Testimonials from Happy Clients

The specific results of a Lightworker Healing Protocol – Deep Subconscious Mind Reset session cannot be predicted, but there are always benefits. In general, the greater a person’s problems, the greater and more noticeable the benefit is likely to be. The following examples of feedback we have received reflect the variety of things we can help.

It is especially gratifying to report examples of people feeling better for whom this remote intuitive service was gifted without their conscious awareness it was being done. This includes many children. As with prayer, it is always ethical to request divine healing for someone.

Beloved Mother Confirmed in the Light

Family Benefits from Group Clearing

Daughter’s Depression Resolves

Woman in Nursing Home Stops Aggressive Behavior

Spirit Releasement and Karmic Repair Enhanced Relationships

Migraine Sufferer Who Tried Everything Finds Relief

Ghost Removed from Daughter’s Bedroom

Woman Able to Leave Destructive Relationship

Remote Session Stops Voices Woman Heard for Ten Years

Haunted Family Finds Peace

Woman Reports Son’s Night Terrors Gone

Family Benefits from Clearings

Autonomic Disorder Resolves (POTS)

Woman Feels Immediate Change from Live Session

Whole Family Benefits from Group Clearing

Man’s Sex Addiction Just Stops

Mother Reports Her Son Helped by Spirit Removal and Karmic Repair

Difficult Husband Turns Back Into the Man She First Met

Woman Experiences New Calm 

Positive Changes for the Whole Family

Woman Has Emotional and Physical Benefits

Mother Reports Teen Improved

Black Magic Attack Healed 

Woman Grateful We Changed Her Father-in-Law!

Clearing Curse Pays Off

Woman’s Insomnia and Incontinence Just Stop

Man and Wife Both See Positive Changes After Their Remote Sessions

Grandchildren’s Past Life Karma Shows Up

Remote House Clearing Removes a Threatening Spirit

Remote Home Clearing – Part Two – Child Spirit with a Family Connection

Emotional Well-Being of Family Improved After Group Clearing

Woman Reports Improvements for Her Family

Mom Reports Daughter’s Progress After Psychiatric Illness

Mother Thrilled Daughter’s Relationship Problem Solved

Father Relieved His Daughter’s Emotional Well-Being Improved

Relief for Woman Bothered By Strange Voice and Unpleasant Emotions

Psychic Attack Removed and Parental Karma Healed – Woman Feels Better!

Man, Wife and Baby Benefit from Clearing Extraterrestrial Involvement

Woman Feels Better After Her Mother’s Attached Spirit Is Removed

Woman Has Health, Work, and Relationship Benefits

Cat Is Less Aggressive

Man Validates Karmic Spirit Issues

Woman Feels Transformed

Dog Saved from Euthanasia

Woman’s Life Improves Along with Her Feelings

Home Clearing Pays Off

Mother and Daughter See a Grandmother’s Improvements

Woman Feels Unstuck

Confidence Restored

Beloved Mother Confirmed in the Light

Client writes: After learning about the transitioning process and its potential difficulties from your channelings it came to my mind that I should ask you about my mother who died after a brave and fierce battle of 2 years involving metastatic breast cancer. Her departure was the start of a deeper awakening for me. She is always in our hearts. How can I know if she transitioned successfully?

Creator responds via Karl Mollison: We are delighted to tell you that your dear mother is, indeed, safely in the light. Despite her difficulties and struggles, she was able to work with the light callers who came to greet her on her passing and was able to transition successfully. It was your love reaching out to her that acted as a bridge to keep her going, raise her up, and help her journey. She has been sending that love back to you to help you with yours. She wants you to know she watches over you with all her love behind it, and will always be available to you. You will feel this within your heart. When you think of her with fondness, the loving feelings are coming from her.

Client responds: I cannot begin to describe how deeply those words have touched me. They reverberate so strongly inside and I so feel them to be true.

I have the feeling our paths may cross again some time in the future.  Until then I will not keep it to myself and tell people whom I know could benefit from GetWisdom and your work.  One person at least has already done so, taking in some of the material on your website as well as applying it with success.

Thank you on behalf of me and my family, and be blessed.

Family Benefits from Group Clearing

Thank you again for working with our family so quickly. Interestingly enough, walking home the day after you did the work, I felt a sense of clearness. I have walked the kids the same way home for 6 years now and yet the walk felt different in a way I can’t explain. Good different, like a new awareness.  My daughter came home so excited to show me this new math she learned, partial products method–something that I was never taught as a kid and to me is very cumbersome, yet she breezed through it like she knew it before. She is currently being tutored for math and reading to catch up with classmates.

My daughter came home again today showing me more math problems, learning on the first try. Before this she struggled horribly, we tried everything to get her interested in learning or extra special learning tools to practice. She is bright and cheerful and so happy! Words cannot describe my happiness for her.

My husband does not yet know of the gift he has received from you. I noticed today he is very grateful and loving to our children–not that he wasn’t loving before, he just never showed it outwardly. He must have told our children “I love you” five times today—completely out of the blue. Normally it might be at night before bed if at all.  It is his tone too, that struck me as so different; it is meant with love.

My sister says she can now sleep at night without lights on–something she has not done since she was a little girl–so fearful of the night.  It is a terrible way to sleep.   

We will continue to embrace the positive changes and thank you again for your time and sharing your wisdom with us. Please feel free to share any of this. Everyone deserves to feel this good. Thanks again so much, it is such a relief! 

Daughter's Depression Resolves

Following is my statement of your spirit clearing on my daughter:  She suffered from depression (diagnosed) for about 5 years, and several years prior to that which went undiagnosed. Starting in the 6th grade she slowly removed herself from most of her friends, fun activities and her zest for life diminished. 

By the time she was 13 she battled regular thoughts of suicide and we sought medical/psychological treatment. Unfortunately, this was just a temporary band aid. Even with medication and support she was uninterested in life.

After my life-changing session with you in January 2014, I realized my daughter may also be suffering from a serious negative energy. About two weeks after your clearing I started to notice changes; she smiled a bit more, came out of her room more and seemed to enjoy little things again. It’s now been seven months and I am so ecstatic to say, she has not had any bouts of suicidal thoughts, is dating a very nice young man, looking forward to college next fall, has a part-time job, is getting good grades and taking part in her wonderful life!!!  THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE! 

Woman in Nursing Home Stops Aggressive Behavior

Just some quick feedback: There has been a significant improvement in my aunt’s behavior over the past couple of weeks: she no longer screams or curses my parents randomly anymore. This has been a great relief to both of them, who are her main caregivers. I am very grateful for the intervention of you and the divine spirit in this situation. Keep up the great work!  

Spirit Releasement and Karmic Repair Enhanced Relationships

I am truly amazed how this session has worked, since the moment you did release the spirits for my boyfriend and me, I felt peace in me, leaving behind a lot of the anxiety and fears, it is like putting on the ground the heavy backpack carried for lifetimes. Karl, I appreciate your honesty upon my request, I asked for marriage commitment, this hasn’t happen yet, hopefully soon if this is for my well being. But I am thankful to see my boyfriend also in peace, relaxed, happy, laughing, communicating with me as he is more open, important details in a relationship that get lost because of fear, anger, negative thoughts, and some other things we both did to each other because we were hurt.

