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Overcoming the Problem of False Channeling

“Creator reveals why most channelers have been corrupted by imposters giving sweetness and light as disinformation, and how to guard against it.”


How to Empower Prayer

“Creator gives us recommended prayers for all occasions, explains why some prayers fail, and shows how to create prayers that get results.”


Creator Speaks:
An important NEW message for Us

“Creator explains who Creator is, and answers the four biggest questions asked throughout the ages about humanity and the purpose of life.”


Creator Speaks:
Ten Divine Principles For Living

“Creator has given us an amazing update of the Ten Commandments, a set of guiding principles for how to live on a divine path in today’s world.”

Paths to Enlightenment

The Creator tells us we are all spiritual beings, an extension of divine consciousness—we yearn for a higher purpose. Our lives aren’t disorderly or chaotic caricatures: they are meaningful and fueled by divine wisdom and principles. We decide our paths through free will, and once we’ve explored for awhile, we return to the divine path—because we discover on our journey that the divine path is the only right path to enlightenment.

More and more, people are waking up from their deep slumber of ignorance, to reconnect with the divine truth and return to the Creator’s plan. We know the plan because the Creator has explained it, through channeled answers to hundreds of our questions. And it isn’t just questions and answers: we have a reservoir of knowledge that includes never-before known things about divine wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. We have new divine teachings to offer, and are always happy to help those genuinely looking for spiritual enlightenment.

You have a crucial role to play in saving and healing humanity, and are needed more than ever before! You can start with our free eBooks on divine wisdom and enlightenment, and go through our database of new divine teachings. And remember: the Creator can teach you new ways to unlock the great power in prayer.


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Becoming a Get Wisdom Supporter is like taking off your rose-coloured glasses and becoming empowered to use X-ray vision to navigate the rabbit hole of misinformation and disinformation. The weekly webinars offer an in-depth, insightful analysis of spiritual and paranormal themes, with information that is available nowhere else. The emphasis is on cultivating a partnership with the Divine, with revelations of divine support and solutions for the problems plaguing humanity. Simply put, the membership encapsulates the website’s very appropriate name, Get Wisdom. With blessings, [name withheld]

I started gradually exploring the Get Wisdom info and then realized that I had been drifting spiritually for over 30 years. I was able to “create my reality” in a very nice and improved way, be a kind person, but this did not help the Human situation in general. I also have intensely studied “conspiracy” ideas and testimonies for the same length of time and the main thing I learned was that I struggled to know what was true and what was disinformation. I have my own memories of experiences related to this and that was all I really knew for sure. The deeper information available in the Subscriber materials has changed my life in the last two months more than anything else in my lifetime. Now many dots are connecting from all my previous learning and it’s all making sense and I have a clear knowing of where I am going and what to do. [name withheld]