Why the World Needs Healing in 2021

Just because we have stepped into a new decade doesn’t mean we have entered a new era that is divorced from disinformation, disbelief, and discontentment. Chaos and calamity still exist in this world, and we’re still embroiled in them.

Add to that the ongoing confusion and crisis that COVID-19 brought with it, and you have a world that is even more divided, even more suspicious.

Have You Been Asking Troubling Questions?

It’s no secret that the people who are most in need of healing are those who ask hard questions. And that shouldn’t discourage from questioning all that’s questionable in this world: after all, it takes a lot of courage to ask them. There’s a reason not everyone is doing so, after all.

a person who is need of spiritual healing

How could the Creator let so many people pass away in a single year? How could something so seemingly small wreak havoc on humanity? Are we lesser than a virus now? If you have been wondering whether or not there was some divine intent in the pandemic, you haven’t been asking the wrong questions.

Where to Look for Answers?

Asking the questions is not as hard as looking for answers. Philosophers, after all, have asked questions of a similar nature since time immemorial—and they’re still asking them. Very few, if any, have any definitive answers. We can’t promise you a book of revelation that can provide you with all the answers. But we can promise you some answers—and clarification alongside.

If you have a burning question that inflames you even with the slightest thought about it, direct it to the highest authority that can answer it: the Creator. Ask the Creator your question, and wait to receive an answer.

Interested in Healing?

If you are interested in healing yourself or helping a loved one heal, you can find all the answers you need at the Get Wisdom forum. We offer healing sessions, namely the Lightworker Healing Protocol, as well as online spiritual courses for fellow practitioners. You can download the course synopsis here. Our course is fairly popular with healers and practitioners, and the course synopsis has been downloaded over 2346 times.

Alternatively, you can also reach out to our team for further assistance.

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Did the Pentagon Really Spend Millions on UFO Research?

Remember when OJ Simpson got away with double murder? He got away with that, and some years later, went to jail for 33 years for… a robbery. One of his friends, when asked to comment on this series of unfortunate events, had this to say: If you get away with double murder, don’t commit robbery.

In short: if you get away with lying about something once, don’t get caught a second time. Sadly, double jeopardy doesn’t apply to lying about UFO research.

Will They, Won’t They?

For years, officials who could have shed light on the existence and whereabouts of UFOs preferred not to. Their Will You–Won’t You dance continued right up until they tried to cover up what was going down in Area 51. Finally, they revealed that a $22 million program sponsored by the Defense Department was dedicated to space research. It was called the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.

And then, they released this video: an old video, apparently, but released in 2020. It is peculiar to note that the timing was quite odd: they released an all-important UFO video right in the middle of a pandemic, when much of the world was busy figuring out how to survive.

a rocket being launched into space

The fact that it was the Navy that recorded the incident makes it all the more credible.

The Ultimatum

Interestingly, the mystery doesn’t end there—seekers of hidden truths have known this a long time, but it gets better for everyone else. In a weirdly revealing move, a COVID-19 legislation had lawmakers asking intelligence agencies, as well as the defense departments, to reveal all that they know about UFOs.

A Senator and Republican spearheaded this move, advocating for a more “open” source of intelligence. According to the legislation, any unidentified phenomena or anomalous aerial vehicles known to the FBI or the Pentagon have to be made public—within 180 days.

Once Again: Will They, Won’t They?

This political lobster quadrille might have to do with positioning in world politics: after all, it is widely believed that rivals such as Russia and China might have access to such sources of knowledge. Perhaps this bureaucratic tug of war will prove beneficial for us; those who have long-believed in what is now only bubbling to the surface.

Interested in more content on extraterrestrials? The Get Wisdom forum is where the hottest discussions and debates are—make your way over now!

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Confirmation Bias: Why We Persuade Ourselves, “It Was Not Aliens.”

Despite there being an overwhelming ocean of evidence supporting the existence of extraterrestrials in our proximity, why do people demur?

