Divine Life Support—How the Process Works

Divine Life Support—How the Process Works

How DLS Membership Works

The Purpose and Functions

When you subscribe, you will be sent start-up instructions in how to make a wish-list of needs for you and the people you care most about. This you will keep in your possession and see it is up-to-date if new concerns arise.

We will do a session each month, with two differing protocols: the Lightworker Healing Protocol, and Deep Subconscious Mind Reset (described below). We act as your advocate to request Divine assistance. The Almighty will refer to your wish-list to prioritize your needs, and will launch a series of healing maneuvers as requested by the many steps of our protocols, which cover all potential sources of negativity and are based on an understanding of how the Divine Realm heals.

This arrangement ensures your total privacy, and keeps Get Wisdom at arm’s-length, so we cannot be held responsible for managing your personal affairs, health, finances, etc. Support for the things on your wish-list will come from the Divine Realm, directly, whenever changes can be made. We cannot guarantee any particular outcome or its timing.

The purpose and functions of the two protocols we use are described in the following two questions and answers channeled from the Creator of All That Is:

For future visitors to the Get Wisdom website, can you give an overview of what the Lightworker Healing Protocol is designed to do, to bring about successful divine assistance, which sets it apart from simple prayer and other healing modalities?

The advent of the LHP is a genuine breakthrough, to provide a way that humans can request a meaningful and quite powerful divine intervention capable even of reversing a societal and cultural trend from becoming an inevitability, even something on a mammoth scale that even transcends World War III, because you are facing an actual worldwide annihilation of your species at the hands of the Dark Extraterrestrial Alliance. The reality of existence, as anyone can attest, reaching the age of maturity at least, is quite challenging. It is not only difficult but disheartening many times because of the irregular nature, the ups and downs of life, the many sources of disappointment, failure, negative experiences, and inner torment as well, with so many people torturing themselves with self-doubt and blame, not to mention all the bullying, dislike, and attempts to sabotage one another that are also common in the workplace, in the classroom, and so on, even fights among neighbors. This is all because people are being undermined by the darkness. There needs to be a divine hand in everything, to give people the wherewithal to make their lives better. You cannot do it on your own when you are up against a wave of evil of great magnitude.

The rise of evil has only strengthened through the years, and that is because the advances in technology you enjoy for rapid instant communication worldwide provide a perfect way for interlopers to get to you with programming of your deep subconscious mind. All of the slings and arrows of life through history and your many, many, lifetimes, has caused wounding after wounding because most have been lives of partial success at best, given the pain of suffering from all sources of difficulty, troubled relationships, failed marriages, loss of careers, failed businesses, on and on it goes. That karmic history will haunt you forever until it is healed. The universe is set up that way. So this is not just theory, it is the everyday energetic reality you are faced with, but do not know it, because the influences of negative karma strike at you from within without conscious awareness, other than something feels wrong within the body. This can bring about all kinds of maladies as well as emotional distress. This is the reason for 94% of physical illness, it is karmic trauma reawakened. Most of the mental anguish causing chronic anxiety and depression are karmic consequences as well to some degree, and even more greatly, produced from attacks by dark spirits working to undermine you, again, without conscious awareness, but in ways that disturb deeper levels of your mind and affect the body directly with stress. None of these problems can truly be served by medicine or psychiatry, because the origins run deeper than such treatment modalities can reach. The Lightworker Healing Protocol is designed to address these things. In fact, it addresses a comprehensive list of sources of negativity of all kinds and the various phenomena they cause, to produce symptoms.

The requisites for using something like the LHP, as series of high-level, informed, prayer requests, are having a 100% belief quotient in the divine, and a quite high belief quotient in the self. Few enjoy such a privileged state of being. True believers are few and far between, and many who are religious hold beliefs that are partial or shaky because of doubt, and that doubt is reinforced relentlessly by the culture questioning everything spiritual and making fun of the churches and synagogues and mosques. It is all viewed as not just old folklore and a waste of time, but even dangerous because wars have been fought in the name of religion. All of this is darkness at work and all needs divine assistance because it is all a healing need and an opportunity as well. Humanity will not advance until the proper tools are brought to bear to clean up this ongoing nightmare. You are in a state of diminishing returns in a downward spiral of corruption and misalignment that will take a serious toll on your ability to survive. So while some are truly impaired and in a state of helplessness, some are still holding up, at least from outward appearances. Most are somewhere in between, but we can tell you that all of you, no matter how happy and strong and resilient and secure you may be, have karmic baggage and you would do well to get some help healing it. That is what the LHP will enable, a divine intervention to begin to clear the slate for you, to absolve all of the past karmic obligations and debts, and patch back together the parts of you that have gotten broken and distorted through the ravages of this negativity across time. It can be done in no other way.