Things that you mentioned in the summary are astonishing. You described something about troubled relationships in my past-life that make sense to me now, all the fears and insecurities regarding a relationship, no matter how hard I tried in a relationship in the past, it ended in break-ups. I’m happy that I know the root of this and that it is also healed.

Regarding my boyfriend, you described that my boyfriend in a past life event had problems with his father in that life, and it is fascinating that in this life my boyfriend also had problems with his father. To my surprise, after the session my boyfriend is visiting his father more often and is also talking about him in a positive way. He is also more patient with his own son. I am happy that I also requested a session for my parents. I already saved your office number for any emergency.

Thank you! Thank you, Thank you… [Name withheld]

Migraine Sufferer Who Tried Everything Finds Relief

I want to thank you and the divine team for the clearings and healing that I have experienced with your work. I have suffered with headaches all my life and for the last 10 years those headaches have turned into full blown migraines. When a dear friend introduced to me your work I was at my wits end with suffering every 2-3 days with migraines. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars for years with trying out every treatment or program imaginable: Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, elimination diet, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, NAET Therapy, Chiropractic, herbal supplements, Homeopaths, Chelation therapy, prescriptions, jaw realignment, and many more, to no avail. These therapies, although great in their own nature did not help me to eliminate the cause of the migraine cycles.

I’m a Holistic Health Practitioner so my first choice was to go a natural route and when that didn’t work after 3 years I decided to start taking the prescriptions to help with pain. When I read about you and the divine healing work on your website I knew this was something I was being led to and needed to experience. After one session of remote spiritual healing with the Lightworker Healing Protocol I was able to go 2 weeks without a migraine or any symptoms. I finally had a migraine but it was different in nature and only lasted a day, not 2-4 days as it had been. Then I went another 17 days before another migraine cycle came on, triggered by severe allergies.

This is such a VAST improvement that I have been in a constant state of GRATITUDE every day since that first session. To get this kind of relief is a Miracle and Godsend and I will continue to work with you ‘til I’m completely healed of these migraines. If you’re a headache/migraine sufferer who is reading this, I would ask you to please consider this work because I’m happier and I have my life back and I can travel again without the fear and anticipation of another cycle coming on. THANK YOU again,  [Name withheld]

Ghost Removed from Daughter's Bedroom

Here is our story/before and after. My daughter began to tell me she felt that the spirit that lives in our house will not leave and she thinks he wants to keep bothering her. She said the uncomfortable “scary” feeling was experienced in her room and she went on to say it was when she changes her clothes for bed, that the spirit sees her changing and that is the time she is scared the most. I was trying to decipher if it was the time when kids normally start to develop body image, she was going on 9 years old. I would lean towards the latter but I, too, felt a negative presence. She also mentioned she was worried something would come out from under the bed–a common fear I know children have as well.

On the night I felt the presence, I was asleep with her in her bed and woke up to a fearful feeling/presence about 1 AM, I was wide awake. I have had this feeling before and that is why I had the house cleared by a local medium. I said prayers immediately and dismissed the incident until my daughter started talking about what she was seeing. If she did not speak so clearly and eloquently about it I wouldn’t have given it a second thought.  

It has been several months now since the clearing you did. My daughter has not mentioned any other fear in our home, she now goes up to bed completely on her own, plays in her room with the door closed and feels safe.  Please share my daughter’s story to help others! Thank you! 

Woman Able to Leave Destructive Relationship

I am writing a few words on the benefits I experienced from my Lightworker Healing Protocol session. One of the first changes I noticed was in my ability to identify and release a friendship that seemed positive, but was actually draining and an attack on my psyche. 

I developed a more stable mood, becoming more able to handle my depressed and isolated feelings. I felt less drawn to filler friendships and more cleaned up in my overall psyche.

My life started changing. I was able to regain a more organized, beautiful apartment. I also felt a surge of self-worth and found I followed through on many more actions that would nurture my physical and emotional health. 

I experience much more tenacity and faith. I let go of a lot of feelings of being abandoned by friends, and saw their lives through a compassionate lens. And as I did this, I was able to navigate a more fulfilling relationship with my Goddaughter and close friend of 30 years.

Because I feel better about my worth in general, I had the courage to give a romantic interest a second chance. This time, I have been able to more lovingly and firmly maintain my boundaries, vocalize my true needs, and be okay emotionally. I feel more safe and guided now that I almost daily remember to say a modified version of the prayer you gave me, and I’m still healing and growing. Sincerely,  [Name withheld]

Remote Session Stops Voices Woman Heard for Ten Years

Just an email to thank you so much for what you have done for me. After searching online I found your site and I can honestly say it has saved my life. For the last ten years I have been hearing negative voices and my head has been full of negative thoughts. I contacted you in March and you did a remote spirit removal on myself.

I have had many people do this before, but the voices have always come back after a few days or weeks. We are now 2 months down the line and I have not heard a single thing. My mood is happier and I am more positive. I have even stopped three of my psychiatric medications.

I have tried many approaches in the past such as therapy, medication, hypnotherapy, NLP, and I have even been on a psychiatric ward. I can honestly say you have given me my life back and I am so thankful that I found you.

Thanks again to you and your team, you do fantastic genuine work and are very professional. Kind regards… [Name withheld]

Woman Reports Son's Night Terrors Gone

You helped my family in more ways than I can express. The horrific night terrors that my 7 year old son had experienced off and on and then increased to 14 days straight, stopped within 24 hours of the session and haven’t returned.

My whole family ended up having sessions that, so to speak “pulled the pieces of the puzzle together” for us. It also started my journey learning ThetaHealing.

You have an exceptional compassion for children and their issues, and took an incredible amount of time discussing potential solutions. Would highly recommend having a session.” 

Haunted Family Finds Peace

My testimonial is my young daughter and I went on a holiday to visit my mum and brother. I felt there was spirit activity in both places… As my daughter and I got home and went to bed I found myself wide awake, so many racing thoughts. I just could not sleep, I tossed and turned. I was in the bed with my toddler and she started to toss and turn and ask for milk as she woke and couldn’t get back to sleep. I didn’t fall asleep till about 3-4 am the next morning.

Over the next few nights it was like I had ‘sudden insomnia’. I could not sleep and the same thing with my daughter waking up for hours. How could this be? Both of us had slept brilliantly until that night where I had cleansed my brothers room and we visited mums friend’s house…As I have experienced similar sudden insomnia before, I was starting to question ‘Did I pick something up?’…In a few days I was very drained, angry, feeling depressed and snapping at my mother. I had changed. I was happy before. My daughter was having tantrum after tantrum and being rude to people.

It was like 6 years since I had experienced any sort of attachment. And that took 8 years of searching, going to too many healers until I found someone back then that helped. That person is no longer available… The sleepless nights continued with both of us. My daughter woke with a nightmare yelling and wanting the light on. I felt so sorry that I had exposed her to something and I felt helpless.

The last straw one night was when I was laying in my bedroom and hubby was just getting into bed and we both heard a loud ‘clack’ like something had dropped onto the kitchen floor. It was my daughter’s backpack. I knew exactly where I had placed it before on the kitchen table and it had been pushed off the table. No doors or windows were open. I knew something was around, and I started feeling pressure on my chest at night.

