Introduction to Seeking Hidden Truth

Most people want to believe that things are not hidden, especially through a cover-up. No one likes to learn they’ve been fooled. We seek truth regardless, believing all deserve to know the truth about what happens and why.

Our quest to learn secrets of the universe produces videos, podcasts, and transcripts of channeled interviews with Creator and famous people now in the light, revealing hidden truths that are surprising, and even shocking.

If you value the wisdom in knowing hidden truth as much as we do, please join us.


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Video Channeling Series

In our healing work, we have time and again seen evidence of extraterrestrial manipulation of clients. To explore this important issue, we have been channeling key figures from history who have passed and returned to the light, especially major players in UFO and extraterrestrial investigations and/or cover-up. We were told by the divine realm that it was time for this message to be broadcast more widely because it is, in fact, a pivotal issue humanity must recognize and solve. Come explore with us!

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Albert Einstein Channeled by Karl Mollison 25Dec2018
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John Lennon Channeled by Karl Mollison 16Jan2018
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Admiral Richard Byrd Channeled by Karl Mollison 06Dec2017
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William Tompkins Channeled by Karl Mollison 07Oct2017
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Get Wisdom

Live & Pre-Recorded Webinars

In our outreach work, we are striving to bring Creator’s words and wisdom to greater humanity. To support this effort, we have conducted a number of live interactive webinars with both the general public and our membership. In this endeavor, we choose different topics to explore across the breadth of human experience and inquiry. We ask Creator the questions and bring the answers directly to the viewing audience. Come explore with us!

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Video Transcript Downloads

Do you want to avoid mainstream media bias and learn more about human history and current issues? Without a doubt, divine-stream media holds the key. A Monthly or Annual Supporter can download any of the following Channeling Video Transcripts for free.

Marilyn Monroe Channeled by Karl Mollison


Adolf Hitler Channeled by Karl Mollison


29 May 2018
Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison


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The planet that we live on seems to have a dramatic mix of incredibly positive and beautiful aspects and profoundly negative ones. What if I would tell you that originally it was not supposed to be like this and this system was hijacked? A lot of things would finally make sense wouldn’t they? Our entire health and political system, how the media manipulates our decisions and many more systems, are used to diminish us as humans. This is not a reason to be scared, but we must be aware in order to be able to look for solutions. A lot of people are waking up and are finally opening their eyes and hearts, to bring the truth forward. Get Wisdom has been to me a lighthouse in the storm, that has guided me through beautiful experiences and has made me understand so many questions that I had, including but not limited to: Why have we not evolved as humanity in such a long period of time? Why have we not made an official, recognized worldwide contact with other civilizations? Why are so many things hidden from us? Why is there so much suffering on the planet? Why do our health, political and economic systems seem so deficient? And on top of that, there are a lot of misleading conspiracy theories, that appeal to individuals who understand that there’s something not quite right, and unfortunately get guided to paths that lead to nowhere. I have been misled in the past multiple times, “wasting” years of my life false or incomplete paths. And that’s another element of the puzzle; most organisations that seem “on the right path” actually deliver divine truths and that’s why you can feel that you resonate with that and keep consuming their information. But those divine truths within time, get complemented with smaller pieces of information, for the only purpose of misleading the person to a path of no growth. So one of the most important things that I have learned recently with Get Wisdom, is that it is fundamental to discern from a true source or a corrupt one. The first interviews done with Source Creator, explained in detail this phenomenon and invite us to think about the differences and possible consequences of engaging with a false source, compared to a true source. It is a very thin line that we must be aware of all the time. We keep growing and learning together, making it a collective effort for having a better future. So far, I feel that this is my path and I hope that it will be yours as well.

I have been deeply into the world of conspiracies as a truth seeker for about 5 years now and I have spent many hours researching all aspects of nearly every alternative topic you can think of. I have also fallen into all the New Age traps that are out there, especially the saviour programming which included believing that good ET’s are coming to save us from the cabal that is destroying our world. Also, that there is a secret group of ‘’white hats’’ who are going to bring this cabal down and free us of its enslavement. But in the 5 years I have been following these narratives I have never seen any of this manifest. In fact, things have only gotten worse geopolitically and much darker energetically. This disparity always made me uncomfortable and uneasy which is why I kept searching and it was only when I started learning the real truth of our situation through Get Wisdom that it finally made sense and I had a kind of ‘a-ha’ moment and I thought “ok, THAT’S why everything is such a mess.’’ Again, this was a re-remembering of something I knew deep down to be true, at a soul level, and it was only when I started listening to the channellings and other information on Get Wisdom that it brought all of this up in me again and it connected many of the dots that remain unconnected in the other narratives out there. As distressing as it can be to learn about the truth of our situation, Get Wisdom also provides the solution to help us out of it, so not only does it give us unadulterated truths, it is also incredibly helpful and hopeful.