Scientists Just Discovered a New Black Hole: And it’s the Closest the Earth has Ever Been to One!

The Biggest Black Hole Discovery—Ever No discovery or scientific achievement of the current century comes close to the picture of a black hole that scientists captured last year.

Ever since Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar came out, people have a renewed interest in finding out more about black holes. Black holes are spectacular phenomena that threaten all laws of nature and physics as humans know them. Perhaps that is why they continue to fascinate us ever since Carl Sagan raved about them in his Cosmos.

We started thence—and we have never stopped theorizing or fantasizing about black holes.

The Biggest Black Hole Discovery—Ever

No discovery or scientific achievement of the current century comes close to the picture of a black hole that scientists captured last year. The image was captured after a massive undertaking by various scientists. A scattering of telescopes placed strategically all around the world worked in unison to capture the now-memorable picture.

For the first time in the history of mankind, we were all looking at the strangest possible thing: we were looking directly at a place where Time stops.

What Black Holes Mean for Humans—and for Extraterrestrials

Scientists Just Discovered a New Black Hole: And it’s the Closest the Earth has Ever Been to One!

We mentioned Interstellar at the beginning of this blog because we wanted to go back to it. The movie explores an interesting question: that of life outside of Earth. It insinuates that there is life outside, on habitable planets, which exist near a supermassive black hole.

This might not be too far from the truth—although most authorities would never corroborate.

People of science vehemently oppose the idea of extraterrestrials—some by delusion and some by design. After all, we all witnessed the fierce attempt to keep Area 51 a secret. However, the theory of the existence of black holes, and its irrefutable proof in the form of a picture are damning evidence—evidence that there is so much more out there than we imagine.

It’s possible that advanced aliens, beings with higher intelligence, may use black holes for travel. NASA scientists themselves have confirmed as much: alien life could exist on planets orbiting a black hole.

And guess what? They just discovered a brand-new black hole—closer to Earth than all others of its kind.

The Newest Black Hole Discovery

It’s 1000 light-years away. It’s in a constellation called Telescopium—perhaps because it can be seen with a telescope. In this case, it can be seen from the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope located in Chile’s ESO’s La Silla Observatory.

And on the 6th of May, 2020, astronomers confirmed that a black hole sits in the center of this constellation.

The discovery, initially, was that of an invisible object. Astronomers noticed that two stars in this close constellation kept revolving—as if they were performing a pilgrimage around an invisible place of worship. It was the first time that humans saw fool-proof evidence of a black hole with an unaided eye.

The black hole is so close to home it’s practically in our backyard. And since we know that alien life can exist on planets orbiting black holes, this discovery opens a grand Pandora’s box of possibilities.

Find Out More about Extraterrestrials

From extraterrestrial interlopers to nefarious extraterrestrial agendas, there are far too many hidden truths in the world than we can imagine. And you can start discovering more of this hidden world today, by signing up for The Get Wisdom Project.

The Link Between Metaphysics and Spiritual Healing

The Link Between Metaphysics and Spiritual HealingMetaphysics isn’t alien to us. In the new age and alternative religious circles we have perhaps have herd this word used often.

Some would tell us that metaphysics as a concept is pretty hard to understand. So what is it and why are people so intent on using it so often?

What is Metaphysics?

In order to understand metaphysics, we’ll have to go back to early history and see how the ancients viewed the phenomenon. Before various branches of knowledge emerged—such as science, math and history—everything fell under the same domain: philosophy.

It’s for this reason that metaphysics is closer to philosophy—and why physicists hate it so much. A thinker from ancient Greece might have told you that metaphysics is the study of things as they exist—of things when they haven’t undergone change. A study, then, of things in their rawest, unchanged state.

To put it simply: metaphysics is the study of things as they exist independently from other things—it is a discipline that goes beyond physics.

But What is the Link with Spiritual Healing?

But What is the Link with Spiritual Healing?

It’s important to understand that objects, when they exist on their own, divorced from their immediate reality and surroundings, don’t exist in any one place or at any one time.

We exist in multiple places at multiple times—and theoretical science backs this up. Parallel dimensions, the multiverse, the space-time conundrum—these are all phenomena that scientists are discovering and for that, we are finally getting a better understanding.

Time, then, is not a straight line—it is not linear. Metaphysically, time exists on its own in a loop. It’s like clockwork (pun intended).

We are able, in a sense, to return to where we are today. And in terms of consciousness, we are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is also why when we select the best method spiritually—in this time and on this planet—we are opting for comprehensive healing across all time and space.