It confirmed my suspicions as I felt ‘something was watching me’ when we came home from holiday. At first I thought it was just in my mind but I kept seeing something of a tall figure in the corner of my eye every time I turned.

During that night when I was asleep in my own bed, my daughter woke up SCREAMING, ‘Go away, go away, go away.’  I’ve never seen her with so much fear and distress – that frightened me.  Enough was enough. I got in contact with you that night and then the healing began.

I honestly didn’t know if it would work, but interestingly when I had my report sent that the work had been done, I had felt sad that day and like my head felt a bit cloudy, my sleep was OK that first night. I could feel it was gone. There was no longer someone watching me, my daughter slept, no more nightmares have occurred.

By the next few days, WOW! to sleep and feel peaceful is something I won’t take for granted. Just to be able to fall asleep is so grand. I feel safe, I feel my daughter is safe. I am amazed and so grateful to have found you. It’s just not something people talk about and so hard to find help.

Everything feels so ‘light’ now, the sky seems clearer, the trees bright. I know now that we are OK. I wish everyone could experience this as there are so many people who don’t know about these things and they are so real. Thank-you is just not enough to express how grateful I am. 

Family Benefits from Clearings

I met you almost a year ago at the Tinley Park Convention Center.  Shortly after that you did some work on me, and then a month after, on my 2 sons.  I needed to reconnect with you to tell you that my life has been truly wonderful ever since.  Life has changed for me in so many positive ways I wouldn’t know where to begin.  My oldest son, got a job working as a producer/writer for the 10 pm news at the NBC affiliate station in the city where he lives.  My youngest is working on finding himself as a college student figuring things out.

Please know that I am so thankful every day for meeting you…there was a reason I did. I will see you again in June at your next scheduled trip down on the south side.  I am looking forward to it.

Thank you so very much – I am forever appreciative!” 

Autonomic Disorder Resolves (POTS)

My daughter was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) shortly after having a Cardiac Ablation for Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT). The formal diagnosis was given just a couple months later.

My daughter’s early symptoms were, stomach aches, headaches, “purple/blue” feet, racing heart, chest pains and constant (literally every waking moment) lightheadedness.  The stomach aches went away early in the experience, the headaches shortly after that, but the one trouble that never showed any improvement at all was the lightheadedness.

She would suffer what we referred to as “episodes”. These were the times that she would nearly collapse due to the arteries in her legs not closing upon standing.  Sometimes she did collapse because it came on so strong and suddenly.  She would need to leave school and come home to sleep for several hours to recover.  These episodes reduced in frequency and intensity over time, but hadn’t stopped completely.

As a high school student at the top of her class and impressive goals of becoming a Ph.D., it was a race to heal her body completely so that she could go away for her college education.

I believe you are familiar with this diagnosis and therefore would like to end this note of gratitude explaining that the day you did the “soul clearing” for my daughter was the last day of her symptoms…the lightheadedness stopped like a light switch. This was 1 year and 6 days after her diagnosis, she is fully recovered. Forever Grateful.

Woman Feels Immediate Change from Live Session

During my last session with you, you suggested that we explore some spirit attachment release due to the way I was feeling prior to my session.

The results were truly remarkable. I felt a huge weight lifted from me and my mood began to improve almost instantly. I started out in tears, but I walked out of the session feeling like myself again and for that I am very thankful.  

Whole Family Benefits from Group Clearing

My husband was literally on a different planet!!!! Really, he had turned into someone I did not know anymore.  He was withdrawn, no motivation, always aggravated, anti-social. He was aging rapidly.

Once you had performed the remote spirit releasement healing session (which my husband had no idea was done) he even noticed a difference. He said one day, ” Wow I feel good, I have energy”. His demeanor changed dramatically, his appearance has brightened, he is calm and is actually social again.

I had you do a Lightworker Healing Protocol clearing session for my whole family. My youngest daughter was defiant and being mischievous at school. Since her session she is sweet again and I have not received any notes from school. She is actually doing outstanding with behavior and all.

I have noticed the difference in my self. I am calmer, more focused, I feel peaceful, I have not felt like that in a long time.

Thank you soooo much for giving me back my family!!!!! There are not enough word to express my gratitude. 

Man's Sex Addiction Just Stops

I’d like to take a few minutes and thank you for the remote healing and its results.  What I have noticed is that I’m able to step away from the things that I’ve been wanting to break away from and couldn’t. Whew…

I’ve been a practicing homosexual for 16 years now and a daily marijuana smoker for just a little longer.

My concerns that brought me to you were that my sexual urges resulted in a staggering amount of anonymous sexual partners over the years.

I’ve known that the choices I’ve made were not wise but I couldn’t stop no matter how much I tried.  It was as if I had to, at any cost, cruise on the internet, bathhouses, and bars to find the next man I’d sleep with.  Not healthy because after sex I felt empty and depressed, only looking for more.

The crazy thing was, that I doped myself up constantly with marijuana to cushion the void I felt.

All that came to a screeching halt after your session. It’s been 2 months and I haven’t felt the urges. I’m not saying I’m not gay anymore.  Finally though, I could take a step back and assess what I could do, to attain a healthy relationship and express myself sexually with a loving partner, something that’s been seemingly unattainable to me for many years. 

Mother Reports Her Son Helped by Spirit Removal and Karmic Repair

I don’t know how to express my gratitude for what you did for my son. I am not even sure what you did, but I do know my boy is better and not being guided by a dark force that could have ultimately killed him. You saved his life.

My son, who was adopted from a foreign country, was suffering greatly. He was in tremendous emotional pain, prone to rages and self-injury. My friend, Dr. [name withheld], saw this and asked if she could help. Over the course of several months he improved, but not completely. 

The doctor believed he was carrying an entity from his past that was causing some of his destructive behavior. She asked you to help. Without knowing she did this, one afternoon I saw a tremendous change in my son. He was lying on his bed partially asleep. He woke when he heard me, and said, “come lie beside me.”  He had never asked for any type of physical contact from me before. I rested next to him, and he fell back to sleep.

The next day we visited [the therapist]. My son said, “I feel like a part of me is gone…I’m calmer but feel weird..like I don’t know what to do and how to behave!”…he was very puzzled. He also recounted a similar feeling to me that he had lost something that had been telling him what to do.

Since that day, my son has not been the same angry boy. He is more able to control himself, and has found his true self, the self that allows love and trust. He no longer speaks of a missing part of himself. For this, I will be eternally grateful. My boy is finally home. 

Difficult Husband Turns Back Into the Man She First Met!

My husband has changed significantly since you worked on his spirit. He was an angry and mean man who acted like he didn’t love his family.  There was emotional and physical abuse when the children were growing up.

I am now living with the man I married 33 years ago. He has become kind and gentle and very supportive to me and my boys. These changes can only be because of your influence. You can change someone’s life for the better. 

Woman Experiences New Calm 

Thank you. I cannot remember the last time I was this calm ever in my life…I have definitely noticed a change in my anxiety and temper. Please let me know when you will be back and available to talk about further services, because I am very interested (regarding DNA Thetahealing, etc.) Your service has been priceless to me, and I thank you again.

