Creator reveals the hidden truth about good and bad extraterrestrials you need to know in order to help save and heal humanity

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Video Channeling Series

In our healing work, we have time and again seen evidence of extraterrestrial manipulation of clients. To explore this important issue, we have been channeling key figures from history who have passed and returned to the light, especially major players in UFO and extraterrestrial investigations and/or cover-up. We were told by the divine realm that it was time for this message to be broadcast more widely because it is, in fact, a pivotal issue humanity must recognize and solve. Come explore with us!

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Live & Pre-Recorded Webinars

In our outreach work, we are striving to bring Creator’s words and wisdom to greater humanity. To support this effort, we have conducted a number of live interactive webinars with both the general public and our membership. In this endeavor, we choose different topics to explore across the breadth of human experience and inquiry. We ask Creator the questions and bring the answers directly to the viewing audience. Come explore with us!

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Video Transcript Downloads

Do you want to avoid mainstream media bias and learn more about human history and current issues? Without a doubt, divine-stream media holds the key. A Monthly or Annual Supporter can download any of the following Channeling Video Transcripts for free.

Marilyn Monroe Channeled by Karl Mollison


Adolf Hitler Channeled by Karl Mollison


29 May 2018
Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison


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Introduction to Seeking Hidden Truth

Most people want to believe that things are not hidden, especially through a cover-up. No one likes to learn they’ve been fooled. We seek the truth regardless—humans, by instinct, believe that they deserve to know the truth: what happens in this world and why. Life is another name for a quest for hidden truths. Whether it’s the karmic causes for illness or the channeling of wisdom, we’re a curious species, and we’re always in pursuit of the truth.

Our quest is to learn deep secrets about world events by producing videos, podcasts, and transcripts of channeled interviews with famous people who are now in the heavenly realm, revealing hidden truths that are surprising and even shocking. Everyone has a story—and we’re giving those stories a voice through our hidden truth revealed podcast. Others might not believe you, but we will—we’ve performed ghost removals, have snuffed out hidden causes of serious illnesses, have dealt with spirits, and have channeled information from the divine realm enough times to know what we’re dealing with.

We’ve learned about karmic causes for illness, channeled wisdom about the secrets that have been kept from us, and much more. We work tirelessly for hidden truth revealing and making sure that accurate information is disseminated among the people. Through our hidden truth show and podcast, we are trying to raise awareness and make people understand the gravity of the truth that is out there.

Our work exists to empower and educate our audience and steer them toward the path of truth, freedom and self-awareness. Using channeled wisdom from knowledgeable individuals and icons, we bring their wisdom to the wider public via our hidden truth podcasts that you can subscribe to as well.

Trust us to help your departed loved ones reach heaven or to clear your home from ghosts. We are working to reveal the hidden secrets explaining why the world is so troubled and the true extraterrestrial agenda. If you value the wisdom in knowing the hidden truth as much as we do, please join us and listen to our hidden truth podcast.



Becoming a Get Wisdom Supporter is like taking off your rose-coloured glasses and becoming empowered to use X-ray vision to navigate the rabbit hole of misinformation and disinformation. The weekly webinars offer an in-depth, insightful analysis of spiritual and paranormal themes, with information that is available nowhere else. The emphasis is on cultivating a partnership with the Divine, with revelations of divine support and solutions for the problems plaguing humanity. Simply put, the membership encapsulates the website’s very appropriate name, Get Wisdom. With blessings, [name withheld]

I started gradually exploring the Get Wisdom info and then realized that I had been drifting spiritually for over 30 years. I was able to “create my reality” in a very nice and improved way, be a kind person, but this did not help the Human situation in general. I also have intensely studied “conspiracy” ideas and testimonies for the same length of time and the main thing I learned was that I struggled to know what was true and what was disinformation. I have my own memories of experiences related to this and that was all I really knew for sure. The deeper information available in the Subscriber materials has changed my life in the last two months more than anything else in my lifetime. Now many dots are connecting from all my previous learning and it’s all making sense and I have a clear knowing of where I am going and what to do. [name withheld]