DWQA QuestionsCategory: Risk to HumanitySeven billion people is a LOT to wipe out. Creator and the angels have said the population explosion was designed to ensure the survival of the divine-human project. Why would we need 7 billion physical people, if we weren’t facing a physical problem?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

It was not to ensure survival of the species following a widespread slaughter in many parts of the world at once, or a systematic purging. The large number of current humans is intentional in order to bring more divine light into Earth plane and that is the purpose for the presence of so many people. Each individual contributes human consciousness and life force energy from Creator shining through them. Even when they are co-opted and subjugated there is remaining light that adds to the whole and there are always opportunities to awaken such individuals. This is what the Shift in Consciousness is about. To be successful there need to be humans available to participate, and that is mechanism of the Shift. It is to alter the existing humans, to raise them up and reactivate them so they are functioning more like divine humans and less like slaves of the extraterrestrials being subjugated and manipulated only, as allowed by mind control. By having so many humans the percentage that escapes subjugation will be correspondingly greater.