Repression of Memories

Memory is a beautiful thing—it transports us back in time, allowing us to relive the moments we most cherish. A trip to Bali, your first love, an underwater dive—all you need to do to relive these moments is to close your eyes and remember.

But memory is a two-way street—because not all memories are good. And it would bring humans inexplicable pain if we were to retain memory of everything that ever happened to us. Imagine always having, at the back of your mind, the bad things that happened to you: the loss of a loved one, for example.

There’s a reason why humans suppress memories of childhood trauma and abuse: to protect themselves.

Even the doctors say that we deal with trauma and abusive memories by either dissociating or repressing them. These memories aren’t exactly lost—they are just relegated to the back of our minds, buried in a dark, deep place.

Add Confirmation to the Recipe

person being abducted by aliens

So far you have repressed memories, dissociation, sublimation—all, by the way, processes Sigmund Freud told us about years ago. Now add to this another human perk: confirmation bias.

What is confirmation bias? Let’s say you believe in something. Your belief in this thing will be so astounding and unshakeable that you will look at strong counterarguments in the face and dismiss them. Additionally, you’ll look for arguments, justifications, or some other kind of proof to convince—yourself more than others—that your belief is the right one.

Here’s the thing: if you ever find yourself in need of convincing yourself, your belief is probably not as rock-solid as you thought it to be.

Enter Aliens

All our life, we’ve been told that aliens are just a children’s story. That they are a myth that only idiots believe in. That they exist only in horror movies—or in children’s movies.

If you were ever to have an experience—such as spotting a UFO or experiencing an out-of-body ascension—and you knew that you shouldn’t be believing in such things, what would you do? You wouldn’t try to convince the world that they’re wrong—you’ll try to convince yourself that you’re wrong. That you’re crazy. That you’re hallucinating.

It was to this effect that the famous American poetess Emily Dickinson once wrote: “Assent, and you are sane—demur… and you are handed with a chain.”

Nobody wants to be handed a chain—and thereby nobody wants to demur.

And if You Do…

At Get Wisdom, there are no chains. There is no social pressure to conform. Much madness isn’t divinest sense. Join us for civil discussions about hidden truths you thought were children’s tales.

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Scientists Say They Have Found Earth-like Exoplanets. What Next?

Remember those Hollywood movies where the world is about to end—always due to an Armageddon-like situation—and the greatest scientists are gathered make a ship that will transport everyone to a different planet? Several movies go down this route—many of them good ones. The two that immediately spring to mind are Interstellar and 2012.

And if you’ve seen either movie, you’ll remember that both had one other thing in common: whatever programs the government was building, people either didn’t know about it, or knew only parts of it.

Art does imitate life, doesn’t it?

NASA’s Search for Life

On NASA’s website, their “Search for Life” program outlines four basic goals:

  • Exoplanets
  • Habitable zones
  • Life signs
  • Inventing the future

an earthlike exoplanet

And the part about exoplanets takes up quite a lot of space. So what are exoplanets? Simply put, exoplanets are planets that exist outside our own Solar System. NASA’s position is that they are looking at possible signs of either life to justify future manned space missions to one of these planets, much like Interstellar.

Exoplanets are planets outside our solar system that exist in the habitable zone in their respective solar systems. The habitable zone entails:

  • An optimal proximity to and distance from the star, to ensure the planet is not too hot or too cold
  • The right tilt, which is necessary for a stable orbit

But these aren’t the only requisites for a planet the likes of which NASA is looking for—not only should an Earthlike planet be in the habitable zone, but it should be habitable for humans. Generally, a habitable planet must have:

  • A rocky surface—Jupiter, for example, is not habitable, because it’s all gas
  • An atmosphere—but not one that is too dense and has too high a pressure, like Venus
  • Without water, there is no life.

What Next?

