Why should you get a Lightworker Healing Protocol Practitioner’s Certificate?

It shows to your clients that you have reached a level of proficiency with the Protocol and have studied the material. If you have already purchased the on-line Lightworker Healing Protocol course, then you have also already paid for the Certificate. Unlike many other healing modalities where the Certificate is an extra cost, we at Get Wisdom think you should be able to promote your new skill without additional cost. You are doing the important work and study to obtain the Certificate and so we can do our part without charging you more money. The requirements for obtaining the Certificate is to document several of your sessions, pass a multiple choice exam with an 80% minimum correct answer score and sign our Practitioner Certificate Agreement. You have 90 days from the date of your application to complete the requirements and then, once we are in receipt of everything in good order you will be mailed your Certificate and entered into our database of Certified Practitioners. Down the road – the plan at Get Wisdom is to include our Certified Practitioners in a referral program where orders for LHP sessions can be filled by those Certified Practitioners who are in our database. It is truly a win/win.

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