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What is the grey orb in photos from the security camera of my client?
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A practitioner asks: “As I have mentioned before, I struggle a bit with the clinical sort of tone of the answers. This is not meant as a criticism of you, but very often the Divine gives you compliments about your curiosity and being on track with your intuition, and so on, so how can others like me get some encouragement and validation from Creator? It always feels kind of weird when they say “your client” in the answers, and there’s no reference to being a beloved child, no encouragement that this is a good question and they are pleased with how we are doing or anything like that. It’s rare anyway. So if God is a God of love, then why don’t we hear it more in these channeled answers? I suppose this is kind of a philosophical point about what is valid love communication. Some people believe that in a loving relationship, you should be telling each other “I love you” frequently. On the other hand, what really counts is how they act and what they do to help each other and to demonstrate that love. Is it like that? You have also mentioned that the channelings come across in that way because that’s how you are, as a scientist, but it does seem there might be a double standard or playing of favorites going on. Anyway, I feel confused and let down about this, so if it’s important to me it might be helpful to others to hear Creator’s answer about it, too. It’s probably something a little bit off with my depth of character to have that need, I realize.” What can we tell him?
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