Warm regards, [Name withheld]

Positive Changes for the Whole Family

Thank you so very much for clearing my dad of spirit attachments, now our close family circle is completely healed 🙂  I feel SOOO good knowing I could give them such a special gift and you are so willing to share your wonderful gift with the world. 

My sister, Nancy, says she can now sleep at night without lights on–something she has not done since she was a little girl–so fearful of the night. It is a terrible way to sleep. 

Interestingly, after our clearing (mine, my sister’s and my mom’s), we all felt very tired, a relaxed, weight-having-lifted kind of tired for about two days. I also noticed my husband and kids did the same and they did not know what I had ordered for them. Not an exhausted tired, renewed. It feels good. Just wanted to share some feedback.

My daughter continues to do well–she has a glow about her and an inner happiness–I see it so clearly and I am SOOO relieved for her–the dark circles under her eyes have almost disappeared.  I wanted to share our good news with you in case you continue to want feedback, I promise I won’t update you anymore 🙂  

Woman Has Emotional and Physical Benefits

Karl, Thank you so much for your spirit releasement work on me recently.  

I am noticing more changes – some subtle, but definite-and I am very pleased that I decided to contact you.  My sleep has been calmer, my thinking clearer, and the incessant memories that I kept playing over and over in my mind as to incidents in my very traumatic childhood have largely dissipated! Even my desire to self-mutilate when I get angry has started to fade.

I feel a sense of peace, and a definite desire to stay connected to the good, positive, and protective aspects in the world.  Physically, I am starting to feel more energetic, and my severe osteoarthritis–while still present–is not acting up so much.  My landlord noticed the other day that I am walking without a very noticeable limp for the first time in ages.

Thank you again for your good work. Warm Regards, [Name withheld]

Mother Reports Teen Improved

You did a remote healing for my 16 year old son who has struggled with controlling his anger, learning to self-soothe, and has had many issues with authority, including engaging in retail theft. These behaviors affected his ability to make friends, feel good about himself, get good grades, etc.

In the last year, my son entered a residential treatment program to help with these issues.  In this program, behaviors are scored and the boys earn a level each day that allows them certain privileges. The levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold (Gold being the highest level).

During the first seven months in the program, my son averaged about 7 Gold and Silver days a month.  The first full month after you did the remote healing for my son, he earned 28 Gold and Silver days.  He’s kept up the improved behavior and his treatment program has begun to talk and plan for his return home.  He seems ‘lighter’ and happier.

My son now handles conflict in very mature, appropriate ways that allow him to experience so many more positive moments throughout the day, and shows an increase in both confidence and self-esteem.  For example, my son always refused to join any sports teams because he was worried about what others would say or do if he made a mistake.  Now he’s on the school’s soccer team and loving it (this occurred about a month after the healing)!

The treatment program that my son is in had been helping him respond more respectfully to authority, but this journey has been slow.  After the healing, it was like my son suddenly ‘got it’ – like he suddenly understood how much easier life can be when he is respectful.

After reading the report sent from you and having a few months to monitor my son’s changes, I have come to the conclusion that what I am now seeing is ‘just my son’ without all the extra emotional and spirit baggage that he had.  It is so wonderful to see his real personality and soul shine through on a daily basis (they were always there – it was just that often, they were overshadowed by ‘stuff’).

I believe that the remote healing was integral to this process as what it removed, spirits, negative energy, what have you, allowed for his true self to emerge. I am eternally grateful. 

Black Magic Attack Healed

I was living in a place ten years ago where a neighbor made my life a living hell. I could not afford to move, so I stupidly paid for a black magic ritual to drive him out, not to hurt him but make him gone. Anyway, that ritual sure ruined my life in many ways for the next decade. I lost jobs, ended up on the verge of suicide many times, got called horrendous names, and was forced out of a college program which I had worked very hard to get into.

Before I found this website, I have tried others, psychics, clearings, etc. You got rid of this negativity and cleaned up a lot of past life garbage too. I honestly don’t think I would be alive today if it wasn’t for his work. Some of the stuff will take time to clear up, but today my life is much, much better. All I can say is that you are the real deal—your Lightworker Healing Protocol WORKS, unlike the charlatans and well meaning but ineffective psychics. 

Woman Grateful We Changed Her Father-in-Law!

Thank you for doing a remote clearing to do healing for my father in law.

We rarely see my husband’s father.  Therefore, I had no concept of any changes….until today when my husband received a Fathers’ Day Card full of pre-printed accolades.  It was signed “I love you, Dad”.

My husband has never in recorded history received ANY kind of card or acknowledgement from his father.  It may be that my father-in-law’s sister bought the card and told him to send it…..but that has never happened before either.
Apparently, change is afoot! Thanks again, [Name withheld]

Clearing Curse Pays Off

I am doing well after my session with you.  My mind feels clear and healthy.  My goal is to have everyone in my family done (mother, father, brother).  But for financial reasons, those 3 will have to wait ‘til I find a job…The report you sent me mentions a jealous man who cursed my family.  That resonated with me as jealous “situations” have plagued me my whole life. Thank you, [Name withheld]

Woman's Insomnia and Incontinence Just Stop

For those who are leery, I suggest taking a leap of faith. You were recommended to me by my internist (which in itself was interesting).  Being so troubled with many issues I decided to move forward since I felt stuck with nowhere to go. 

You provided a remote healing which literally changed my life in the most positive manner.  I found myself with additional questions and wanting more, so I met you in person, which was phenomenal. 

You were very kind, gentle, and did not pass judgment.  As a result, my daily thoughts have changed and I continue to heal.  It truly has been a life changing experience. Therefore, I strongly advise anyone taking that leap of faith, you won’t regret it. 

Man and Wife Both See Positive Changes After Their Remote Sessions

These remote spirit releasement reports on my wife and I were very interesting.

My wife can heal others (that has benefited me several times) in this lifetime but she is afraid to let anyone else know. She has also told me that she has always felt there was something / someone stealing her energy. Since you’ve done the work on her she told me she feels less anxious and her energy is better. Really wonderful changes!!! Thank you.

For me, the explanation about a past life as a monk resonates. Since you’ve worked on me I have been more patient, productive and focused than before. These are areas that have always been a problem for me. I am excited about the possibilities now that these issues have lessened / disappeared.

Thanks for all your help. 

Grandchildren's Past Life Karma Shows Up

Thank you so much for the work you do. It is interesting that you mentioned a past life of my granddaughter involving fire. After a recent house burning near her school this year, she has had recurring nightmares that she will die in a house fire.

While she stayed with us over spring break I talked to her about the theory of past lives and the possibility that what she was experiencing was from a past life. She didn’t have another nightmare while staying with us.

Interesting about my son’s past life experiences as a mill worker. In this life he did work at a mill and until he lost his job recently, he worked with wood, building furniture.

I do believe that my granddaughter is in her parents’ lives for a reason, so hopefully she will now be able to help them without becoming a victim. Thanks so much, [Name withheld]

Remote House Clearing Removes a Threatening Spirit

I really want to thank you and the whole divine spirit team for what you have done. The other night we had been home for several hours when I realized the house was “quiet.” I grabbed my phone and saw your email which had arrived a few minutes before to tell us you did the remote spirit clearing that day. When I woke the next day…my daughter gave me a big thumbs up and said she could tell everyone was gone.

