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Purpose and Importance of DSMR

The Lightworker Healing Protocol is the premier tool for karmic repair. But doing Deep Subconscious Mind Reset in parallel is a perfect complement to hasten the benefits, by removing serious inner roadblocks due to faulty inner beliefs that are self-destructive. There are countless possible negative beliefs about the divine (God ignores our world, God is not real, God forgot about me, God wants me to suffer, etc.) and most people have a number of them, even the non-believers! Negative beliefs about the self are boundless (I am powerless, I can’t be helped, nothing I try ever works, I can’t be healed, I am a failure, I am unlovable, etc.). In addition, people may lack the wherewithal to stand strong, take the initiative, and otherwise express the qualities and abilities they need to be successful in life. The Creator must honor our free will choices to think small because of the rules of engagement, even when misguided. It is not so much that we lack power, but we all too often surrender it and diminish ourselves. This slows down any needed divine intervention by creating more work for the divine realm to do before notable progress can be made.

These inner defects mostly arise from the slings and arrows of unhappy lifetimes. DSMR helps resolve past trauma that people will otherwise hold onto, re-experiencing the negative impact over and over as a karmic debt. DSMR then works to identify and instill a positive replacement for the negative, self-limiting beliefs those episodes caused, which otherwise hold people back and almost guarantee a long struggle without such a replacement. Beliefs define who you are, and if they are too negative, will impose barriers that keep you in a kind of prison by making it impossible to change for the better. And finally, DSMR helps strengthen or restore critical soul attributes that are essential for you to do and be your best—knowing what it feels like and how, to have courage, self-confidence, trust in other people, belief in the divine, to love and be loved, etc., whatever is most needed to restore a healthy balance in your make-up.

How DSMR Addresses Important Unmet Needs

DSMR is unique, and while complementary, is separate from what conventional psychology and medicine do to help people. To better understand this necessitates introducing some novel concepts. Mainstream science has known for a long time that a part of the mind works independently of conscious thought. This “subconscious” mind is usually called the “unconscious” by medicine and psychology and has been little studied as it is presumed to be of minor importance therapeutically. This is quite misguided thinking. Use of the term “unconscious” is actually a misnomer, as it assumes that apart from conscious awareness, whatever else the brain is doing is more a kind of chemical and electrical reflex adjusting the workings of the body, and does not really involve thinking that is akin to what we experience as consciousness. In fact, many scientists still debate the importance and meaning even of conscious awareness.

One of the important revelations from our research, aided by the ability to get divine perspectives via channeling Creator about the actual workings of the mind, is that the mind has multiple levels of consciousness, each with critical roles and impact on our wellbeing. In probing the workings of consciousness, we discovered there is a Deep Subconscious, still unknown to science, in addition to the conscious level we experience as our thoughts, and the upper subconscious that is reachable via hypnosis, for example, and experienced by people in moments of reverie, daydreaming, deep meditation, and the dream state. It is the upper subconscious that stores and retrieves ordinary memories, floating them up to conscious awareness. It does much more than that, as science has proven that our thoughts are created before we are aware of them consciously! That is a clue about our state of ignorance when it comes to consciousness and its important complex role in things.

Still, some scientists contend that conscious awareness is more an artifact than being central to our existence, basically, as an animal. But then, science does not recognize the existence of a divine plan for us either. We were created to be thinkers with a great awareness of things beyond our own thoughts, intuitively. We also have a higher self that resides in the divine realm. We are unable to communicate with our higher self through our conscious awareness, even though it is another functional level of our being. That disconnect was imposed on us by interlopers and has left us with the significant handicap of diminished intuition, dimming our intuitive awareness of, and ability to even believe in, the divine.