From what NASA has disclosed, we know that Earthlike planets such as Kepler-452b—also known as Earth 2.0—have been found. In fact, they have even located TRAPPIST-1 system—a solar system that has seven Earthlike planets orbiting a red dwarf. We have even found evidence of planets that scientists are calling Super Earths: planets larger than Earth, but also lighter than Earth, because they aren’t just rock—their composition is a combination of rock and gas. Earth is rock and liquid. Many say Super Earths are also objectively better than Earth for housing life.

Of course, we have no way of knowing—they are, 40 light years away from us, after all. Is NASA’s search for life meaningless in this spacetime frame?

Perhaps—perhaps not. We can’t discount the fact that we know very little about what they know. Besides, seekers of hidden truths have believed in the presence of alien life for decades.

Find Out More about Extraterrestrial Life

The Get Wisdom forum is always buzzing with discussions on extraterrestrial life—and you, too can join the conversation today.

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Are Aliens Hiding Under Water?

One of the most common—and one of the few logical—counterarguments to the existence of extraterrestrials is this: why have we never seen any?

Of course, hidden truth-seekers have tried to explain, time and again, that extraterrestrials are masters of deception—if they walk among us, they do so discreetly. You wouldn’t know one if they crossed you, unless you really knew how to spot one.

Still, the question of where a large colony of them might be hiding, right here on Earth, is interesting.

And it is not without answer.

The Russians Have the Answer

This might come as a blow to certain Americans, but this time, the Russians really did beat us to it—they found a possible alien colony right here on Earth.

It happened in 1982.

A Russian navy diver was several feet beneath the surface of the sea when these strange events conspired: it was in the sub-zero depths of the lake that the diver found himself face-to-face with a humanoid entity that also had body parts similar to that of a lion’s mane jellyfish. Think Ernie from Shark Tale. The diver reported that the entities wore no protective covering over their heads—they were clearly comfortable with the environment.

a humanoid entity

It was an awkward, silent confrontation between the diver and the creatures—until the diver made an attempt to capture one of them. That is when the creatures released an enormous force of unseen energy—so terrifyingly stunning the diver that he could have died.

Whatever those entities were, they did not want to be captured—and they were powerful enough to evade capture.

We know this happened because the Russian government released classified documents of the encounter for many years until 2009. Prior to the diver incident, Russian submarines had also been chased underwater by a clearly advanced super-machine.

Why it’s Possible

Lake Baikal—where it conspired—is the largest fresh water lake anywhere in the world. Naturally, like other bodies of water in the world, it has never been truly explored. Think about it: 553 people have been in space. Only 3 people have been in the Challenger Deep—the deepest point on Earth, inside the Mariana Trench.

The Earth’s oceans are largely unexplored—but are they necessarily uninhabited?

The Russian encounters give us cause to believe that the Earth’s oceans man more than fish and crab. What lies in the dark depths of these water?

Have More to Discuss?

You can now join the Get Wisdom forum and discuss all there is to know about extraterrestrials, hidden truths, and divine wisdom with like-minded individuals. The Creator has also answered a question about Lake Baikal, which you can access here. More information on similar topics and issues can be found on the Divine Wisdom Database.

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The Hidden Truth about the Franklin Expedition

Sir John Franklin, a man best-known for eating his own shows, set out in 1845 with 129 Englishmen aboard the HMS Terror and HMS Erebus. Along with him were his deputy and second-in-command, Francis Crozier; and the captain of HMS Erebus, Sir James Fitzjames.

Both ships—the most advanced ships of their time, as legendary as the Titanic—and the 129 men were never heard from again.

They were never seen again.

Until 2014 and 2016. Yes, it was only four years ago that HMS Terror and Erebus were located—but what happened to the men?

There have been several attempts at an explanation. . .

Lead Poisoning

The most readily-accepted of all theories is the one about lead poisoning: back in 1845, many food packaging companies were still using lead as a substance for sealing food packages. Voyages like the Franklin Expedition were expected to be at sea for a long stretch of time—indeed, the ships were stocked with three years’ worth of food.

