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3 reviews for Donate to (Donations are NOT tax deductible)

  1. Jaynick8080

    I stumbled across this site and was very enlightened, this is just the beginning for me as I just woke up not too long ago. This is truly the only site that gives my life meaning as I always knew in my heart that I was here for a true cause. Thank you

  2. Gordon (verified owner)

    Karl Mollison, Denny Hunt, and Brian Kelly and their team are uncovering never-before-seen and mind-blowing insights in their investigations with Creator and all of the light beings interviewed. I love the fact that this is all driven by the highest divine levels and geared towards healing and saving humanity AND the dark interlopers at the root of all world and human problems.

    • Karen

      Thank you Gordon,
      We need more people like yourself to join us, working tirelessly in this mission to save humanity. We all know that without the human request, nothing will happen.

  3. Gordon (verified owner)

    This project is one of the best ones on the planet in terms of value for money – including physical, mental, and spiritual health, and even occasional general guidance to everyone about the markets (stock, gold). I am donating today to help in another small way. It will keep coming!

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