As for me I feel a lot less stress and anxiety, the amount of negative energy the male spirit was pushing at me was huge but it built up so slowly that I didn’t realize how bad it was until it stopped… it’s definitely gone.

Thank you for sharing his story with us, it explained a lot of the things we had been feeling and experiencing. I knew he didn’t want us here and that our presence really bothered him. I also didn’t think he was completely tied to the land because I have felt him with me in other places which really had me worried. I don’t like that he came after my daughter or myself (I am definitely a mama lion when it comes to protecting my kids 🙂 but I am glad we were able to sense him and to find you and your team to help him find peace and to move on. By any chance were you able to determine who our other little visitor was? [See follow-up letter below after a second clearing]. 

Remote Home Clearing - Part Two - Child Spirit with a Family Connection

I am sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. First I want to thank you for the healing you did with the Lightworker Healing Protocol. What you found really had quite an effect on my daughter and me. Since you helped that male spirit move on, we all feel better and better every day. Based upon our experiences and what you told us about him we didn’t really know what to expect with our other spirit we sensed in our home. She could not have been more opposite if she tried. We were really crushed when your initial report didn’t contain any information about her.  I knew deep down that we needed to know who she was so there could be some closure. I can’t tell you how glad I am that she hid the day you all came for the older male energy and that you returned and rescued her.

Let me share some of our experiences with the spirit who you learned was named Susie and who you saw had died in a hospital during an asthma attack. My daughter and I never saw her as more than a little golden orb of light but we could tell she was young and kind and loving. She was very active and able to physically move things as well as control electrical items. She never did any of these things with malice, they were always in fun or to help us. It was really clear that when we were happy she was happy.

She was very playful and some of the tricks she would play on my daughter actually made me really laugh because they were so very similar to the types of things my daughter has done to everyone else over the years. We could tell she was very attached to my daughter, which didn’t surprise me because children have always flocked to her. I actually was becoming concerned because we seemed to be getting very attached to Susie. I actually began to think of her as my “fourth child” (when things got really intense with the threatening male spirit Susie would call out in warning to me and my daughter at night and she actually called me “Mom”).

My daughter voiced her own concerns about how attached she was becoming to Susie, we didn’t realize that the attachment had always been there. Never in our wildest imaginings did we suspect that Susie had always been with my daughter or that they had been twins in a past life, but once you told us her story many things began to make sense.

I am sure Susie was with my daughter from the very beginning, so what I always felt as my daughter was actually the two of them and as a result I never picked up on Susie. My son confirmed this by saying there have been many times he felt like my daughter was home and he would go in her room only to discover she wasn’t in the house.  As we read your report we realized that Susie had been telling my daughter her story in bits and pieces. Ever since my daughter has been old enough to stay home alone she has always joked when she is ill “that no matter how mild your illness is, the minute you get left alone you become convinced you are going to die.” In the last couple of months my daughter and I have both been home alone sick and each of us has felt Susie’s presence very strongly during these times. Now we know she was trying to comfort and protect us in her own way so we wouldn’t have the terrible experiences she had.

One thing that really stood out is about a year and a half ago my daughter had an asthma attack! We are a family of asthmatics but my daughter has never had asthma. She had never had an attack before and she has never had so much as a symptom since.

My daughter also has visions, most occur when she is asleep and they always make me nervous because she will see someone’s passing. So far it has never been anyone we know directly but it will always be the relative or friend of someone she does know. Over the last few months she began to see one vision repeatedly when she was awake. She walked into our kitchen one day and it became a hospital room. The vision was so overwhelming she could smell the hospital and she actually vomited from the intensity of the vision. It really unnerved her because she wasn’t observing the scene like she usually does as a third party from a distance. We now realize she was actually seeing it through Susie’s eyes, in fact she actually saw her own hand reach out to Susie.

As we began to put all the pieces together it made sense and my daughter said she knew it was absolutely true what you saw that they had been twins in a past life. We were so happy you helped her into the light and yet we were both unbelievably sad when she was gone. My house felt like someone was missing and my daughter felt like part of her was missing as well. We felt her absence so profoundly we actually spent a lot of the first week grieving. One morning my daughter got up and she said she could feel Susie “pushing happy” all through her. She said Susie was sending it from the light to help her and that Susie didn’t want her to be sad. My daughter could feel Susie helping her in many little ways throughout that entire day.

Susie keeps sending little hugs and I think we are through the worst of it. I have even received a message or two from Susie assuring me she is safe and happy so that makes me happy. This whole thing has been amazing and I think it is going to be the first of many amazing things coming my daughter’s way!

Again thank you, thank you, thank you for helping our Susie. 

Emotional Well-Being of Family Improved After Group Clearing

My teenage son has been suffering for more than two years with anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues. These symptoms came about after we experienced several significant deaths in the family as well as other major life changes. We sought the help of many doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists – each of whom offered different diagnoses ranging from bi-polar disorder to autism to some sort of possession. We’ve tried different medications. After all this, my son has learned how to control his behaviors better, when he can control them, but the core problems were still there. We had no definitive diagnosis and things were not getting much better.

Our family is not religious, although I studied to be a Catholic priest. While we have been tempted to return to the Church to help our son, we knew that we would not be investing in that path with sincere hearts. We were in need of some heavy-duty assistance, but had not been able to find anything or anyone who could TRULY help on the deepest levels.

Recently, my son disclosed to me something that happened back when all his problems began. I am unsure to what extent his story is valid (he may have imaginatively incorporated elements of some paranormal TV show). He told me that during one of his first dark bouts with depression, he invited “bad things” into himself because he believed he was becoming bad himself anyway. I realize this may have opened a door to something sinister or, at least, solidified his negative self-image and self-worth.

Two weeks ago, an acquaintance told me about her experience with your Lightworker Healing Protocol. Her medical issues were different, but she was not having any luck finding solutions either, until she spoke with you. I visited the website, reading every word with an open mind. While I was skeptical about remote healing and communicating with divine beings, I understood the theory and certainly was in line with Light being able to overcome Darkness. I believe beings exist on different levels and have different spiritual harmonic vibrations, but I do not embrace the Church’s hierarchical structure of these beings. For instance, I do not believe in Satan or demons or heaven and hell. Still, I can get behind the idea of more advanced beings existing on a higher plane. Whether or not these beings can/will intercede with our human dilemmas has been questionable for me.

Hoping to understand more and looking for a non-invasive way to help my son, I emailed you. My wife and I decided to allow you to intercede in the hope that something positive would come from it, nothing more or less.

You performed a Lightworker Healing Protocol session for the entire family last Monday. By the end of the day, I was feeling different, lighter. By Wednesday, my energy level was raised significantly. My wife also reported similar feelings.  My son, who does not communicate clearly or frequently, told us that he too felt “lighter” and “clearer”. It is now a week later and he seems to be less weighed down somehow, although his anxiety and physical ticks remain the same. He is verbalizing more often and more precisely, but there has been no monumental change in his behavior.