Many people have accepted that the sailors died because excessive and repetitive consumption of canned food might have led to lead poisoning. The flaw with this theory is that many other expeditions had lead-packaged food on board, and not all the expeditioners died.

A Possessed, Supermassive Polar Bear

a polar bear

This was the fictional idea adopted by historical writer Dan Simmons, and subsequently in the AMC show adaptation of the book. The show—with an all-star cast consisting Tobias Menzies, Jared Harris, Paul Ready, and Ciarán Hinds—explores the haunting expedition, the internal revolts and rebellions, the cannibalism, and . . . the polar bear.

Over the years, of course, people have touted the idea that the sailors—or at least, the survivors—were picked off by a polar bear. Polar bears are the largest and strongest land predators on Earth—with the strength to kill a person just by swinging a paw. They aren’t exactly Winnie the Pooh.

The idea that one such beast—that the book called a Tuunbaaq and that looked like a prehistoric cave bear on the show—could be possessed isn’t entirely new either. Tuunbaaq is a legend among eskimos—a beast that has its mind controlled by an unseen entity.

Cannibalism—Or Something Else?

Despite evidence being found of cannibalism, many British people, including Charles Dickens, refused to admit that such had happened. No Englishman, they believed, would do such a thing. Years later, Englishman Dennis Nilsen would prove them wrong by doing just that.

Even so, is it sane to accept that all 129 sailors—seasoned for sea voyages and the icy cold of the arctic—dies because they dined on each other? And why were the ships not found until very recently?

Could there have been some other, otherworldly power involved?

Discuss More about the Franklin Expedition

Here’s more on the Franklin Expedition and alien involvement, if you are interested in what the Creator has to say about it. If you want to discuss the Franklin Expedition in greater detail with like-minded hidden truth-seekers, join the Get Wisdom forum today.

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The Dyatlov Pass Incident: Were Aliens Involved?

The Ural Mountains in Russia were a relatively unknown place up until eleven very talented, skilled, and seasoned hikers went in one day—and never returned.

The eleven hikers were students from the Ural Polytechnical Institute, led by charismatic and experienced mountain climber Igor Dyatlov. The journey began in late January—and they were found in late February: all dead.

The One That Got Away

Interesting, one hiker of the original team of twelve managed to save his skin by falling ill. Before the team left for the Ural, Yuri Yudin fell sick and had to be left behind in the village of Vizhai. We’re certain that at that time, Yuri must have been sad to see his friends go without him to what looked like a daring winter hike.

Little did he know that his sickness saved him from a most gruesome death.

The Gruesome Discovery

a skull

The mystery truly began when investigators finally found their bodies. Mountaineers go missing on some of the world’s most unforgiving terrains all the time, but nothing like this had ever happened before. The Ural Mountains might not be the world’s most dangerous mountain, but the region has since become known as the “Mountain of Death.”

Yuri was waiting to receive a telegram from Dyatlov on February 12th—as had been previously promised. That telegram never came. People didn’t panic, as such delays were to be expected. Besides, the team was an experienced one.

But when the 20th passed, and still no word was received, a search was launched.

On February 26th, their tent was found at a slope; torn from the inside, and covered in snow. It was empty. This indicated that the campers had ripped their way out of the tent in a hurry to get out. Everything the group owned was left behind. This indicated that they were running from something.

The team then found nine sets of footprints: all leading to the forest, single file. It couldn’t get weirder than this. If they were running from something, why were they walking calmly and in a row? Why were their footprints bare? Why did they have no shoes on?

a dark forest

The mystery deepened when they finally found the bodies—all at different locations in the woods.

The first two bodies had nothing on, save their undergarments. One hiker had a major skull fracture, and two had chest fractures. This was no human doing—the force that’s required to crush someone’s skull is equivalent to a car collision. But most bafflingly, no external bruising was found on their bodies—eliminating the possibility of a human quarrel.

