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A practitioner writes: “I think one of the things that helps make a prayer effective is that there’s a distinction between the idea of faith versus assumption of result. If you put air in a tire the assumption-of-result is it will fill up with air. If it doesn’t fill up with air then the natural thing would be to check for leaks then fill it up again, and the assumption is that if you do that enough it will definitely work at some point. When I looked back in the sky, I was not wondering about the idea of strength of faith but just checking as a matter of practicality if I need to repeat the prayer. I wonder if, because time is nonlinear, the success of the original prayer is determined, at least in part, by the mindset when the person looks at the result. If the mindset is about the idea of testing to see if the prayer caused the divine to act, then it is less effective since that is tied to the idea of the requester trying to train the divine which is backwards. On the other hand, if the mindset is checking to see if the requester needs to fill in gaps or add more of their own contribution, then the original prayer is more effective. In that case, the requester is checking their own performance and not on the divine’s performance. This gives the green light to go back in time and make the prayer work instantly, or perhaps shift timelines, or however it works.” Is this an accurate analysis? What is Creator’s perspective?
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