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A student asks, “Will the following prayer be effective, especially for protecting the unborn: ‘Source Creator, please, for the highest and best good of all concerned, protect each and every soul incarnating into a human body from any and all outside listening, interference and/or manipulation of any kind intended to harm humanity in any way. Keep them safe at all times during conception, their entire gestation in the womb, their birth, and their entire life as incarnated humans, and during their transition, ensuring them a safe return to the light. Likewise, protect all human females of child-bearing capacity, at all times, throughout their lives and throughout all of their child-bearing years, against implantation of ET hybrid fetuses and/or non-soul-based fetuses and/or any artificially implanted fetuses done with the intention of harming humanity, and during their transition to ensure a safe return to the light. Furthermore, remove from the womb any such implanted fetuses done with the intention to harm humanity, and return their souls to the light, if applicable. Apply these requests: Repeatedly, as frequently as is feasible, in perpetuity, until the Divine Human Experiment is successful; across all time domains, past, present, future, and all future extensions, in all possible universes, dimensions and realities. Bring ultimate divine protection, support, guidance and healing to all parties involved regarding these issues.’ How could the effectiveness of my intention be improved?”
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What can we tell people about the importance of prayer in their lives?
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