This is also how the negative effects of karma are washed away.  Spiritual healing that uses the understanding of time as it is and not how us humans normally perceive it, can mitigate the ills from another time in another life, leading to an existence that is more positive across time and space.

Find Out More

If you’re a hidden truth enthusiast and want to find out more about spiritual healing, you can head on to the Get Wisdom forum. You can also check out the spiritual healing methods of channeler Karl Mollison.


The Faulty Notion That Humans Have Something to do with the Downfall of Humanity

The Faulty Notion That Humans Have Something to do with the Downfall of Humanity

It’s 2020, and the world isn’t exactly pretty. The year started with terrible fires in Australia that led to the demise of many animals and rendered many people homeless.

Then we ventured all too close to having a full-blown nuclear war. And then, we got a global viral pandemic that has so far taken the lives of 103,506 people.

This year just can’t seem to catch a break. And it’s all humans’ fault, isn’t it?

No. It is Not.

Yes, at first glance, it’s easy to think that our shortcomings and mistakes have led us to the point of no return.

Global warming, for example, is something we feel we are directly responsible for. The wars, we believe are caused by our erroneous selection of democratic leaders. The virus, we feel—mistakenly so—is spread because someone drank bat soup in China (no, that is absolutely incorrect).

Who Does All This Benefit?

The question we should be asking is who benefits from these turbulent times? Definitely not humans. And we can’t even blame the capitalists, because capitalism has taken a huge blow ever since the pandemic started and everyone went into lockdown.

Humans have braved nothing but a sea of troubles since the spread of this virus.

Who Does All This Benefit? The question we should be asking is who benefits from these turbulent times? Definitely not humans.

And there’s more.

There is, for example, a rise in hate crime against Asians in the U.S. and beyond. Many naysayers believe the virus was a tool for biological warfare and was manufactured by such-and-such country to hurt another country.

So how, then, do we get to the truth so we can start healing?

Separating Fact from Fiction

The truth is rather simple: every country is suffering. Some might have it worse than others, but we’re all in this together. There is an enemy, yes—and it’s the virus. And those who are behind it.

When it comes to conspiracy theories, there’s always an ounce of truth mixed with fabrications. This is true for the theories surrounding the virus as well. After all, who, if not the belligerent extraterrestrials, would profit if all of humankind were to fall victim to disease and chaos?

We must also not forget the many dark and sinister forces that hold sway and power over humans. So while we may think that we’re directly responsible for this mess, we must remember that we’re being controlled by someone else entirely.

So yes, if a religious radical comes to you and preaches that somehow the “misuse of sex” or the worship of a false god is causing the pandemic, don’t believe them. There is only one Creator, and the Creator is divinely benevolent.

Want to Know More?

If you want to dig deeper into the extraterrestrial agenda and why it’s important for humans to unite and fight it, check out the divine wisdom database available on our website.


Do Trees Help Absorb Negative Human Energies?

Do Trees Help Absorb Negative Human Energies?

Think about it. The universe, in its rawest state, is not planets or rock bodies floating in space. It’s energy. And these energies have existed since time immemorial. They have changed shape and have remolded themselves several times—there are constant changes and developments in the formulations of inanimate and living beings.  We can even make the argument that all things have consciousness.

However, some energies are more primal than others, allowing them to store energies in rawer states. And what supposedly existed on the Earth before humans or any other living creatures that could walk here?

Trees and plants were allegedly among the first inhabitants of the planet. And they have a big role to play when it comes to energies.

The Tree as Symbol

The symbol of the tree is recurrent in all kinds of literature, myths and legends. In religious texts, trees are often sacred: the Buddhists use trees to aid mediation, and Christians believe that it was a fruit from a tree that led to the fall of Adam. In literature and in our past and current cultures, trees are used to depict both knowledge and life.

When we classify knowledge—into science and math and art—we call them “branches.” When we step into a new stage of our lives, we say that we’re turning over a new “leaf.” When humans peak, we are said to “bloom.” When we’re growing, we’re “budding.”

Why do we so closely associate our lives with trees?

Trees and Life

Life on Earth wouldn’t be possible without trees. Not only are plants a great source of sustenance, but we wouldn’t have a natural tool that turns CO2 into oxygen otherwise.