Finally, there is also a phenomenon called cellular consciousness, reflecting the reality that the body has a mind of its own. While more primitive than our conscious mind, cellular consciousness also has awareness, and an ability to store and retrieve information. Examples of this are habits, working knowledge for many routine activities done over and over, including the muscle memory for physical things, like playing tennis or a musical instrument. When people are plagued by bad habits, needless worry, persistent repetitive thoughts, obsessive fears, or even delusional thinking, these are produced by cellular consciousness of the brain. DSMR provides a way to reset this part of the mind to a healthier mode of thinking. This can also be the answer for many persistent symptoms of chronic physical illness, in any part of the body, because they can be perpetuated as a habit by localized cellular consciousness within the tissues and organs.

Role and Problems of the Deep Subconscious

There are three important things to know about the Deep Subconscious.

Disconnected from Your Conscious Awareness

Firstly, your Deep Subconscious is unreachable by conscious awareness, even using deep trance hypnotherapy. This is another defect caused by interlopers through genetic modification of early humans. The Deep Subconscious is aware of the conscious level of the mind but cannot talk to it, or make its existence known, except indirectly, as it can affect the physical body and generate emotions, and does so routinely. In fact, this is the most common mechanism causing chronic anxiety, depression, and many other emotional problems, and why they can be hard to overcome. For example, the existence of persistent anxiety in people, many times in the absence of a visible justification, is the main reason it has come to be seen, inaccurately, as simply a chemical imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain and not a psychological problem at all. Lacking proper tools, science has been looking at the wrong things, the physical level of cells and tissues, while ignoring the complex role of consciousness.

Intuitive and Knows Your Deep Past

Secondly, the Deep Subconscious, unlike other levels of the mind, has a profound intuitive reach it experiences continually, but entirely on its own, and about which we are oblivious. Psychic abilities people are aware of are a product of their upper subconscious, are quite subtle, and often variable in their clarity. The Deep Subconscious can readily explore repositories of consciousness, and most importantly, the akashic records, which hold a recording of everything that happens, who participated, and what energies they launched, whether positive or negative in their effects. This includes not only all of your current life up to the present moment, but all parallel lifetimes you are involved in, past, present, and future. It is this record of achievements, as well as failures, that serves as a springboard for the Law of Karma, also known as the Law of Cause and Effect, to bring back around to us a series of karmic debts we are responsible for. This revisiting of a similar kind of circumstance and energy, challenges us and provides an opportunity to heal our hurts, and those done to others, by rebalancing things through healing. Unfortunately, we are rarely taught about this fundamental dynamic of the Universe, and clueless about our problems, why they happen, or how to fix them.

Whenever you are under stress, your Deep Subconscious goes looking for what similar things may have happened to you. This unearths many, many troubling memories of past life hurts, disappointments, and dangers. It fears the worst, in being designed to protect you, and may well create an inner state of torment. DSMR provides a way to provide an energetic self-healing to drain away the stored emotional negativity from the past, at long last, and allow a healthy rebalancing. That can actually prevent historical problems from reoccurring, and causing a similar dilemma in the current life. Problems like failed marriages, physical illnesses, accidents, struggling financially, or even dying young.

The Largest Part of the Mind

Thirdly, it turns out that the old scientific perspective that we only use a fraction of our brain is really missing the elephant in the room. This is because the brain itself is not needed for much of what is done by the various levels of the mind. Science knows now, from elegant probing, that all of the brain has things to do, at least some of the time, but we have an incomplete picture, still, about the inner workings. Of course, all of that can only be assessed by looking at physical parameters, things like electrical activity, blood flow, chemical signaling, gene expression changes, and so on. Those are all just consequences of consciousness and its influence on the body. After all, consciousness is not even produced by the brain, only experienced by the brain, in the same way a television can only display the programming beamed to it, and has no content of its own to offer.

The Deep Subconscious lacks refined analytical reasoning skills but has tremendous information processing, sorting, and storage ability. Unlike the conscious mind, it can multi-task and juggle many, many inputs at once. Its intuitive ability allows it to grasp the meaning and basic understanding of things quickly. All of that serves us, largely on the physical level, in helping to run the body, along with cellular consciousness. This is why we don’t have to think about digestion, breathing, our heart rate, what other organs are doing. But despite the powerful reach and value of the deep subconscious, the abnormality making it unable to talk to or be recognized by our conscious awareness keeps us handicapped in another important way. Its great power means that when the Deep Subconscious starts worrying about all that past trauma it sees intuitively, without understanding it’s a past that is over and done with, this will create huge inner conflict that is harmful, and the chief cause of many, many problems that can make us suffer endlessly.

