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GetWisdom LIVE – Creator Discusses the Five Selves of Every Human 09Sep2022

  • Can the light-self attached to every human be called “the God within?”
  • Does the Higher Self hear the Middle Self’s prayers, or does the Lower Self or subconscious have to transmit them telepathically?
  • Does the Lower Self or subconscious have to send life force energy to the Higher Self?
  • Can the subconscious mind launch prayers of its own?
  • Can prayer effectiveness be compromised if there is discord between the different layers of the self?
  • Can breathing techniques enhance the power of prayer?
  • Do our own evil inclinations and vulnerabilities attract evil spirits sympathetically?
  • Does the Higher Self use life force energy supplied by the subconscious during sleep?
  • What is the Kahuna perspective of Christ’s crucifixion?
  • Are Empowered Prayer and the Lightworker Healing Protocol the best means for healing the relationships among our five selves?

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