Four other bodies had suffered soft tissue damage. One hiker was missing her eyes, tongue, lip, and even parts of the skull bone. Another hiker’s eyebrows were gone.

What had happened here?

What Must Have Happened

Kholat Syakhl

We have evidence to prove that the hikers got as far as Kholat Syakhl—that’s where the investigators found their tents. What investigators concluded was that their intent was never to go to the Kholat Syakhl—the hikers meant to go through the pass and around it. Something—weather conditions is a guess—made them change their course and take a wrong turn.

This wrong turn would cost them more than they could have imagined.

Their second mistake was to set camp at the slope of the mountain, and not in the wilderness. The wilderness would have provided them some support and protection. Later on, when Yuri was asked to weigh in, he suggested that Dyatlov, the leader, must not have wanted to “lose altitude”—which is why they were out in the cold that fateful night.

But what afterwards? Why had they left their tents in the middle of the night—since they were not fully clothed, that would be the natural assumption—and gone into the woods? If they were running, why were they walking single-file? If they had quarreled or had suffered an animal attack, why was there no bruising? If it was human wrongdoing, how did they suffer injuries no human could have inflicted?

The Soviet Explanation

The Soviet authorities eventually concluded that at least 6 of the 11 hikers had died of hypothermia—exposure to extreme cold. Their initial report concluded that the culprit that had sent Dyatlov and his team to their demise was a “compelling natural force.” Note that this was as vague as it got—because there was truly no answer to the gruesome injuries.

The rest of the world wasn’t so easily convinced.

People Think it was a Yeti

a terrifying yeti

A theory that’s both probable and illogical at the same time, one has to admit that the Yeti theory does hold a lot of ground. The injuries that the hikers suffered must account for something—and they don’t account for any natural disaster, gales, internal quarrels, animal attack, or human intervention. Whatever did what was done to them was no human.

So, was it a Yeti?

As far as we treat a yeti as a nonhuman, it could have been the case. Something superhuman had been part of the conspiracy—but then, there were other rumors.

Radioactive Experiments

The fact that this happened in the Soviet Union didn’t help. Everyone remembers Chernobyl all too well. And then, of course, there’s the fact that the findings of the case were simply labeled “secret.” The autopsy never revealed the internal state of the hikers’ organs.

One lesser-known explanation is that the Russians were hiding something—something like radioactivity. This theory holds water because two of the victims’ bodies had traces of radioactivity. There was a weapons test going on in the area around the same time as the disappearance of the students. Radiation can be one way of explaining how the hikers broke bones without bruises.


strange extraterrestrials

While the radiation theory has credibility, there’s an even better explanation—one that on-site lead investigator Lev Ivanov actually offered: in this detailed report, he says, “the role of UFOs in (the incident) was quite obvious.” Quite obvious.

His extensive investigation revealed that locals had reported seeing “fireballs” in the sky—or UFOs. On February 17th, a particularly large one was seen in the sky. He then tells how, when he reported his fireball finding to the authorities, he was ordered to keep mum, and to “classify” and “seal” everything.

We think he had it right. The only explanation that works better than a Yeti and radioactive weapons test is an alien intervention: Superhuman force? Check. Mysterious injuries? Check. Possible hypnosis and summoning of the hikers into the forest? Check.

It’s the only theory that checks out.

The 2020 Verdict

Of course, an incident of this magnitude never really goes down peacefully. No matter how hard some authorities try to bury facts, it’s like they say: truth will out. There was, therefore, a whole new investigation launched into the matter, with a 2020 report providing a brand-new explanation for the absolutely inexplicable events that took place in the February of 1959.

The report said an avalanche killed the hikers. A new one, in fact—according to a study concluded earlier in 2021. This time, they said a “slab avalanche” killed the hikers. Not very convincing, if you ask us.

