belief expansion. They help people feel reassured and confident that they’re on track and the possibility of divine recognition and assistance can be a reality for them personally.

“There’s no limit to what you can request, but there are constraints going from the small to the large in scope. This only means that a large need may require a large request, so it may take many prayers to achieve,” Creator elucidated.

This is simply part of the way the world is constructed and how energies behave. Each individual has a certain energy and an energetic reach; they must work within these boundaries. They can grow in a way that the physical body can be trained to accomplish greater feats.

“One can train the mind and heart to reach higher with stronger intention, greater clarity, and purity of intention, all of which increase the power of prayer,” Creator continued. This is a skill that’s worth cultivating because there’s no end to the variety of applications available to you to improve your experience as a person who’s seeking divine healing and enlightenment in this world.

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At Get Wisdom, we offer spiritual healing services to help you heal your karmic wounds and overcome spirit problems. We also help you learn more about the extraterrestrial agenda and other hidden truths of the world. Join us today to get started.

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Why Is There a Division Between the Subconscious and Conscious Levels of the Mind?

A woman meditates in an outdoor space, channeling the powers of her conscious and subconscious mind.

Have you ever found yourself wondering why the Creator divided your conscious and subconscious minds? If you’re meant to tap into their complete potential, it only makes sense to be able to derive more meaning out of both, right? There’s a more magnificent reason for why this division exists and what its greater purpose is.

Think of your mind as having three parts, and read below:

The different levels represent the physical and spiritual levels

Think of levels of the mind as representations of the mental and material vs. the spiritual realm. The deep subconscious mind connects to the akashic records of past lives and has a gateway to spiritual realms. It is below conscious awareness but generates emotional reactions and stress responses in the body . The ordinary upper subconscious mind, which helps us retrieve information, control motor functions, physical acts, and more, works on a physical level, while the conscious mind is where thoughts, ideas, and emotions are experienced. It’s where you’ll see much of the energy coming into play.

Light beings can express this energy differently

Human beings are unable to shift from the conscious to the subconscious mind at will. It takes years of focus, practice, and dedication to have that level of control, while light beings are blessed with the ability to do so. They can use energy as they please and continue to move from one plane of consciousness to the other, bringing together the best of both. For human beings, it’s far too much sensory overload to get through without the right training.

An image depicting the power of the unconscious mind and a higher vibrational frequency.

The division allows us to function in our daily lives and routines

Some of the division is necessary for us to function. If human beings were allowed to experience the complete spectrum of emotions, feelings, sensations, thoughts, perceptions, and all else that is stored in the subconscious mind, it would be very difficult to function. Instead, we rely on both to work together and the subconscious to rule us so that we are able to remain present, functional members of society. But being cut off from awareness of what the deep subconscious struggles with leaves it stranded, and its conflicts and suffering harm the body and cause emotional issues like chronic anxiety and depression.

The human mind is capable of incredible things. There are different levels attempting to work with each other to create thought, emotion, and spirituality in the best way possible. Unlocking your mind’s true potential and getting into the deep subconscious is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can engage in—but how do you get there?

Learn about the ways you can tap into your inner sanctum and engage in subconscious channeling through our lighthealer courses, wisdom, and enlightenment resources, and become closer to achieving your highest self.

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The Correlation Between Eating Disorders and Spirit Possession

A very thin woman dramatically leans over a doughnut that is on the floor, along with potato chips.

Approximately 9% of the U.S. population will suffer from an eating disorder at some point in their lifetime, which is an alarming 28.8 million people. When you look at what causes these disorders and disordered eating patterns, you’d be surprised to learn that many of these cases are the result of spirit-based causes.

Here’s what you need to know about spirit possessions and eating disorders, and how you can identify is this applies to you:

Spirits can cause various types of eating disorders

Spirit meddlers tend to disrupt a person’s life in various ways. Often, this happens in the form of conditions like eating disorders that people cannot control, as a way to inflict pain, torture, and disruption in a person’s spiritual, mental, and physical health. But why do these spirits attack individuals, to begin with?

Karmic underpinnings make you vulnerable to possession

Simply put, karmic underpinnings can make you vulnerable to possession. This means that there are some instances of prior trauma, damage from past lives, and other factors that create the kind of environment that leaves you vulnerable. This is not to say it’s your fault—but simply that unresolved and unhealed trauma affects you in more ways than you realize.

A woman stares at her cereal while looking upset and dissatisfied

Karmic healing can strengthen and repair the body over time

Karmic healing can help you not only overcome and manage the triggers that leave you vulnerable and out of control of your body but also help you strengthen, repair, and heal the body over time. It can be long and difficult to achieve, but it’s absolutely vital for you to lead a fuller, healthier life. Removing spiritual attachments is essential, but isn’t enough on its own. You need to overcome the fears developed along with your disorder and strengthen the body from the inside out. The Lightworker Healing Protocol is a long-term solution that, although it can take time to resolve deep, complex, problems, is highly effective as divine healing for people.

Eating disorders signal something wrong with the body and mind. They are a form of self-harm and self-destruction, as those suffering from them develop unhealthy, damaging relationships with food. Since 20% of all eating disorders are spirit-caused, and the rest stem from karmic trauma alone, it’s alarming how little people do to find spiritual healing methods that will uplift them.

You can learn more about the damaging link between EDs and spirits here and also learn more about how we’re here to help you through our healing services and personal clearing.

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3 Reasons Why the Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) Is More Effective Than Other Healing Modalities

a customized Lightworker Healing Protocol session

If you’re seeking divine wisdom and enlightenment, you can choose from a wide range of healing modalities. Among the many options available, the Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) should be your top consideration.

Today, most people who seek the hidden truth are familiar with the significance of LHP sessions. However, they often wonder what makes this healing modality more effective than the others. Continue reading for a closer look at why LHP is so popular today.

The Nature of Healing: Other Modalities

While some energetic healing procedures alleviate the symptoms causing a discord, their healing effects aren’t permanent. For the effects to be deep-seated and lasting, there must be an actual change in the exchange of information via consciousness from the disordered cells and the energy field that is listening to cellular consciousness.

This is a different level of communication than the perception of an energetic discord by the body and its sensory apparatus, which is farther down the chain of events triggered by cellular memory or karmic forces stirring up trouble. “In a sense, it is much like anaesthetizing the pain signal. The symptom is removed for a while.

When the medication wears off, the pain returns.” If the primary cause isn’t healed, the symptoms continue to surface repeatedly as the person continues to crave effective deep healing.

The Nature of Healing: LHP

a person introspecting following their Lightworker Healing Protocol session

Unlike other modalities, the Lightworker Healing Protocol is a culmination of intelligence and wisdom about the workings of the body. It’s extremely precise. More importantly, it takes the true origins of the discord into account, whether it may be an emotional manifestation in the mind or a physical manifestation in the body.

We all have karmic wounds that need healing. Some of us struggle with spirit attachment on top of negative karma, which takes a toll on us. LHP addresses the root cause of the trauma and pain, thereby correcting it completely. It provides holistic, wholesome, and deep healing. The awakening is profound, not superficial and temporary.

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I’m Struggling, How Can I Get Started?

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is recommended for people from all walks of life. If you’re ready to get started, click here to find an LHP healing session that’s right for you. You can opt for a personal clearing, ghost clearing, or animal clearing. You can also help a departed one reach heaven through an effective LHP session.

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