Prayers cannot begin to encompass the depth of need here. They are providing a plea for help, but lack a true understanding of the origins of the problems you face, and certainly, do not have any detailed knowledge about what needs to be done by the divine realm in the absence of deeper awareness of how the divine realm heals. The LHP provides all of that. And the Divine Life Support plan comes full circle, being implemented by someone who has rock-solid belief in the divine and enough confidence in himself to be a solid and effective advocate for anyone and everyone, to get the full benefits of what is requested through this comprehensive healing tool. The fact it takes time for many problems to ease is a complicated situation of the energetics, that you are not designed to be readily relieved of these karmic influences because the symptoms will be the very last thing to fade. So even while tremendous healing is being accomplished all along the way, it is the symptoms that keep you going, keep you seeking help, and working at the problem. That is the wisdom behind this arrangement, to not let you off the hook by removing symptoms immediately, and thus not leave an incentive to keep working at the healing. That would not serve you because you would likely lose that motivation and stop working on making yourself better.

So what you are doing in embracing this powerful tool, is aligning with the divine realm in partnership, and getting an effective human advocate to see to that happening in the highest and best way possible. This is a breakthrough for humanity never before possible and never before brought to bear in helping the cause of the divine. You are here to solve the problem of evil. That is hard to do when you, yourselves, are wounded and made helpless, in many cases. If you come to be a healer yourself but only end up suffering and not accomplishing much, that would not only be tragic but potentially lethal to the future of the human family, as all of you are in this together and the LHP will unite you all in common cause and will touch all within the human family. By raising up one, it will raise up all, and you will be a part of it in choosing to participate. That will be a blessing to you now and for all of time as a feather in your cap. The LHP deals not just with your karmic history, but also with interlopers like dark spirit attachments that are a major cause of emotional problems as well as some physical aberrations. They are a real scourge and are actually responsible for the rise of evil that taints everything in your culture. They can be removed and worked on towards an eventual healing. This is what the LHP will see to, and will liberate you from a major liability that is always present and ready to pounce. Fully 90% of people have spirit attachments currently. This is always costing something, if only some energy, but the consequences can be far, far, worse and this is so for many, many, human beings and virtually all extraterrestrial species.

Can you give us a tutorial explaining why having regular Deep Subconscious Mind Reset sessions, following a session using the Lightworker Healing Protocol, will be beneficial for our Divine Life Support members?

The purpose and greatest benefit of the Deep Subconscious Mind Reset protocol devised by your channel, is to add a complement to the work done by the Lightworker Healing Protocol. That will help further empower the divine reach seeking to benefit all receiving this blessing. There is always a delicate balance between what is needed compared to what is possible, given the rules of engagement we must follow in respecting human free will. What that means is, everyone has a divine birthright to choose their path and to choose the role of the divine in their life, if any. We do not control things. We do not run things. We do not act through our ability to see what is wrong and our compassion alone. We must endure your suffering if you choose to have it on your own, and do not invite us to help. This is what the Lightworker Healing Protocol is for, to level the playing field, to have an advocate in the form of a practitioner working on your behalf, to ask for all the right things to be done in all the right ways, to address all conceivable sources of negativity that have befallen you, and set things right.

One of the biggest impediments to the speed and sometimes even the possibility of getting a healing benefit from the Lightworker Healing Protocol is the negative beliefs people harbor within a deep part of their mind. This is what people struggle with who are not believers in the divine. It is not something you can just decide and make it so. It must be cultivated, usually. And the reason is, everyone does decide somewhere along the way whether to believe or not. So if you, as an adult, ponder this question as a nonbeliever you will likely lean that way because that is what made you and kept you a nonbeliever. Very few people reach adulthood in today’s world who have not been exposed to the idea of God, and if what they heard did not move them, they will decide to not believe it. And thus, is born a belief that God is not real, and that will become more and more reinforced over time because they will look less and less for evidence to the contrary. And in the world being, as it is, under siege, will see routinely on a daily basis the presence of evil all around them. That certainly does not add to the argument that God is alive and well. We use this as an example of the basic requirements for receiving divine assistance already, in the case of most individuals, facing a series of hurdles within the minds of the clients themselves, and often unbeknownst to them.

