Divine Life Support

Live Better. Love Better. Be Healthy.


You have medical insurance in case something happens. Plus renters or home insurance in case of an unforeseen event…

What about healing insurance to prevent things from happening at all, along with continued healing support with ongoing issues?

Introducing the world’s first healing insurance plan

Healing Membership Plan by Get Wisdom

With Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP)
Deep Subconscious Mind Reset (DSMR)

Divine Life Support helps you and your loved ones for one low monthly payment!


Think of it as an insurance plan. You pay insurance in case you get sick, injured, hurt, pass away, etc.


It doesn’t just work to heal your current problems. 

DLS is a unique healing plan straight from divine wisdom and intervention attuned especially for you and your needs on an ongoing basis.

This is a plan that benefits anyone at any age, but the sooner you start, the more will be accomplished to reverse current or incoming problems and bring a less troubled life.


(why healing is a lifelong challenge)

Life, as it unfolds, will bring new problems and challenges at each new stage. This will awaken old unhealed karmic traumas that undermine physical and emotional health and cause new problems.

Without effective healing, these accumulate over time and compound with aging. Some human problems are easy to fix. Others require much time, possibly more than the current lifetime, even with ongoing healing launched by the comprehensive tools we use. This is because people have such a large backlog of unhealed karmic trauma, having lived over 400 lifetimes, on average.

You undoubtedly have had many lifetimes of struggle with lack, disappointments, failures, mistreatment, and ill-health. The Law of Karma sees to it that the consequences of our experiences, good or bad, will circle back around to us in the form of rewards and blessings for our kind acts, and setbacks or other painful consequences for unhealed prior suffering at the hands of others or oneself. That is intended to provide motivation for us to work on things needed for growth and learning. The problem is, because of our ignorance, we experience unexpected challenges and illnesses without knowing why or what to do about it.

The only answer is ongoing divine healing. Repetition is your friend. Doing more sessions adds fuel for the divine realm to do more healing, and more quickly.

The ideal is to start the plan in childhood and continue it lifelong to get maximum benefit, just as with conventional life-sustaining measures. The soul needs care and feeding, just like the body, and will also be nourished through divine help.


included in the healing membership

Monthly Sessions with the Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP)

You will receive one  session each month for a list of issues of your choice.

Divine help can be brought to bear for virtually any problem, whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual. You can change the focus at any time, by updating your list of known high-priority issues, whether they relate to financial distress, personal relationship issues, marital problems, career obstacles, emotional or physical health, and so on. 

The LHP can potentially help any issue, but truly shines as a prophylactic tool to prevent bad things from happening, especially when many sessions are done, to chip away at the backlog of unmet need from many lifetimes of difficulty, hardship, heartache, and disappointment. Healing can not only begin to work on past events that are causing visible signs of trouble, but also what is looming in your future and begin to heal it now, before symptoms start.

Monthly Sessions of Deep Subconscious Mind Reset (DSMR)

This removes the energy of negative karma from specific experiences in your current life, as well as other lifetimes. It will restore and strengthen your soul’s ability to be a fuller, more empowered person—things like confidence, courage, trust, dedication, honesty, kindness, etc.

Ongoing healing can help your deep subconscious address not only the issues that are rumbling and producing symptoms of concern, but things that might be on the horizon in the future, so you can start to work on heading them off before something breaks. The great benefit of DSMR work is its speed in getting to the heart of things to remove inner roadblocks and speed bumps in the way of divine intervention. The DSMR process can remove many inner barriers to healing by changing self-limiting negative beliefs. Doing DSMR sessions greatly speeds progress so you can feel  improvements. It is a perfect complement to using the LHP. 

One dual session a month with the LHP and DSMR the most powerful and effective healing tools there are.

Access to Channeled Wisdom

We are always continuing to research the human dilemma, its causes and solutions. We update our protocols as new insights are learned from the divine, and the members will benefit on an ongoing basis from this current, state-of-the-art expertise.

We have a Divine Wisdom Database of over 7,000 questions and answers from Creator about all kinds of knowledge and issues you can access, and submit questions of general interest for consideration.

We host monthly webinars  about  wide-ranging topics of importance to provide Creator’s insights and understanding to advance learning and growth. Members can watch live and submit questions.

We have an archive of over 200 channeling interviews with beings in the light who have passed on, but have important things to tell us about their lives and the meaning for today’s world. Members can access videos or podcasts, as they prefer, as well as printed transcriptions not available to the general public except for a fee. Members gain access to any new additions 30 days prior to them being available to the public.

Members can access podcasts of 120 radio shows and a newer series of livestream shows where Creator answers penetrating questions about a wide range of topics.



Regular sessions alternating between LHP and DSMR increase members’ lifespan. What would the longevity benefit be if we do regular sessions of both protocols?

This will be a further incremental increase to at least 90% of recipients who will have a year or longer in their lifespan. But it is also of tremendous value that there will be many, many benefits along the way to enhance the quality of that life, the level of happiness, the level of success, and the karmic healing that will stand for all of time in a lessening of burdens as well as the positive karmic contributions adding to your pedigree that will stand for all of time from being a better person, a better citizen, and a better divine extension. Because the more healing that is applied, the greater will be the return to divine alignment, and sooner, so there will be many blessings that will vary among individuals. Because all of your karmic histories differ, your soul makeup and expressions are varied, so longevity is only one of many blessings that will be gained from a lifetime subscription of receiving divine intervention in this way.