Has the Dyatlov Mystery Been Solved?

We don’t think so. A slab avalanche isn’t a new development in natural disasters—not so much so, at least, that it took investigators more than 60 years to provide a definitive answer. The Creator might have a better answer—one that you can read here.

Maybe a slab avalanche killed the Zodiac victims too. But you can dig deep into this hidden truth by discussing it with like-minded individuals on the Get Wisdom forum.

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Deep Subconscious: Is it Possible to Lie to Yourself?

Loss, betrayal, abuse (verbal, emotional, psychological), childhood trauma, community violence, bullying, and gaslighting are just a handful of the plethora of traumatic experiences that can compel us to shut down. While some people may turn to therapy in an attempt to heal their wounds, many don’t get the opportunity to process their emotions and come out stronger on the other side. Because the true origin of emotional conflict is so deep within, they’re forced to bury their feelings arising from their deep subconscious and continually repress them.

What happens when someone is unable to process a traumatic experience that shaped their life? To fight the overwhelming urge to understand what happened to them, and without a real means to do so, they begin lying to themselves. This is a common response to trauma. You can also call it a coping mechanism of sorts. Let’s dive deeper into the implications of this response.

1. You Create a New Narrative for Yourself

People who are unable to embark on the healing process create a new narrative that temporarily soothes them. In essence, they block out the pain from hidden traumatic experience(s) and replace it with incidents that make them feel better and help them keep agonizing thoughts at bay. While this brings temporary relief, it can backfire in the long run.

As they continue to shove their feelings under the rug and ignore the turmoil in their deep subconscious, they move on, or so it seems. However, the unsorted, convoluted, and complex mesh of entangled trauma continues to manifest in their daily life. Over time, it burgeons. If left unaddressed, it can cause further trauma at a certain point in the individual’s life—their “breaking point.”

Recommended Read: Freud Said Dreams Belie Our Darkest Fears. Was He Right?

2. You Force Yourself to Run From Reality (Even If/When You Get the Opportunity to Heal)

After burying their feelings and ignoring their subconscious for years, people grow comfortable to a certain extent. While there’s still a lingering sense of discontentment that tugs at their arm every now and then, they think they’re happy. They begin to mistake the numbness for stability.

This can have disastrous consequences in the long run. When presented with the opportunity to heal, people may continue to rely on their “coping mechanism” and sideline their only chance at unpacking, sorting, and putting away their trauma in a healthy manner.

3. You Self-Sabotage

a man struggling to navigate his thoughts at a dining table

Self-sabotage is extremely common among people who have undergone traumatic experiences in life. By using their subconscious as a trash can that’s never emptied, they continue to burden themselves with unsorted feelings. This can take a toll on their mental health, friendships, romantic relationships, and familial connections.

Recommended Read: How Do You Go from a Victim to a Victor?

Everyone has trauma buried in their deep subconscious. Make sure you take active measures to undo the damage. We can help. At Team Wisdom, we’re committed to helping you heal, seek hidden truth, and live your true purpose. Your well-being comes first, and we’re here to help you set things right again. Find out more about our divine inspiration sessions to get started with subconscious channeling.

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Glitch in the Matrix: Is Déjà Vu the Universe’s Way of Communicating with You?

Over the years, déjà vu—the French phrase that translates to “already seen”—has become common knowledge across the globe. Whether you attend a Bon Iver concert and feel like you’ve experienced it before or get into a bad car accident only to get flashbacks of being in a similar predicament in the past, déjà vu is powerful and extremely common, to say the least.

But what does it indicate? Does your brain falsely perceive an experience as a distant memory? Or is the universe trying to tell you something? Let’s dig deeper.

Altering the Experience

Déjà vu doesn’t just happen for the sake of it. In many cases, it’s the universe telling you to act differently in a certain situation. In essence, it’s a caution or a euphoria enhancer.

Let’s break this down.

