The Lightworker Healing Protocol Teacher’s Certificate

This not a new concept, but a new venture for the Get Wisdom project and one that puts you in the front lines of saving humanity. This is a program where you will have direct contact with the Get Wisdom team and you will be mentored and trained by Karl Mollison. Obtaining the Teacher’s Certificate involves a course of study that will enable you to do in-person trainings all over the world and we are especially interested in helping those Certified Practitioners with second language skills who are interested to do so. We will also train and assist our Certified Teachers to conduct webinar classes so you can teach from the comfort and security of your own home and reach many people all over the world. Even if teaching is not your main goal, the extra credential of possessing a Teacher Certificate will set you apart as having a greater knowledge and proficiency, and will help you attract more clients. This is an outstanding opportunity and one that will be well suited for the self-starters and those who are very committed to their mission and the Get Wisdom mission. There is a cost of $450 for this Certification due to the time investment involved and a Practitioner’s Certificate is a pre-requisite. Are you the next Lightworker Healing Protocol Certified Teacher?

Prerequisites and Requirements:

1) Practitioner Certification – 3 months good standing from date of issue to Teacher Certification application date.
2) Application no sooner than 6 months since purchase of LHP Course.
3) At least 50 documented  LHP Sessions (written record of client ID, date of session, and notes).
4) One on one training with Karl Mollison via Skype, in person, or similar.
5) Complete multiple choice Teacher’s quiz with 80% correct passing grade.

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