Creator’s Recommended Daily Prayers

Creator’s Recommended Daily Prayers

Note: These prayers are empowered to include many recipients without reducing benefit to any individual.


“Source Creator, apply all my prayers each and every day, to myself, my loved ones, and every being everywhere across all time domains, in increments proportional to my spiritual reach, so no one is underserved and all are covered, eventually. Pool and apply the intentions of all similar prayers everywhere, as often as feasible, to augment their power.”

Raise Belief Quotient in the Divine and Oneself

“Source Creator, raise us up each and every day to feel divine love, to open to divine love, and to express divine love through us in all we do.”

Saving Oneself and Humanity

“Source Creator, be our partner in life each and every day, to keep us focused on love, receiving and giving, both to ourselves and to all those around us. Bring healing for the darkness in all its forms, to raise up the perpetrators so they stand down and free the tormented.”


“Source Creator, partner with us in our lives each and every day to keep us safe. Protect all in harm’s way by reducing or eliminating all dangerous weather, all natural and unnatural disasters, accidents and intentional injuries. Guide,  heal, support, and protect against all who oppose bringing forward the truth of the divine.”

Air, Food, Drink, Medication, and Supplement Blessing

“Source Creator, bless our air, food, drink, medications, and supplements each and every day, to remove all negativity and leave only what is highest and best. Add what is missing to create an ideal nutritional balance, heal any exaggerated consequences of nutrition, and restore a healthy equilibrium in the working of the body, for the well-being of all who partake.”


“Source Creator, help us, each and every day, to keep our bodies safe and strong in all ways by making healthy choices, and seek those things that reward and support a long and happy life. Augment our workouts and intermittent exercise by applying the benefits to days in between. Heal our life’s troubles, all inner discord and signs of illness within, according to our highest good. Reduce all symptoms to a minimum while complete healing is underway.”

Manifesting Abundance

“Source Creator, help us each and every day to find the best expression of our soul, to be rewarded in our lives with a flow of abundance to keep us safe, protected, supported, and have all of the benefits of financial security, to help us continue expressing the highest version of ourselves without fear and without worry.”

Harmful Hazards, Energies, Organisms, and Substances

“Source Creator, each and every day, remove or render harmless all dangerous hazards and energies, including harmful viruses and other organisms, all heavy metals and other harmful substances at toxic levels, from myself, my loved ones, and apply this prayer again and again as needed to help all affected beings and the Earth as a whole, to keep everyone safe, and restore well-being to the afflicted.”

Prayer of Thanks

“Source Creator, thank you for my life and all it teaches me, and the blessings of your love.”

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