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Creator Questions and Answers Channeled by Karl Mollison

This database contains many questions we have asked the Creator and received answers directly via channeling the Creator’s consciousness so it can speak through us. Transcripts of the recorded sessions are quoted verbatim, with only logical paragraph breaks and punctuation marks added.

Most of these questions are ours, some are asked on behalf of our clients, and some are from the viewers of our website who have something they want to learn. We are interested in the working of the universe at all levels from the personal to the cosmic, specifically where problems come from, and how to find solutions. Divine wisdom guides our path.

Heal Your Wounded Spirit

Almost everyone who seeks the ultimate truth in life comes across troubling questions. Is there any hope of healing the evil in this world and its karma? How can I even find self-acceptance and get my life on track? Is there a reason I’m having nightmares and can I prevent them? Is there a way to address the hidden causes of illness? Who will save the human race from destruction?

When people set out to discover what lies beneath the great folds of deceit and endless world conflict, they end up on one of three paths: some find their divine calling and purpose; some end up on the opposite end of the spectrum and are lost; and the rest give in to grave cynicism.

But there’s a solution—the human race can overcome its problems with divine help. Let us heal your spirit and guide you on the right path. Spiritual healing is still possible. You might have had a rocky journey, but it doesn’t need to end here. We are experienced spiritual healers who provide divine healing sessions, training, and courses. Our Lightworker Healing Protocol includes advanced energy treatment and karmic repair. We also conduct inspirational sessions to help those truly seeking the truth find divine inspiration.

We’re only human. Pain and resentment, disappointment and disillusion, all are along the path of becoming an enlightened person. The process is tiring and demanding, and we help heal those who have been wounded on their spiritual journey.

What else will help us understand this?
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A client asks: “Since your email, there has been an incredible amount of chaos in my life. Around my birthday, my landlady intentionally poisoned me, my dog, and my flowers with nerve poisons, knowing full well I have an immune disease with anaphylaxis. Most of my flowers are damaged or killed, but thankfully, my dog was overall not exposed like I was. I’ve been really sick and have been on many remedies and IVs from my allergy doctor. I’ve had to flee my apartment for safety and go to a temporary place until I can move to my new place September 1. My temporary flat isn’t ideal as it’s not peaceful and I’ve been harassed by the neighbors and noise disturbances. Moving is quite stressful for me especially since I’ve moved over 20 times in 10 years often due to toxic home environments, and over 30 times in my life. All I’ve ever wanted was a safe and loving home. There’s zero stability in my life, and my new place will be unfurnished and I have no idea how to manage it as there are no social supports here I’m allowed access to. I do still feel targeted and attacked on some level especially related to my wife and sexual hijacking (we are sadly separated due to all the paranormal interference). I’m asking for help where I can, but I have no support network or friends here in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language well. I’ve tried reaching out to various people for just some compassion and support, and what’s worse than being poisoned is the fact that nearly everyone, many whom I thought were friends, completely ignore, dismiss, shame, or reject me. It’s absolutely bizarre and shocking, and I have no one supporting me. Seems my path is to be a hermit and mystic, among other things, but I don’t know how I can survive when I don’t have resources for basic needs. In the past month, I have been sexually harassed on the street numerous times, once physically, and once aggressively, stalked at night when I walked home. What tends to happen is any time I attempt to heal or get some help, there’s a backfire. While I have had some profound signs from certain beings, there’s no positive change or relief, and often the signs are very cryptic. There’s so much more that’s occurred I can’t begin to recount. I’ve been doing a lot of healing and resting and spiritual work and Feng Shui cures on my end. With my health and all the chaos, I’m barely able to function and really struggle cognitively. It just doesn’t stop. My body, mind, and soul seriously need a break. My life and health only decline. I am willing to be patient, but when I’m regularly faced with dangerous if not deadly situations that cause me great distress or harm, it makes me wonder if I’m missing something or if this will ever change. It does really feel like there’s something about me that’s a direct threat, and that I’m being blocked from my sacred gifts and birthright. Curious what you think about this update and whether you have any ideas.” What can we tell her?
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Was she truly poisoned as she believes?
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