I do not think our lighter feelings were subconsciously triggered by hope; it feels as if the cause was external. It feels as if the spiritual clearing performed a valid and truly wonderful service to my family.

I believe you have helped my son, my family, by removing spiritual ties to negativity and dark entities. I believe that my son’s inner light is brighter than before. We all feel a little better. Time will tell if things continue to improve or if more help is needed. I am impressed by the professionalism with which you communicated and have no regrets about asking you to assist in our situation. I am willing to explore further remote therapy as well as direct therapy with you.  I am grateful for your dedication to helping others and for your unique talents. I recommend you to anyone who has a problem for which there seems no hope. [Name withheld]

Woman Reports Improvements for Her Family

I got the results of our family’s personal clearings and home clearing. I really cannot thank you enough! This is so amazing!

Some of my son’s past life experiences line up with ones I have remembered him in!

My husband is doing great so far in his quest for sobriety and this is going to be so helpful.

You’ve changed our lives in so, so many ways for the better. I would say I’m indebted to you but I can see we have to be careful how we throw those words around! lol.

It is my hope that I can give back to you in some way at some time something of truly equal value. All you have both done really means the world to me and my family. 

Mom Reports Daughter's Progress After Psychiatric Illness

About 2 months ago, you did a remote depossession on our daughter, who was psychiatrically hospitalized and diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. She came home more than a month ago, and she has been getting progressively better. That could be due to a combination of reasons, but one definite cause could be your intervention. 

As of today, she knows what you did, and wants to speak with you and thank you. She was reading Irene Hickman’s book today on spirit possession; in response to my query, she said it was valid and she believed in the phenomenon, and then I decided to go ahead and tell her we had hired you to do the remote spirit releasement.  We would have told her before, but we were scared of what it might to do her.  Well, she is fine with it; she said she believes she was possessed and would love to know more. 

I hope you still remember what you learned…at the time, you told us quite a bit of things (the various entities that tormented her), but not everything, because certain things could only be shared with her. I hope you can tell her, as she is ready to know. 

And, we are ready to do more healing work with you — emotional clearing, I believe it is.  And, maybe you can do something similar for our son. We hope to hear from you…our daughter, in particular, is eager. 

Mother Thrilled Daughter's Relationship Problem Solved

A friend told me about the healing work that you are doing and highly recommended you.  For me, knowing you are a scientist, don’t take anything at face value and are compelled to find information supporting any theory – even before accepting it as a “maybe” – gave me confidence to request help for my daughter.  I was worried because she was stuck in an old relationship and wouldn’t move on. Your remote work gave me encouragement you could help even someone who won’t listen or cooperate.

The following week I received a message that her scan had been completed. The very next day my daughter called me – very excited to relate her big “aha!”  I was thrilled when she told me that three days before she had suddenly realized she was wasting her life wishing something would change with her “ex” and it was time to kick him to the curb and get on with her life!

Then I realized…her aha came to her at the exact time of her clearing!! Within 6 weeks afterward, she met someone who is a perfect match and she is so happy now.  He adores her and treats her how she deserves to be treated.

I’m very grateful for your help. I just wanted my daughter to be happy! 

Father Relieved His Daughter's Emotional Well-Being Improved

Our daughter had been under extreme stress (she was a student at the Illinois Math and Science Academy) until it culminated with thoughts of cutting herself and a week in the teen psychiatric ward in the hospital.  Although she was emotionally better for awhile, recently she was sliding back again and her health was crumbling with unexplained pains.

The morning after the Lightworker Healing Protocol session, her face was noticeably different and it has stayed that way.  She looks younger and happier.  The dull look in her eyes is gone and she has an attentiveness that has only shown up on rare occasions the past couple of years.  She commented right away that her thinking and emotions were different and a bunch of negative thoughts she was used to carrying along with her were gone. 

Relief for Woman Bothered By Strange Voice and Unpleasant Emotions

Before my remote clearing I was experiencing sudden onset of anxiety and self doubt. At night I was hearing a voice clear as day in my bedroom. I was feeling angry and easily frustrated – I just wasn’t being myself.

After I contacted Karl for remote spirit removal I awaited the results.

One Saturday morning I awoke feeling like myself again. All day I kept saying to my husband “I really feel like myself today!” I was patient and kind, anxiety free, joyful, I had slept great with no voices in my room at all and I felt really good.

Come to find out you had completed the spirit releasement and remote healing work the day prior! Whew! What a relief to be back in my own space!!

Being free from attachments and karmically clear is imperative to joyful functioning in the world, I would recommend your spiritual healing services to anyone! 

 A Psychic Attack Is Removed and Parental Karma Healed - Woman Feels Better 

Thank you immensely!

On Wednesday I sensed some unhappiness coming from the direction of the woman who bothered me you said had mounted a psychic attack against me, and then I felt different, better but somehow scattered for a while. I even got frightened with sounds that I heard at my work (there was nobody else besides me at work that night).

Now I feel solid and calm.

My thoughts about my family – mom and dad – have lost that suppressed angry vibration that I used to feel whenever their names would cross my mind. I understood that suppressed anger was feeding negativity in our relationship – like they were getting what they wanted through it.

I would like you to help clear my attacker which would help both her and me.  

Man, Wife and Baby Benefit from Clearing Extraterrestrial Involvement

Thank you much for what you did for me and my wife!

I didn’t realize how “messed up” I was as a result of all these past life events including alien abduction.

The next day after I received acknowledgement that you did the clearings I felt much “lighter,” calmer, and had dramatically less negative self-talk in my mind.  I thank you for all of this.

My 3 cute Persian white cats had “love attacks” the day of my healing session. They seemed to know that something great happened to my wife and I as a result of the clearings.  Even my wife noticed what was going on with them as she works out of the home in her current job.

I haven’t told her I paid for the sessions ’cause she’d get upset at me for not saving and spending this money for our future child that is due next year.

I noticed that she is a little calmer and had more success in her job search the days following the readings.

I have purchased many books and spend a lot of time online reading about alien abductions but never really believed that I was of special interest to an “advanced” race of beings.

Thanks for clearing up all negative influences that were burdening my being.  I would like to do a recheck around the time shortly after  the baby is born…and of course do a spiritual cleansing on our new baby.

Thanks for your help and God Bless you and for doing such great work in helping me and my wife. 

Woman Has Health, Work, and Relationship Benefits

I think of you every single day. You’ve changed my life dramatically. Things are going very well–I’m happy, I feel good, my husband is even behaving, my business is doing okay, life can’t be any better, and I owe it all to you. I haven’t called you for an appointment because there’s nothing to go over, but I know I’m in your prayers. You are in my prayers all the time.

Because of you I have a smile from ear to ear.  I just wanted to let you know that life is good. I’m still enthralled by everything you do. It’s like a miracle, it really is. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My best to you and your family. 

Woman Feels Better After Her Mother's Attached Spirit Is Removed

This is how the spirit releasement and remote healing session has impacted me so far.  I’m not sure what time you did my session, but on that day at 1:50 p.m. something sounded like it hit my house.  I actually thought a small plane had hit the roof.  My dog heard it also.  I checked and all was well. 