Let’s say you’re about to get robbed, and you feel a strong sense of déjà vu. In some cases, you’ll feel déjà vu right before the incident. However, it can be immediately after as well. If it’s the former, you can pre-empt the robbery and save your belongings or, more importantly, yourself. If it’s the latter, you’ll find it easier to process the incident and navigate the following stages.

In these cases, déjà vu acts as a caution.

Recommended Read: The Matter of Free Will

a party with a bottle of Pinot Grigio in the foreground

As stated earlier, it can also be a euphoria enhancer. Say you’re partying with your friends. Within seconds, a very specific song comes on and you smell the heady scent of a very specific bottle of Pinot Grigio. As the song and the scent hit you, you realize this has happened before: you’ve danced to this exact song while smelling and sipping this exact Pinot Grigio. Except it hasn’t. Or perhaps it has—in a past life! Either way, you zone in on the moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

In both of these cases, déjà vu respectively helps you handle a difficult situation better (the robbery) and simply have more fun (the party). In essence, it’s the universe talking to you and making things better in its own way.

Guiding You Towards the Truth

Déjà vu is extremely intentional. In many cases, it’s leading you towards something. As you grapple with the situation and put two and two together, you can uncover truths about divine wisdom and enlightenment.

As the universe guides you towards your higher purpose, you’ll feel a greater sense of fulfilment, belonging, and bliss. In a way, déjà vu is the universe making it easier for you to find the pieces of the puzzle, put them together, and see the bigger picture more clearly.

Recommended Read: Spiritual Concepts That Helps Your Soul Grow

I’m Intrigued. How Can I Get Started?

Our divine inspiration sessions can help you seeking hidden truth and actualize your true purpose. Browse through our channelings, webinars, and podcasts to get started!

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Is 2021 Off to a Bad Start Already?

A lot has happened within the past few days—to say the least. From people storming the U.S. Capitol to COVID-19 cases spiking across the nation, 2021 is making us lose hope instead of paving the way for the light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Are we perpetually stuck in a labyrinthine burrow with no opening in sight? Or will things eventually get better?

If you’re feeling forlorn, discouraged, and anxious, take a deep breath. Unclench your shoulders. Relax your back. As you hope for a better year and continue your advocacy and activism, make sure you don’t sideline your mental health along the way.

Strive for healing, seek the hidden truth, and learn why you are being awakened. As you tune into your link to the divine realm and unravel your true purpose, you’ll feel more content, in control, and at peace.

We’ve rounded up some strategies to help you navigate the ebbs and flows of 2021 while putting your healing, growth, and enlightenment first.

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You’re Yearning for a Higher Purpose; Find It

As spiritual beings, our lives are fueled by divine wisdom. While we choose our paths out of our free will, we ultimately return to the divine path after wandering for years and perhaps even decades. In essence, we’re continually yearning for a higher purpose. After aimlessly seeking inspiration in the wrong places, we peacefully stumble upon the right path to enlightenment.

a woman looking outside the window

If you feel like you’re in a deep slumber of ignorance, make sure you take active measures to dig deeper into your purpose until it’s within reach. You’ll know you’re right where you’re supposed to be, and the healing process will be a welcome surprise. As you seek spiritual enlightenment, you’ll feel lighter, more relaxed, and completely content.

Recommended Read: Grounding Yourself on the True Path

Get Answers to Your Questions

2020 bombarded us with questions that we simply couldn’t answer, no matter how hard we tried. And as we step into 2021, it seems like the barrage of unanswered questions hasn’t stopped. Start by embarking on the journey to healing. As you connect with experienced spiritual healers, you’ll get the answers you’re looking for and come closer to the truth.

We Can Help

Don’t know where to look for help? At Get Wisdom, we’re committed to helping you make your life count. Browse through our webinars or wisdom resources page to get started today. Our divine inspiration sessions are focused on revealing hidden truths and helping you live a more meaningful life in accordance with the divine principles for living.

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