Life on Earth wouldn’t be possible without trees. Not only are plants a great source of sustenance, but we wouldn’t have a natural tool that turns CO2 into oxygen otherwise. Trees absorb CO2 from their surroundings—a byproduct of human metabolism—and turn it into something that makes life possible.  They are key players in the carbon and nitrogen cycles that foster and promote life almost all over planet Earth.

With their roots grounded deep in the soil and their branches and canopies reaching high for the skies, trees have a reach that humans can never have. And just like they turn CO2 into something that supports life, they also absorb negative energies.

Negative Energies: How Trees Help

If you’ve ever heard someone say they feel so much better and calmer when they’re near trees, they aren’t lying. Simply seeing trees can make one healthier—and being near them can make you feel far happier.

We might not think of them as such, but trees also happen to be spiritual beings. And they’re healers, too. Think about places such as the Middle East and Crimea—troubled regions. Trees are either not present in abundance or are dying in these places—and negative energies, in far too many cases it seems, thrive.

Ask the Creator a Question

Are you looking for more spiritual healing and enlightenment? Are you still unsatisfied with the explanations you get for why the world is the way it is? Perhaps a question asked directly to the Creator could bring in a better, more comprehensive answer. Use the Get Wisdom portal to ask the Creator a question, and you shall have your answer.

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Can Divine Healing Help with High Level Psychic Attacks and Curses?

Can Divine Healing Help with High Level Psychic Attacks and Curses?When a layperson thinks of curses, they usually think of witches in tall conical hats—with perhaps the addition of a beard or a mole. Others might think of black magic and hex bags. This is all imagery that emerges from medieval representations of witches.

But more than that, most of us see the victim of a curse as an individual. But what about families? And towns and schools and entire nations? What about, let’s say, NFL teams? Can someone curse groups of people or organizations and businesses?

The Answer: Most Definitely

According to Creator, a curse can target anyone, even groups of people, organizations and businesses. The only qualifier is that the intent, being a curse, is always negative. For the perpetrator of the curse, the curse will take them away from the divine path.

The perpetrator often thinks they’re cursing the target and sending negative energies their way, which is true—but due to karma, the negative energy will be served back to the perpetrator. If the perpetrators of curses only knew that the rebound could hurt not just them, but their friends and families as well, they might reconsider their dark path.

Extraterrestrial Curses and Psychic Attacks

Extraterrestrial Curses and Psychic Attacks

It’s important to understand that extraterrestrials are unlike humans.

They’re not a superstitious lot, and when it comes to them, curses aren’t about mixing fingers of birth-strangled babes with the eye of a newt and the toe of a frog.

Theirs is a logical world. They make decisions based on predictable results. And yes, if the probable result of casting a spell or a curse seems advantageous to them, they will engage.

But these aren’t really curses—at least not how we understand them.

Quantum Curses

For extraterrestrials, what humans call curses are electromagnetic fields and quantum forces. When manipulated right, these forces can create an effect very much like magic. So yes, something wicked this way comes—but it has a different name.

Why Divine Healing Helps

As we have already discussed, both the target and the perpetrator of curses, both high level psychic attacks and otherwise, experience the same fate: a movement away from the divine path, and a dive into darkness.

The effect of a curse or a psychic attack is not just physical. In most cases, it isn’t physical at all. It’s spiritual. And for a disease of the spirit, the healing will have to be spiritual as well.

Divine guidance is the way ahead. If you feel that you have been the target of such a curse, get in touch with spiritual healer and channeler Karl Mollison today—and he’ll be able to help. You can take his spiritual healing courses online known as the Lightworker Healing Protocol as well.

Do Benevolent Extraterrestrials also Exist?

Do Benevolent Extraterrestrials also Exist?

Thanks to Hollywood, the concept of the “alien” is mostly a confused one in our minds. As a result, we often think of them in naive or negative terms. And why wouldn’t we? Especially if after seeing movies like Aliens and Predators and 10 Cloverfield Lane.

Writers haven’t been too insightful or thoughtful to idea or reality of extraterrestrials, so most people grow up thinking that they were either bad, benevolent or irrelevant, but rarely complex or with an overriding agenda towards humans.

But what is fact and what is fiction? If you’re new to the extraterrestrial debate, and maybe even if you aren’t, you might be hungry for the hidden truth.

And you’ve come to the right place to find it.

Aleins:  Good or Bad?

… but thinking makes it so? For William Shakespeare, sure. But the truth is, as a study of any species on Earth will show, that good and bad exist everywhere. The world runs on opposites. For every force there is an equal and opposite force. Day and night, light and dark, joy and sorrow—and good and bad. This is true for humans and for extraterrestrials.

