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GetWisdom Radio Show – Creator Speaks! – 08FEB2019

Through the blessing of being able to communicate with the Almighty directly, Get Wisdom is here with a divine update for today’s world from the Creator of All That Is. We will explain how this breakthrough came about, and begin addressing the many misconceptions about the divine realm and its expectations. The new divine wisdom makes clearer than ever before who the Creator is, what Creator thinks of us, and describes the relationship Creator wants to have. Creator will explain why human spiritual knowledge remains stuck in the past and is moving now to change this for the better. The problem of evil has created growing numbers of disbelievers. Creator will explain clearly why evil exists and the importance of human responsibility to make the world better. Humanity is at an important crossroads. Creator has given us three powerful ways we can change the world. Don’t miss these powerful, life-changing, revelations!

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