Paths to Enlightenment

Creator tells us we are all spiritual beings, an extension of divine consciousness—so yearning for a higher purpose is truly who we are.

More and more, people are being awakened to reconnect with divine truth and return to Creator’s plan. We know the plan because Creator has explained it, in channeled answers to hundreds of our questions.

You have a crucial role to play in saving and healing humanity, and are needed more than ever before! You can start with our free eBooks of divine wisdom, and search our database of new divine teachings for today’s world:


Free eBooks on Looking For Enlightenment


Creator Speaks:
An important NEW message for Us

“Creator explains who Creator is, and answers the four biggest questions asked throughout the ages about humanity and the purpose of life.”


Creator Teaches:
How to Empower Prayer

“Creator gives us recommended prayers for all occasions, explains why some prayers fail, and shows how to create prayers that get results.”


Creator Speaks:
Ten Divine Principles For Living

“Creator has given us an amazing update of the Ten Commandments, a set of guiding principles for how to live on a divine path in today’s world.”

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It’s hard to contain, let alone put into words, the gratitude and joy (not to mention the urgency) I feel when I think how lucky I am to have discovered Get Wisdom. To be getting not only what I feel in my heart is true information about what’s REALLY going on in our world and universe, and why (as well as corroborating lots of other research I’ve done on my own, filling in missing puzzle pieces), but also the TOOLS to make a significant CONTRIBUTION to healing and saving Humanity, is really quite incredible. Whether it’s the spiritual arena, deep healing, metaphysics, the Deep State, UFOs or ExoPolitics (all of which I’ve always been fascinated with), all threads are elegantly woven together within Get Wisdom. Not only that, but here is a growing community of like-minded, incredibly talented, insightful, intelligent, dedicated, courageous, funny, good-hearted people from all over the world, who are pretty much on the same wavelength, who “get it,” AND are more than willing to roll up their sleeves to work hard and smart, together, taking daily action, as a loving and supportive TEAM—actually it feels more like a FAMILY—to learn, discover and create new ways to help fix our problems as we proceed, when, as it turns out, time is of the essence. Do you know how GOOD that feels? To no longer settle for just sitting in the peanut gallery, “watching the show with our popcorn,” as so many contemporary “Truther” or “Disclosure” communities are wont to do, but to actually begin to seriously probe into and understand what the REAL extent of our problems are, their true origins, AND get the tools to fix them?! And then set about DOING just that?! I ask you: What more important way could there possibly be to spend the rest of this precious life you have? [name withheld]

Since finding Get-Wisdom and especially the information that Karl Mollison brings forward about Source Creator/God and the Divine Realm, I have re-established my connection to God, a connection that I lost over the years but which I had quite strongly as a child. Learning about how the divine realm really works and how our universe functions doesn’t just make sense on a cognitive level, but it also sparks a deep knowing-a re-remembering of this-on an intuitive level. Then a process of reconnecting to God is initiated which becomes a very personal journey of re-establishing that relationship and connection, and as one’s level of belief is regained and increases, so does proof of the existence of God and the divine realm, which manifests in all sort of interesting ways (as answers to your requests and questions) which are very personal to you. So, life and existence then becomes mystical and miraculous. Miraculous especially as you start to experience and see the effects of the healing that The Light worker Healing Protocol brings about. The greatest impact that Get-Wisdom has had on my life is that it introduced me to the healing modality The Light worker Healing Protocol which is, I now realise, know what I came here to do. So I have finally figured out my life’s purpose and it is a huge relief and an honour and a joy. [name withheld]