It’s not what it looks like in the movies.

There are no networks of spider webs strewn across the hallways. There are no mutilated hands scampering about, no messy-haired strangers in the closet, and no neon-eyed wolves howling away in the dead of night. There are no frightful portraits and no secret passages.

Haunted houses actually look like normal houses (or no one would actually move into them!).

They are painted lightly and brightly, with cheerily lit hallways and bedrooms, inviting parlors and cozy kitchens. They look welcoming and inviting enough—before the bizarre stuff starts happening.

And if you’re confused whether or not there are otherworldly beings inside your house, you can always tell.

There are always signs that’ll tell you if spirits are living your house. There may even be a spirit portal inviting a steady stream of uninvited guests.

Smells and Noises from Nowhere


Footsteps, unpleasant odors, knocking, perfume, scratching on the walls or musk in the air—smells and noises that have no plausible explanation are red flags. It’s not necessary for the sound or smell to be foul or frightening—if it’s unusual, you need to take it seriously.

The Poltergeist Effect

The most iconic scene from Poltergeist (other than the little girl sitting in front of a TV screen, announcing “They’re heeeeere!”) is the chair that moves on its own. If something that isn’t moving begins to move—whether it’s a cabinet door that shuts by itself, something falls from a shelf on its own,or a toy that shifts places—you need to be on the alert.

Temperature Differences

In houses that are infested by spirits, you’ll may have spots on the property that are colder than the rest of the house. If the temperatures inside your house are prone to fluctuation, you should investigate and take the matter up further.

Animals Behaving Strangely

If your dog begins barking at a vacant spot for no reason at all, or a cat seems transfixed, it might be more meaningful than you think. Remember that animals are always more perceptive than humans, and can look into the realm of hidden truths—although they can’t really report back to us. The most they can do is bark, or stare, and that alone should put you on your guard.

Your Intuition

More than your pet or your furniture, it’s going to be you who can tell best what’s going down in your house. If you see something move out of the corner of your eye, feel that you aren’t alone, that you are being watched, that there’s someone trailing your step with you—then you should follow up on that feeling. Most of what we feel can’t be condensed into words or coherent thought—but we feel these things straight away, and can tell if something is off.

Still Conflicted? Contact Us to Cleanse Your House

We, at, are working to serve and save humanity. We can help you cleanse your house from ill-meaning ghosts and spirits. It could also be that the entity that’s haunting your house isn’t belligerent but benevolent. In either case, we help them find eternal peace by working with the divine realm to remove all such entities and return them to the light for healing and rehabilitation. Our cleansing removes spirit portals and brings additional healing to remove negativity and raise the vibration of your home. Get in touch with us today or join our forum to connect with others who might be going through similar experiences.




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