Creator Questions and Answers Channeled by Karl Mollison

This database contains many questions we have asked Creator and received answers directly via channeling Creator’s consciousness so it can speak through us. Transcripts of the recorded sessions are quoted verbatim, with only logical paragraph breaks and punctuation marks added.

Most are our questions, some are asked on behalf of our clients, and some are from viewers of our website who have something they want to learn. We are interested in the workings of the universe at all levels from the personal to the cosmic, where problems come from especially, and how to find solutions.

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A viewer asks: “My recent dental procedure prompted some personal insights. Such things have been terrifying for me since I was a child. The first experience I had of a dentist was at six years old, where for an extraction the dentist pinned you down, forced your mouth open with pliers, and yanked. This was before the advent of pediatric dentistry, and was a little closer to medieval. As an adult, an extraction that was not intended to be under anesthetic had to be rescheduled when I panicked. So now, without a dental plan I opted out of anesthetic, feeling that with the trauma healing I have had, I must be less terrified than prior. But I wasn’t certain of how my deep subconscious would react. And I was more concerned about having a heart attack in the chair, or fainting on the way back to the car. When my son was about 8, we’d taken him to the emergency room because a thorn or splinter in the palm of his hand had become infected. When the doctor was probing his hand and Adam rolled his eyes back, I hit the floor. I would never imagine myself a fainter, a dainty little flower I am not. So I had a bit of concern about this procedure on a wisdom tooth. What made the difference I believe was enlisting Creator’s partnership. I had included this issue in several LHP sessions, and asked Creator to make the extraction simple and the recovery swift. Others included me in sessions as well. I was praying the whole time, “Source Creator, be my partner in life …” Because the dentist warned about potential complications, I tried to reassure my deep subconscious and asked Creator to do the same. This morning after too little sleep I realized how much Creator tipped the scales in my favor. One thing is general health, which may have been impacted by ongoing LHP sessions. The intake form listed maybe 25 potential health conditions, to assess general health. None applied to me. I see that as possible retrocausal healing.” Is that the case?
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