What percentage of the members who would otherwise develop Alzheimer’s would never develop dementia, while receiving regular sessions with both the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset on a lifelong basis?

We can tell you that the figure would be 90% or better for those starting the program at a young age, but this will necessarily be reduced as a person matures and begins to approach their elder years where the odds increase of an onset of dementia because it may be too late to intervene. Even with frequent healing work being performed on a regular basis, it will be a kind of footrace between whether karma will out or the LHP intervene in time to block the appearance of symptoms through protecting the individual from this severe consequence of prior karmic trauma. So with the existing population of all ages, and there being a somewhat greater predominance of older individuals seeking spiritual help at this point in time in the culture, and finding their way to you and being motivated to help themselves, through having somewhat greater wisdom than the young, we think we could still rescue 60%, starting now, of those currently alive in the population regardless of age.

What percentage of the members who would otherwise develop serious heart conditions would never be so diagnosed, while receiving regular sessions with both the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset on a lifelong basis?

Again, if you start in childhood so there is time for the healing to be more thorough, so as to have a prophylactic benefit, more than 90% of heart problems could be prevented entirely from this subscription plan. Within the current population, this would represent about a 50% success rate given the race against time underway for some being vulnerable and having a huge karmic backlog of unmet healing need. 

What percentage of the members who would otherwise develop cancer would never be so diagnosed, while receiving regular sessions with both the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset on a lifelong basis?

Again, we would say more than 90% if healing is worked on from childhood but, with the current population as is, still there would be a 60% reduction in the risk of cancer overall.

What percentage of the members who would otherwise develop debilitating health problems limiting mobility would be spared this, while receiving regular sessions with both the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset on a lifelong basis?

Here the prospects are that more than 90% would avoid such maladies if the healing work is started in childhood but, from the current point in time for the existing population, the benefits would be at least 75% being spared, if not completely, dramatically enough to be fully functional. Many, as they age, experience occasional twinges and may have one or more sore spots they need to favor a bit when these are not sufficiently severe to really hinder activities significantly, and therefore can be lived with and accommodated without a great liability. There will always be attention along the way between the need for the Law of Karma to bring things forward to be reckoned with, so one of the issues here is because painful symptoms are a quite frequent occurrence with many sorts of medical problems, they are also a convenient and ready readout for negative karma to be discharged. Many times that discharge can be done and then followed by a resolution of the symptoms after a period of time. While unpleasant, it is quite a different matter than developing a potentially fatal illness like cancer because, once underway, that can have a life of its own because of the cellular alterations that will perpetuate it and the likelihood it will worsen on its own. So we cannot guarantee people will reach a state of healthy wellbeing and never have a sign or symptom of discord. The key is to not have something serious and untreatable and irreversible develop but rather transient symptoms that might come and go but not take hold and become severe and lifelong from that point forward.

What percentage of the members who would otherwise develop chronic painful health problems would be spared this, while receiving regular sessions with both the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset on a lifelong basis?

Again, we think the percentages are more than 90% with healing done from childhood on and 75% who will not have chronic painful conditions but rather infrequent, but temporary, aches and pains that will not become serious and life-limiting, with respect to range of motion and restriction of physical activities, in a significant way.

What percentage of the members who would otherwise struggle financially would instead experience financial security, while receiving regular sessions with both the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset on a lifelong basis?

Here we would say that the odds go up for lifelong healing to at least 80% and for those in the current population a 50% success rate. This is less than what we are claiming for being free of physical maladies and that is because control of one’s body is a personal matter, much more so than life circumstances that will govern financial success. There are many, many factors and huge karmic influences that govern how one succeeds or fails in life to become financially secure. In addition, there are huge cultural influences that will be a drag on productivity and happiness for much of the population other than the truly wealthy who are sheltered from that adversity. So much of what happens to people financially is outside their direct control in many respects. There is still a need for personal wellbeing and freedom from inner discord to make wise choices, develop good strategies, and have the wherewithal to compete with others for employment opportunities, and doing some exploration of the landscape to make the best of one’s talents in deploying them in the marketplace as the best kind of win-win so one is doing work one is suited for, and ideally enjoys doing, and that usually sets a person up to make the best of things financially because their talent will have value and, when recognized by an employer, will provide a safe haven and a path to success for the individual as well as the organization they are a part of.

What percentage of the members who would otherwise have chronic loneliness and impaired relationships would be significantly happier while receiving regular sessions with both the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset on a lifelong basis?

Again, we would say more than 90% of lifelong members would end up with happy circumstances in being with others who are compatible and a source of enjoyment and comfort, in having friends and loved ones and a stable inner circle, but for others only 50% would be a significant achievement from starting now, with the general population, were all to begin the program at this point. Here again, there are many, many factors beyond the individual involved. The divine can help to arrange friendships and love relationships but there needs to be a willingness on the part of the other party to be guided and respond accordingly in bringing people together. This is a normal function of the divine realm but it is greatly enhanced when inner roadblocks are taken out of the picture. So, in a sense, compared to making and keeping a body healthy, when you are talking about life partners and meaningful friendships, and so on, more than one person is involved in the equation so this creates more uncertainty about the potential for success. Even if a client is healed sufficiently to be a good, reliable, and steadfast partner in a relationship, they might marry a less desirable counterpart and then be dragged down by someone not as fully healed, and prepared for optimal functioning, so it is less certain that things will go smoothly with no ups and downs from encountering people who prove to be a disappointment or even harmful along the way in life.