Broadcast Explorations

The primary mission of GetWisdom is to save and heal humanity. Naturally, the first questions that come to mind may be “save from who?,” “heal what?” and “heal how?” This was not immediately apparent to Karl Mollison when he retired from his career in medical science, but meticulous study and endless curiosity lead him to the who, what and how. This was explored in the Channeling Series with Denny Hunt where together they hosted and channeled hundreds of personalities who are now in the light. The guests varied from celebrities, to whistleblowers, to the most evil of humans, all with remarkably similar explanations for the state of the world and the fate of humanity. Through this journey the solution became undeniable, that healing is the answer and that including our perpetrators is imperative. It also become crystal clear that this healing requires a partnership with God, who is often dismissed by humanity as either powerless or vengeful, but who alone has the healing capacity that we need to help us survive.  

To further spread the knowledge obtained to a wider audience, radio broadcasts began on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel followed by GetWisdom LIVE on YouTube. Karl Mollison and Brian Kelly have been able to examine a broader range of topics that demonstrate how much our perpetrators interfere with human progress. Each exploration highlights the urgent need for healing of all involved, and how much human participation is critical to success.    

In the process, a means for healing all humans and perpetrators has developed, entitled Divine Life Support. 

GetWisdom LIVE on YouTube

To further the study of how God operates in our world and the constraints for him and for us, Karl Mollison and Brian Kelly continue their deep dive begun on VoiceAmerica Radio, into many events and conditions that, with their expanding knowledge, seem to be more complex than conventional explanation provides. With the unique gift of being able to make direct contact with God, Karl is able to obtain some remarkable answers from the Almighty. Brian prepares questions for Karl to channel in advance, using his own life-long interest in the esoteric, helping to shed light on common or uncommon situations. The resulting discussion is always informative and enlightening. This endeavor began 03Jun2022 and is ongoing.

GetWisdom Radio Show Archives

The GetWisdom Radio Show Archives are a library of episodes from the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel Radio Show.

VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel Radio Show

Life is full of mysteries and always has been. Some can persist for eons without a satisfying explanation. Through the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel Karl Mollison and Brian Kelly ventured into the online broadcast arena to explore issues of interest and concern for humanity. Karl, whose career as a scientist and inventor would seem in opposition to such examination, found that he had the unique gift of being able to make direct contact with God. With such a rare opportunity available Karl delved deeply into many areas of inquiry. Brian joined him on the GetWisdom VoiceAmerica Radio Show for further analysis of multiple questions posed to the Almighty, and discussion of the answers received. Together they delved into queries about God, evil, suffering, and everyday existence. Most important is the insight from God as to the causes of hardship and what we must do to heal ourselves and those who harm us. 

This project ran from 08Feb2019 until 20May2022 and can still be found in the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel Archives.