DWQA QuestionsCategory: Risk to HumanityThe Pleiadians said, “YOU WILL MEET EXTRATERRESTRIALS IN YOUR LIFETIME”, without saying what the “nature” of that meeting might be. Since it has been firmly established that no extraterrestrials we would physically encounter are “positive,” will such a “meeting” be a violent one?
Nicola Staff asked 1 year ago

This is not necessarily the case. If you stop to consider these words, it is clear from all you know already that this statement reflects past as well as current reality, that all are interacting with extraterrestrials directly and indirectly through communication and through seeing the consequences all throughout human culture, in addition to which the many humans who are subjects of abduction or who belong to the Mercenary Army Program or who are hosting hybrid children within their families and who interact on a daily basis with Reptilian imposters in positions of leadership, and then beyond that, the many Anunnaki bloodline members in high positions of authority across the globe present many, many, human-alien interactions on a daily basis.

So in some respects this is old news, but the prediction itself carries beyond that into the expectation there will be a disclosure by extraterrestrials being brought into the open as part of the plan to dupe humans into accepting their so-called help and thereby giving them greater authority and sanction, and this will be a very dangerous development because it will shift human intention quite broadly to be in sympathy with them and this may well tip the balance away from the future success of the entire divine human enterprise. This is the greater and more specific and more dire meaning behind the Pleiadian prediction.