Lightworker Healing Protocol & Deep Subconscious Mind Reset Online Training Course

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The advanced Lightworker Healing Protocol & Deep Subconscious Mind Reset we have used to help people around the world have been optimized and streamlined for universal use by anyone wanting to heal others. The process is divinely guided and supported by working directly with Source Creator to follow detailed, comprehensive Protocols that literally cover all the bases, every source of negativity that can impair a person physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.

These Protocols request the many procedures used by the divine realm for healing and restoration, working across time domains to literally undo the past influences causing current discord in the body.

These Protocols are designed to include you as a recipient of healing alongside your clients. You not only generate good karma by bringing the blessing of healing to others, you will be working on your own well-being with no extra effort.


2 reviews for Lightworker Healing Protocol & Deep Subconscious Mind Reset Online Training Course

  1. Fritha (verified owner)

    It’s difficult to know where to begin when attempting to review the LHP and the impact it has had on my life. Fortunately I decided to document my journey as a student and then practitioner of the LHP by a series of vlogs that I posted on facebook to begin with but can now (due to the interest in generated) be found on youtube. If anyone is interested they can go to my youtube channel ”The LHP train” and check out my videos (LHP must be in capital letters). The healing that was initiated by my very first session has resulted in me finally resolving the lifetimes long issue I have had with alcohol addiction, along with all sort of other issues I had like subconscious negative self-talk and the like, which has renewed my joy at being alive in this (unfortunately) difficult reality. I have really never been happier than I am now. It is no exaggeration to say that the LHP saved my life. Had I not come across it, I would have stayed on my old path which was a destructive one that would not have allowed me to find my purpose in life, why I came here, which I discovered while learning the LHP. I cannot say enough good things about it but the only way to know if this works, is to try it yourself. Be brave, take that step into the unknown, you will not be sorry. I wish everyone who reads this luck and love on their journey in life, where ever it may lead them. with love and respect from the Netherland, Fritha de Swardt.

  2. laura_trewin (verified owner)

    The Lightworker Healing Protocol is the most effective healing modality I have ever come across! My search is over and so is yours!

    I am an Akashic Records Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Massage Practitioner, with training in Zpoint, Breathwave, and Ancestral clearing. I have found that my clients and myself did receive healing from these other modalities, but not at the same level. There are many amazing healing modalities out there for specific issues, but none that cover all the underlying issues like LHP does.

    I would recommend everyone take the LHP course, or get a session done!

    Not only have I done many sessions on myself but I have also done sessions for my regular clients that I have massaged for years, and all of my clients have noticed a huge difference in the way they feel. We all feel more clear in our minds, more at Peace and calm with life, more energetic and productive, and the physical pain leaves our bodies quickly when we overdo it. We are all so grateful for The Lightworker Healing Protocol!

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