Helping the Deep Subconscious Provides a Healing Breakthrough

Being cut off from above and below, keeps our conscious self dimmed down and dumbed down. In our work, we routinely see people who have a life struggle with a career, relationships, or health, for example, which parallels similar prior dilemmas in other lifetimes. Many psychics, who can see the akashic records intuitively, can tell you about your past lives and their struggles. But that’s just information. They rarely offer an effective way to heal it, and those old wounds will cause trouble sooner or later because it is your responsibility to fix it. The Deep Subconscious knows where all the prior skeletons are buried, and its constant review of past tragedies keeps an endless stream of things to worry about on the radar, so to speak. It can’t warn your conscious awareness, so it triggers emotions, causing great stress that undermines wellbeing, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Moreover, in addition to emotional problems, such karmic debts can actually cause former illnesses to re-occur, or even new kinds of health problems. In fact, 94% of physical illness is caused by karma, from the pain and suffering of past trauma. The point of this is not to punish, but provide an incentive to meet our karmic obligations to rebalance things we took part in.

People are damaged by life, and are designed to never forget an insult or injury. This can weaken and corrupt the being. When people come to believe in their faults and infirmities, this gets in the way of divine healing as people have a free will choice to suffer, which the divine realm must honor under the rules of engagement. Deep Subconscious Mind Reset provides a work-around to remove inner barriers and prevent old karmic negativity from piling on to worsen things. It not only can bring emotional relief, but can replace corrupted inner beliefs that work against you, and even improve personality flaws that make you vulnerable and limit expressing who you truly are more fully. The power of DSMR is not just because of the process itself, but because it works uniquely, to help all levels of the mind: conscious, subconscious, deep subconscious and even cellular consciousness.

With Creator’s help, the critical underpinnings of problems on your personal wish list best dealt with using DSMR, will be prioritized and worked on. The key thing to know is that the portion of your problem that gets worked on in a session will get healed, deeply and totally, by even changing the energetic signature of the original trauma episode within the akashic records to make that historical event neutral—energetically, karmically, and emotionally. That’s deep healing!

We have used channeling of the deep subconscious for years, to dialog directly with the Deep Subconscious of clients to help resolve trauma, identify corrupted inner beliefs and wherewithal, and request Creator to do replacements. Multiple trauma scenes underlying an issue can be reset and/or multiple issues worked on in each session. Innovating a more Creator-directed process now allows launching sessions to reach many more clients at a time. However it is done, it is an incremental process for change, given the huge karmic backlog of negative karma we face; hence, the value of an affordable ongoing subscription plan for regular sessions, ideally over the lifetime, to deal with both old and new issues in a timely way. This can be frustrating, because it is a characteristic of divine healing that the symptoms are the last thing to change, even though progress is being made behind the scenes. 

However, when there is ongoing suffering and urgent help is needed, you can purchase extra sessions done with Deep Subconscious Channeling through our website, and that will further accelerate the pace of improvement. You can even have sessions that record a direct dialog with your deep subconscious while working to heal a problem, and hear it, via channeling, describe the watershed trauma events as well as the negative beliefs they produced. You can then follow the steps as they are implemented by the facilitator, to have things repaired and reset by Creator.

For important questions, or urgent needs and concerns, you can reach out to us via email on our contact page to explain what is going on and ask for guidance:

Using the Lightworker Healing Protocol and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset in combination will speed personal growth and healing in ways never before possible. One of their many benefits is preventive care, to head off future problems the divine can see coming in your future, before they take place and become harder to undo. Creator has told us that this is the way forward, to save and heal humanity and its many problems. You are living at the most important turning point in history. By helping yourself, you are helping the entire human family, and countless beings beyond.

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