How Many Benevolent and Negative ET’s Exist?How Many Benevolent and Negative ET’s Exist?

This is a question that most would say we cannot answer.  Is it even relevant to what currently faces humanity? All we can do is conjecture and surmise. In order to get to the bottom of this question, we’d have to seek the help of divine wisdom: because the more useful question is what are ET’s doing or not doing in relation to Earth and humanity and why?

While it is reasonable to assume that benevolent extraterrestrials exist, is it also reasonable to think that they have also allied with humans?  When it comes to the question of beings within close proximity to the Earth and the moon, and due to the non-interference and free will principles in place, when it comes to contact with humans on the Earth plane; there aren’t any benevolent ET’s—in fact, according to Creator, there are none.

There is, however, a dark alien alliance that interferes with and manipulates humans. We might not see them, but the evidence is actually overwhelming and a lot that’s wrong with this world is due to these beings.


So What of Benevolent Aliens?

There is an imbalance of energies in the world at the moment and into the reaches of history. Darkness is casting its shadow steadily—as is evident in the many disasters and calamities that are taking place on Earth. Perhaps benevolent extraterrestrials are out there, like the Pleiadians or the Sirians . We do know that they are rooting for us from afar by leaving signs in the forms of crop circles .

In the meantime, we are in fact pitted against negative extraterrestrials where they do not respect free will or non-intervention principles.  We cannot expect any help from benevolent ET’s as some of the new age and Hollywood stories would have us believe.  However, we can expect help from the Divine Realm, but we need to ask for it.

About Get Wisdom

The Get Wisdom Project is the brainchild of Karl Mollison, a hidden truth researcher who has extensive knowledge of alien abductions, extraterrestrial agendas, and more.

Is My Child’s “Imaginary Friend” an Extraterrestrial?

Is My Child’s “Imaginary Friend” an Extraterrestrial?Anyone who was born in—or who has lived through—the 80s knows what a phenomenon the cult classic Showtime series, Twin Peaks, was. The show got canceled after a dismal second season, but came back 25 years later.

In Twin Peaks: The Return, the lead character, Agent Cooper/Dougie Jones, could see lights floating in the air—and these lights were being projected by “Mike” —a benevolent extraterrestrial—to guide him.

But why are we telling you this?

Has Your Child Ever Spoken of A “Friend” or Floating Lights?

The non-classifieds call them “hallucinations” of a child’s mind, but we know better. We’ve heard far too many accounts that are similar to think otherwise.

Many children, while growing up, often speak about an imaginary friend. This friend often has a name, given to them by the child. We think that this is just a case of the child’s imagination running amok.

But the truth is much stranger.

As adults, we are less perceptive than our children. Children, with their open hearts and receptive minds, often become the targets of sinister forces (and even benevolent ones in some cases).

Beware: Children Can Form BondsBeware: Children Can Form Bonds

A client who sought help from the Get Wisdom Project had an interesting—but not unusual—story to tell. She remembered how she had, as a child, felt extremely sad all of a sudden, and in this state of melancholy, she had sprinted to the window, while crying the entire time. When she got there, lights outside seemed to move away from her—up the street.

It sounds like something out of a movie, doesn’t it? Karl Mollison, a healer and researcher, however, has heard far too many tales like this one. Many children report seeing moving lights in the sky.

The children, in these cases, were very clearly abducted for the purpose of observation. Love feelings had been implanted within her, and in the aftermath, she was feeling sorrow due to the separation. The sad truth is that it is just a manipulation.

The Young are Vulnerable

The case of our client correlates with many other cases that we have had to deal with. When naysayers mock these cases and say, “what alien abductions? We have never been abducted,” they don’t know that adults are less likely to be abducted—although there are many cases, and that memories of such encounters are suppressed.

Children, as opposed to adults, are far more susceptible and vulnerable to the feelings that are implanted inside them.

As a result, the child can feel the formation and the fostering of a strong bond. Such a bond is increasingly hard for people to let go of—harder still if the person happens to be a child.

What to Do

If you think there’s a “friend living under your child’s bed, don’t waste any time and get in touch with us at Get Wisdom right away. It could be a case of extraterrestrial abduction.

Everything You Need to Know about the Secret Space Program

Everything You Need to Know about the Secret Space Program

People’s interest in secret space programs has existed for as long as space programs have. But the widespread popularity of this pursuit can be traced back to when a seemingly random Facebook group planned to storm Area 51—one of the most guarded/secretive places in the world.