I feel the small lost soul you removed, Alice, might have been from a past life abortion.  The larger one named Kathy, was my mother in this life.  Her name was Katherine, but everyone called her Kathy.  She passed 7 years ago.  We were very close and at times I knew she was jealous of me.  She suffered from bipolar disorder and fought a lot with my dad.  I believe he did hit her once as you were shown. 

Since she has passed, I have had nightmares about her.  Once in a dream she was a vampire and it scared me.  I’ve had thoughts that she didn’t cross over and that she was still with me. 

After my dad passed, I took care of her.  She told my sister that she didn’t want to live with me, she wanted to live IN me.  Which I thought was scary.  She was a very strong woman, the type that no one wanted to cross.  I missed her so much after she passed, that I used to talk to her and ask her for help.  It’s no wonder that she didn’t want to leave me and go to the Light.

She hated getting old and was very lonely after my dad passed in 1988.  She was very dependent on me and her friends.  Her friends eventually stopped calling her and I was the only one left.  She was very draining on me.  I used to feel like she would suck the life out of me.  I could never tell her about anything good that would happen for me, and that was for my whole life.  I had to hide my happiness from her, yet I loved her very much.  We had a bond, we felt each other’s pain.  Her mother treated her horribly.  Her father hit her when she would go to hug him. My dad wasn’t loving towards her.  It was because she cheated on him.  He stayed for my sister and me.  I guess that’s why I felt that she could depend on me because she had no one else….ever.  I worried about her all the time.

Everything makes so much sense to me.  My heart felt light, I felt like I could breathe.  I feel like someone just lifted a ton of bricks off my chest.  I ask for protection throughout the day and I feel safe.

Something to add….I seemed to have the same pain as my mother…she had hip and back pain that made it impossible for her to care for herself.  I have the same pain and have told my husband that I feel like I’m her.  My pain is better now and I know now that I will not end up like she did. I was able to do a little grocery shopping today without having to leave the store because of the pain.

It feels a little strange with my mom not around me like she was.  It’s almost like I miss her, but not really if you can understand what I mean.  I didn’t realize how much I changed since she passed.  Today I felt my creativity come back, my energy is still really good and I don’t have the pain like I did.  I guess she was in me.  Have you had experiences where that has happened?  [Yes!]

My husband let me see his report and honestly we both knew before hand that he was in pretty good shape!  He doesn’t have all the “emotional baggage” that I had.  I said to him before you did any of our sessions that I knew his past was much different than mine, or the children. 

Cat Is Less Aggressive

Thank you!  Wow, I have noticed that my new cat is more calmed down!  I did see this yesterday and today.  I love that he is playful, but he has had no boundaries with his aggression towards my other cat.  I’m noticing he still wants to play, but he isn’t trying as hard or often.  Minimal hissing too! 

Man Validates Karmic Spirit Issues

I was particularly interested in the part about having a spirit attachment who was an abusive sister in my past. That probably accounts for my tendency to be much more guarded around women than men. I love my women friends but find it somewhat difficult to trust them.

It also occurs to me that that sister may have been a victim of mine in a previous lifetime I know of. In that life I was a man who was very physically and emotionally abusive to many women. I had a number of lives after that as women who were badly treated so that I had to experience that firsthand. That sister may have been someone who suffered at my hands and could not find healing on a soul level. I’m sure you have seen how we can play out these continuous painful cycles that need resolution. I know that part of my work here is to bring balance to the masculine/feminine energies and to heal those relationships so that we may all work powerfully and lovingly together.

I had noticed earlier today a feeling of lightness and expansion. I look forward to noticing more positive changes. Please feel free to use anything from my session in your book if it serves you.

Blessings on your work. 

Woman Feels Transformed

I just wanted to say thank you for the divine healing session I experienced with you. My life has changed in many direct and positive subtle ways.

After the spiritual cleansing work, I have found myself to be more independent, open for love and joy, and at home in my own skin.

Working with you has transformed my life. I have learned to love myself.

In heartfelt gratitude,  [Name withheld]

Dog Saved from Euthanasia

Ruby appeared out of nowhere in starving condition and was hanging out with the resident dogs at a farm. The farmers did not want her there, put an ad online and having received no responses were ready to bring her to the local shelter where she would most likely be put down.  At this time my cousin Peter, who tends to put his heart in gear before his head, had a friend looking to adopt a dog, found out about her and brought her to his friend.

Many vet bills later, Ruby was in better health but still emaciated.  She had a very affectionate nature but paced the room if not in physical contact with her owner. She also shook uncontrollably at all times and had such extreme separation anxiety, that if left alone for 5 minutes she would go crazy, devour anything loosely classified as edible (including plastic and metal) pull things off counter tops, knock over bins and generally wreck the room. During this time Peter would take her with him for hours on end to prevent her being home alone, and so was becoming very attached to her. When her new owner couldn’t take it any more, Peter rescued her once more.

Unfortunately, Peter has his own problems and is living with his mother while recovering from financial and emotional meltdown. She already had 2 dogs but for the sake of her son’s fragile mental state, she agreed to take Ruby in temporarily.  The calming influence of the other 2 dogs, “rescue remedy”, a special “anxiety coat” and the passage of time were not proving effective and Ruby’s time was running out fast.  To make matters worse, Peter’s Mom was showing the strain of dealing with a neurotic and destructive dog as well as an emotionally fragile son and Peter’s emotional state would be negatively affected by losing Ruby to almost certain demise.

After the remote spirit releasement, Ruby no longer shakes uncontrollably, nor paces continually.  She still steals “food” when the opportunity presents but does not destroy the place otherwise and is a much calmer, though still energetic dog. She is by no means a model dog and still needs a lot of training and attention but has improved sufficiently that I believe she will continue as a tolerated and loved member of this 3 dog family, without adding too much to their already high stress level. I believe your session saved at least one life. 

Woman's Life Improves Along with Her Feelings

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted my own business, but regardless what I learned or how hard I worked I couldn’t seem to move forward.  I felt as though something was behind me grasping my shirt and preventing me from taking the action I knew I should take.

I learned about you and watched one of your presentations.  As I watched and listened I knew this was what I needed, and then and there requested my remote spirit removal and divine healing session.

Even though I wasn’t told when my clearing was scheduled, one day I noticed I suddenly felt lighter and happier.  And that feeling of something behind me pulling me back from moving forward was GONE!

Days later I received a 7-page summary of my session detailing what you did and how it cleared everything. I am now moving forward easily, my business is growing and I feel so much happier and lighter in all areas of my life!! This experience was incredible, and so easy!!!

Many Thanks to you and your divine team for your help!! 

Home Clearing Pays Off

Before you did my home clearing, my daughter would hear music coming from her closet which is the size of a small room.  Her bedroom is over the garage, so there is never music in the garage and there is no basement under that part of our house.  We’ve lived here for fourteen years and she and her best friend used to play dolls in the closet, who by the way also heard the music. They said it sounded like it came from the vent.

Eventually her friend refused to go in that room.  My daughter would also see flashes of light or a dark shadow in the hallway by her room.  Sometimes she would tell me she would get a strange feeling like someone was watching her.  I knew what she meant because I saw the flashes of light too.

