Tracy Twyman Channeled by Karl Mollison 28June2020

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Tracy Twyman Channeled by Karl Mollison 28June2020

Tracy R. Twyman was an American non-fiction author, born on August 28, 1978 in Kansas City, Missouri.

She wrote about esoteric history. Her most well-known books include Clock Shavings, The Merovingian Mythos, Solomon’s Treasure, and Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge.

Her latest is Baphomet: The Temple Mystery Unveiled, co-written with Alexander Rivera of The Before writing books, she made a name for herself as the Editor and Publisher of a highly unique magazine entitled Dagobert’s Revenge, which was published from 1996 to 2003.

She was in contact with Isaac Kappy shortly before his death. Kappy, the “Thor” actor who choked Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, and accused Steven Spielberg of abuse. Kappy’s death was confirmed in a statement from the Arizona Department of Public Safety on May 14.

The ADPS said that troopers were called to milepost 185 at Transwestern Road at 7:26 a.m. after hearing reports that a man had jumped from a bridge over the interstate in Bellemont, Arizona, and had been hit by a car.

Kappy killed himself on May 13. He was 42 years old.

Tracy appeared on several radio shows, television shows, and film documentaries. Most notably, she has been interviewed on National Geographic’s “Is It Real: Da Vinci’s Code” (2006), “Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory” (2012), and the documentary film Bloodline (2008).

She appeared repeatedly on Coast to Coast AM, and Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis (which she was the Executive Producer of for a period of time from 2014-2015), as well as many other programs. She was also a frequent guest on Higher Side Chats with Craig Carlwood.

Before her death she was harassed and threatened and, after visiting the FBI to report her recent findings regarding child trafficking and related YouTube videos, her computer was hacked and the harassment intensified.  The FBI was dismissive and uncooperative regarding her reports.

The owner of YT channel Crypto Beast posted the following-

“Researcher Tracy Twyman sent me this video

on May 24, 2019. She asked me not to share it publicly at the time because she was in fear for her life. She had been in communication with Isaac Kappy about threats she had received related to a campground near Williams, Arizona. Kappy died very close to the campground.

Today I learned that Tracy passed away at the age of 41, after quitting social media and YouTube.

I do not know the circumstances of her death, but if someone says “I’m afraid for my life” and then suddenly dies, this warrants further investigation. The timing of this as Jeffrey Epstein is arrested is highly suspicious.

I note the mysterious disappearance of Robert the Deplorable, and also the sudden death of #Pizzagate researcher Jenny Moore in August 2018.

On July 10 2019 Tracy was found hanged in her garage.

As a researcher, Tracy focused on many dark and secret practices. It is possible that et research was the dangerous activity she engaged in, unknowingly?