The response was swift. The area was never stormed, but the hype lives on. This event did what decades of truth-seekers failed to do: it piqued people’s interest, compelling them to find out more about what the various governments of the world do in their super-secret laboratories in secluded areas.

Some of the most interesting elements of the secret space program have been discussed in this blog.

Montauk Project and the USS Eldridge

No other experiment is as mindboggling and as revealing as the Montauk Project and the disappearance of the USS Eldridge.

Pretty similar to the Philadelphia Experiment, scientists created an electromagnetic field around the USS Eldridge. As a result, the Eldridge vanished. It did reappear, in the exact position it had been in—but the crew wasn’t the same as before.

Some of the crew members suffered mental damage, others physical, and others still were emotionally traumatized. One can only surmise that these experiments did not stop here. The disappearance and reappearance of a ship, using electromagnetic fields, is proof that space travel is possible.

The Kidnapped Boys

Those of you who have seen the Netflix series, Dark, will know what we mean when we say ‘the kidnapped boys.’ In the show, boys keep disappearing in different years—and they all appear in a completely different time period—in the past. As the show goes on, we find out that the boys are tortured before being subjected to a time traveling experiment.

This was another aspect of the Montauk Project: how boys were being abducted for the experiment to be performed on them. And there’s more: torture was definitely part of it. Turns out Netflix did its research—and so have we.

Stranger Things

Stranger things

Interestingly, another Netflix series seems to mirror the particulars of this infamous secret space program. And it’s a cult favorite—Stranger Things. The Camp Hero base became the stuff of legends when stories of mind control experiments done on children started making the rounds. The facility is in Long Island, New York.

For those who haven’t seen Stranger Things, the show is about a boy who gets lost in another dimension, a psychic girl with superhuman powers, and sinister experiments in strange labs. Sounds stranger than fiction?

Well, this has all also been said about the Montauk Project.

And we know this for a fact because Preston Nichols, who served as an electrical engineer in the project, said so. According to him, the facility was focused on creating a time vortex—and more.

Interested in Finding Out More?

If you’re interested in finding out more about extraterrestrial mind control and about extraterrestrial abductions, Get Wisdom is where you ought to be right now.

What are Some Major Findings in UFO Research?

UFO Research

If you think UFO sightings are a thing of fiction, think again. These subtle flying saucers are spotted around the world—in fact, one was spotted just a few weeks ago in Cleveland and Detroit. Then there was one seen on March 8th that has already achieved the status of a legend.

In fact, 2020 seems to be quite the hotspot for UFO sightings. Too many of them have been spotted recently—but there’s an explanation for this.

The Virus

Now, of course, we all know that 2020 is the year of the plague. And with the plague have come many deaths and many other issues—but something else has come with it too.

This something else is clear skies and a great reduction in air pollution. Thanks to this, not only are rarely before visible objects—such as the Himalayas—visible, but the skies are also far clearer.

And when the skies are clearer, we can spot UFOs far more easily.

UFO Research

UFO Research

Both classifieds and non-classifieds like to stay silent when it comes to UFO research. They don’t want to admit that there might be other beings out there—more powerful than us. Their justification is that they don’t want to spread paranoia and widespread fear.

But the truth can’t be kept hidden for long. While the state tried hiding that no secret space research was ongoing inside the mysterious Area 51, the truth soon came out. In fact, prior to 2013, the government didn’t even acknowledge it existed. As of 2017, however, they have admitted that they do study UFOs.

Major Findings

Ever since this news became more mainstream, the government has drafted “new guidelines” for the reporting of UFOs. Videos like this one have been released. In short where they haven’t outright admitted anything, they are gradually getting there.

This document details the CIA’s Role in UFO research, and based on this, we can make the following deductions:

  • These “unidentified flying objects” display unusual properties—as in, the laws of physics that they seem to follow are in contradiction with those known to humans.
  • Electromagnetic fields are strong around these objects, so much so that they can cause trouble for avionics.
  • Both classifieds and non-classifieds say that there is no concrete physical evidence that proves the existence of UFOs as alien objects—but hey, these are the same people that lied about Area 51 not existing, and their word is definitely not gospel.

Are They Trying to Hide Something?

If you’re a seeker of hidden truth and feel that there’s a lot more to extraterrestrial abductions and space programs, join the Get Wisdom Platform to be enlightened today!