One evening I was home alone making dinner when all of a sudden one of our heavy bar stools tipped over.  I asked that whoever it was to please stop. I still had the feeling I was being watched, especially in the evening when I would stay up late to read.  As I would go upstairs, I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

I didn’t know the exact day you were going to do my home clearing, but one day I was home alone and I heard a loud noise like something hit our roof.  My dog also heard the noise and jumped up from a sound sleep. I went outside to check and everything was fine. Then I checked the rest of the house and all was well. I found that you had done my home clearing two days before.

Since then, our home feels energetically calm.  My daughter hasn’t heard the music coming from her closet and when I’m up late, I can feel my heart beating to a soft rhythm, I don’t have that nervous feeling when I go up the stairs.  The air feels clear and the atmosphere is friendly.  You also found some issues with the land, our home has had some legal issues for three years.  I now know everything will be resolved with a positive outcome.  This past summer was the first time in fourteen years that I planted all pink flowers, and that’s exactly what the guides wanted as I was later told.

Thank you  for everything that you do.  I know it can’t be easy for you but I just want you to know that my family and I appreciate what you have done for us.

In joy,  [Name withheld]

Mother and Daughter See a Grandmother's Improvements

I appreciated you leaving me a message Monday afternoon to let me know you would be working on my grandmother. It was very helpful for me to know so I could prepare energetically to help her afterwards. Your session for her was very timely as she had fallen on Sunday and she was hurting some and a little confused.

I decided to read my mom most of the report leaving out some of the darkest details so she could concentrate on the results. I wanted us to review it together as we are each caretakers of my grandmother. We were very genuinely pleased that it was so thorough and so much care was taken on her behalf. I had lots of Divine Tears as I got to the part where you asked for her to be wrapped by the angels in a healing blanket. I could see it so clearly and I felt so happy that she could finally feel peace at this time in her life. My mother was so grateful also that she has already written a check to you for her own session and would like me to send it to you.

Now Mom and I notice a clarity in grandmother’s eyes that we’ve never seen and she seems more confident in her own space and less anxious.  This is huge for her and for us to see and feel her experiencing this.

I truly think of you as my friends. I am in awe of your work and yet humbled by it. I appreciate you helping me and helping my loved ones. Step by step we are becoming more joyful in our lives. This is so wonderful. 

Confidence Restored

March 8, 2021

My name is [withheld], I live in Fergus Falls MN, and this is my testimonial on how the Lightworker Healing Protocol has changed my life.

I began my spiritual awakening about 7 years ago when what I call my “Dark Night of the Soul” began. It was a series of traumatic events that forced me into a period of self-reflection. After my 3 remaining family members passed away in a matter of 2 years, then learning that my narcissistic husband of 15 years was cheating, I was in a very dark place with some serious anger and thoughts of self-harm. I had allowed my soul essence to be slowly drained and felt like an empty shell. During this time, my health was also affected wherein my thyroid gland was literally not functioning. This led to insufficient functioning of my lymphatic system, and a long list of negative physical symptoms such as all of my hair falling out. It was a domino effect of sorts …

It took about 3 years of deep inner reflection to realize my chain of events had happened for a reason and foremost, that I had been an active participant in creating my misery. This acknowledgement brought me empowerment by realizing I needed to take an active role in trying to control what thoughts I allowed in my head. I realized my thoughts directly controlled the outcome of my life, and my lack of boundaries and self worth left me open to a host of negative entities feeding off my energy thus enforcing the negative self thoughts.

I continued to grow spiritually and my strength and confidence slowly began to return however, I continued to struggle with the constant “recording” or “voices” of self-doubt that played in the background of my mind. I am not schizophrenic lol, I simply mean the inner thoughts we all hear daily. I had taught myself to be more aware of my thoughts, but after years of daily positive affirmations, couldn’t understand why they relentlessly continued.

A little over a month ago, I watched Denny’s interview on “Forbidden Knowledge News” with Chris Matthew. Denny shared his testimonial on how the Lightworker Healing Protocol had positively changed his life, and confirmed my feelings about negative entities and spiritual attachments. During the interview I found myself yelling out loud to my computer, “Yes!” and “I knew it!” I contacted Denny the next morning through the website and by the end of that week, emailed him my list of healing requests. Denny informed me he would be doing the prayer requests the next morning. I woke up feeling a little lighter, but I was warned not to expect some huge response so I continued life as usual.

While casually chatting with a coworker Monday afternoon, I shared my opinion and insight about something we had discussed hundreds of times in the past about a particular difficulty in our office, when she stopped me and said, “Who was that who just spoke?” She went on to say how proud of me she was for finally standing up for myself and that she had never heard me speak with so much confidence and conviction. The week continued to go better than my work weeks had ever gone, with my boss for example making the comment, “You handled that call just beautifully!” after I got off the phone with a customer who had called to complain. Mind you, after a year of employment I had never heard her make a comment like that to any of us! It took me until Wednesday to realize all of the “chatter” and negative thoughts I had forever heard in the background were completely GONE! I actually stopped in my tracks while walking into my house after work when the realization hit me, and tears of joy and gratitude flowed.

It’s been a month and a week now since my healing and I have never felt so clear! I used to doubt every thought and inner knowing, saying to myself things like, “Okay, who do you think you are?” or “It’s just your imagination, you are nobody.” Now, all doubts have been erased and it’s given me the confidence to trust my inner instincts and knowing. I seem to wake up each day with gratitude knowing I have a divine purpose and am on the right path. I have a feeling of optimism, and bliss. A feeling that I will experience what I am meant to, at the right time and most importantly, I know I am worth the effort

I have always struggled financially, but the last year in particular, starting the new job has been tremendously difficult. I have been given the gift of being able to purchase my Grandpa’s house, but have hesitated due to my financial strain. Recently, my boss signed us up for some intense online sales training that I had begun to dread. Role-playing using Zoom online, in front of a slew of others felt like some kind of nightmare really! Something changed after the healing however, I seemed to no longer struggle for the right words and always had the perfect rebuttal at the tip of my tongue. In fact, our training coach we were assigned actually singled me out on several occasions stating she can’t believe I am the same person I was 6 months ago. She went on to say my confidence has grown exponentially and said specifically in the past month she had noticed a significant change, mostly in my confidence.

I am being considered for a sales position in my current job with the potential to earn 50% more than my current salary, and have been approached by one of our competitors. He called me to offer me a position and would like to meet to discuss possible salary if I were to accept! What???!!!! I have received compliments from several friends and family members, most who had no idea I had received the healing. My uncle said I carry myself more confidently and my son and his girlfriend commented on my appearance and my clarity. Friends say they can’t put their finger on it and want to know what has changed!

My dream is to “pay it forward” so to speak. I can’t wait to share this gift I have received with people in my life. I can’t wait to watch them benefit as I have.

Thank you Denny, Karl, and Creator for this gift of freedom and clarity! For allowing me to just “be” who I was created to be without restraint, and giving me the opportunity to help and share this gift with others. I am truly blessed.

Woman Feels Unstuck

Thank you so much for your help!

I’ve noticed a significant difference since the session. I feel a lot clearer, like I’m not living under a cloud anymore. You got me unstuck.

I really believe in the work that you do. Thank you.