Those who do direct belief work with the help of Creator of All That Is, can test people for negative God beliefs, and it is quite eye-opening to see how many harbor such things—beliefs like “God is not real,” “God has forgotten about me,” “God wants me to suffer.” So intellectually, someone may say they do not believe in God, while their subconscious mind harbors a belief that God will punish them if they show their head. This can get in the way of any divine outreach requested by others with strong belief in the divine. That creates at least the operation to go looking for what can be done and taking care of those things that are accessible. But there can be severe roadblocks installed by the clients themselves, often without conscious awareness. That will delay healing until we can find a workaround to begin a process of un-creating what put these negative beliefs in place. That can be a long slow undertaking. The best answer is doing belief work and the best way to do that, is a more comprehensive approach that addresses the frank trauma events that were at the watershed moment when the negative beliefs were formulated.

The Deep Subconscious Mind Reset process works with the deep subconscious to guide it to the akashic records of key trauma events that have created a dilemma for the person, which are unresolved. And it is almost always the case the reason they are unresolved is because they are so complicated and behind barricades as well. The DSMR will cut through the barbed wire to get to the old wounds and bring in healing for them. And in the process, it incorporates not only a self-application of energetic healing that includes not only their entire being, but their akashic records as well, to change the energetic signature of that trauma. It will still be on record the bad things happened. But they will no longer rumble because the poison, the venom, the dark negative emotions caused, will be drained away and it will be neutral, and not a landmine that can be resurrected and descend on you again and again in a series of lifetimes, perhaps, but truly healed forever. That is quite a gain. The problem is, each person will have many, many, many, such episodes and consequences needing to be worked on. So it becomes a numbers game to achieve enough healing, and quickly enough to be of value, ideally, so people will be motivated to keep working at it, to keep going with the program, so to speak. By doing the healing for multiple trauma scenes, in addition, this allows a perfect opportunity for the mind of the client to describe the beliefs they developed from what happened to them, as well as what it cost them and what they suffered, and what they lacked to deal with the situation effectively.

This gets into the area of soul attributes, things like self-confidence, belief in the self, trust in the self, or, a low regard, a self-loathing, a self-hatred, and so on. Attributes like courage, being able to feel love, being able to feel loving towards others, to trust others, to trust one’s heart to others, and so on. There are thousands and thousands of attributes and interrelated negative beliefs that can accumulate in response to having a low expression of what makes some people strong, vibrant, resilient, and powerful, and others weaklings and impaired, often in multiple ways. The DSMR can greatly speed healing by attending to the inner blocks to healing and correct things to remove these barriers. Then, the divine healing through the LHP can happen much more quickly and more effectively. This process is enabled by the ability of Creator to work directly with the deep subconscious mind and correct what amounts to a kind of self-abuse, happening inadvertently, but still with devastating negative effects. This combination of benefits from the DSMR is the perfect complement to ongoing regular LHP work, to keep up the divine healing campaign, and over time, as more and more impediments are corrected, more and more gains in broad healing benefits will come about.

We cannot overemphasize the critical importance of a concerted ongoing regular healing benefit mounted again and again and again, for as long as it is needed. In most cases, that will be for a lifetime, even if you reach a point in time where you are feeling pretty good about your life and pretty happy about things in general, that does not mean your work is done, only that nothing is stirring at the moment to spoil your day. There could be a severe setback looming karmically, you will not see coming. You could end up dead of a heart attack or stroke, die in an automobile accident or a home fall, or develop a chronic illness that is debilitating and ultimately shortens your lifespan. Life has its milestones and that, often, is a parallel to other lives because things worsened for people over time, historically, rather than got better because of the lack of wherewithal to deal with problems on an ongoing basis. And that would take a toll, dragging people down over time, weakening them to develop many infirmities and to die young, at least younger than would otherwise have happened under ideal circumstances.

That legacy represents a wounding, and like all things harmful, the Law of Karma will bring them back to you again, because of your responsibility for the care and safekeeping of your soul. And you will be re-challenged with the same kind of difficulties. It may be expressed somewhat differently, in what happens. The basic dilemma is getting enough healing done, so the odds lessen over time you will step on a landmine and reawaken a severe problem. Doing a regular series of sessions, lifelong, is the best way to not only stay on top of your problems, but to prevent problems from occurring by having regular healing work done in this precise way, and it is unique to the Divine Life Support plan of Get Wisdom. You are blessed in being shown this path. They have blazed the trail for you and done the hard work of researching all the components that make it possible to truly make life better, in ways never before possible to the extent that can be done now, with these powerful tools. You must support the work. That is your part. You must want the assistance and make a commitment. We consider the benefits to be truly priceless, and the greatest of divine blessings.