Does Spirit Attachment in Real Life Also Happen Like it Does in the Movies?

What’s your earliest memory of spirit attachments? We can bet that whatever it is, it comes from movies like The Exorcist and The Conjuring.

Horror movies attract millions for a reason: they scare us, but they also pique our interest. If Aristotle is to be believed, tragic fear elicits a kind of catharsis in us. We like seeing our worst fears played out on screen because it absolves us, in a way, of having to directly experience them.

But is spirit attachment like what it’s shown in the movies?

Spirit Attachment in the Movies

The pattern of spirit attachment is so similar in movies that it almost feels like an archetype—as if all the movie directors and screenwriters were following the same formula.

A person starts hearing voices, develops inexplicable scratches on their body, doors slam and plates fly out of their designated kitchen cabinets, kids make invisible friends in the attic, and dogs bark at nothing, fathers go berserk and crosses turn upside down at 3:15 in the morning—you know the drill.

line between truth and fiction

The line between truth and fiction is kind of blurred when it comes to the depiction of spirit attachment in movies and in real life. Many things and experiences are similar—if not necessarily the same. Yes, you might hear voices. Animals, too, are particularly susceptible to otherworldly entities, since they have sharper senses. Similarly, children are more prone to noticing and receiving attention from such entities than adults are.

Some ideas that are peddled in shows and movies are, of course, exaggerations. Spirits don’t sound like bad autotune, and they can’t make your head spin around 360 degrees. But one myth, in particular, stands out so starkly that we feel we must discuss it separately, in more detail.

Benevolent Spirits?

One of the newest ideas that horror movies seem to be peddling is that ghosts are good. This is both politically correct and problematic—because in painting spirits as benevolent, it makes it more likely for audiences to not be vigilant.

In truth, spirit attachment is never a “good” thing, per se. Even when you think the spirit that’s attached itself to you is a deceased friend or family member, you should know that danger is never far away—and that you can never trust a dark entity.

The best course of action is to reach out to a professional straightaway and cleanse your body of all such spirits.

Need Liberation from Spirit Possession or Attachment?

If you suspect or feel as if a spirit has attached itself to you, immediately see a professional spiritual healer. It’s best not to ignore the signs, even if people around you tell you that you’re “seeing things.” There will always be naysayers around you, but you should know that help is never far away. Get in touch with Karl Mollison of the Get Wisdom Project today.

How Big is the Race Crime Issue?

How much of today’s politics and protests are black and white? Are we sure we’re not being misled down a path of destruction by some other force that revels in our defeat?

The Current Fabric of Race Crime in the United States

The U.S. has, in particular, become synonymous with two terms these days: mass shootings and race crime. According to official records, hate crime-related violence hit a 16-year high recently. Moreover, people hypothesize that it is a direct result of our fearless leader being elected.

On the one hand, there’s no denying that race crime exists and that humans inflict miseries on other humans on the basis of some morphed understanding of racial superiority. On the other hand, we forget that humankind has collective enemies who benefit from discord among us.

The Source of Sensitivity

Regardless of how many stats and numbers we present, there’s no escaping the sensitivity of the issue. You might think that the reason for this is our past—Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.—but it reaches past that. Karma sits at the center of the issue, having sown the seeds of the present discord a long time ago.

As has been explained multiple times on the Get Wisdom Project, karma is a cyclical force that will keep pushing back until all imbalance is eliminated. Some of the ill will harbored today is mere karmic influence, rounding back to have its due comeuppance.

The Source of Sensitivity

Dark Spirit Meddlers

Between human pliability and dark spirit meddlers, it’s hard to say which one is the bigger enemy. Dark spirit meddlers, however, certainly occupy a stronghold. It’s important to understand that all humans are one race—and that many of the quarrels and squabbles have less to do with race and more with general human pugnaciousness.

Let’s take the George Floyd issue. A white cop killed George Floyd. But an Asian police officer stood right next to Floyd’s white murderer—and did nothing. Moreover, a brown/Arabic shop owner was the one who called the cops on Floyd! People of three races were involved, more or less but the media will tell you about only one.

The Larger Picture

The recent wave of anti-racism protests, it turns out, has a major connection with dark spirit meddlers. We often see what we want to see— or what we are programmed to see and then it’s natural to have tunnel vision about these things. After all, the collective history of humans as we are taught (and of racism in general, of slavery, and of America’s past) is dark enough as is.

The akashic records exist, our collective memories are jarred with the injustices and ills that have wrecked so many lives, and so until healed the issue will always remain a sensitive one. But does the exaggerated tension and turmoil we see now aid healing in any manner?

If you feel like you need a better understanding of the issue, ask the Creator your own questions today.

The Many Ways in Which Humans are Being Controlled

What is mind control like? Is it like Count Dracula’s mischievous maneuvers in Bram Stoker’s novel, or is it more like West World’s robotics? Is it magic or mechanics? And how do aliens do it?

Not Listening

How could making someone immune to hearing be a method of mind control? How about when it’s making a majority of the population immune to listening to (or believing) something you’re saying?

Why is there so much brouhaha when it comes to accounts of alien extraterrestrials and possessions? Why do people choose to refute UFOs despite official videos being released? Why do people still turn up their noses and cordon off their ears when some of the world’s most famous biologists and physicists tell them that extraterrestrials exist?

You may call it cognitive dissonance or you may call it confirmation bias—it doesn’t matter, for the mechanism is always the same: make people scoff at the truth to the point where lies are all they know.

This is also a method of mind control that’s generally employed by the reptilians and Arcturians. It helps them control just how much information they want to disseminate at what point in time.

Despite their superior plane of existence and advancement, they are still wary of flooding humans with information that could unite the planet against an extraterrestrial alliance.

How Many Strategies are “They” Using to Control Us?

There isn’t one.

They Using to Control Us

There are several.

The first of the many is, obviously, the tech-related. Electromagnetics is a major part of dismantling and disseminating information—from electronic media to otherworldly messages, we can be sure that angry electrons are a big part of the mechanism.

There are multiple layers to this. How does one hide something as frequent as alien abductions—and how do these discussions disappear from everyday conversations? Either someone wants us to know something or they don’t—and they have both the skill and sources to manipulate us.

Then, of course, there are the more direct forms of manipulation: abduction and possession, inception, implanting ideas in our heads, and using human channels such as the media to further them.

Need to Find Out More?

You can ask the Creator any question that keeps popping up in your head—because what better wisdom is there if not divine wisdom? Alternatively, you can join the Get Wisdom forum to connect with like-minded individuals and have rich, intense discussions with them. It’s never too late to ask questions, whether they’re about mind control, extraterrestrial agendas, or anything else.

Are Atheist Reptilians Like Atheist Humans?

This whole debate started when the world’s most famous atheistRichard Dawkins—tweeted that aliens are likely to be atheists. While he’s as positive as Stephen Hawking was on the question of the existence of aliens—both believe that they exist and it is potentially possible to meet with them—he is not so sure about their belief systems.

But since he is Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), this isn’t so surprising.

But what do we know about the belief systems of aliens? Do the reptilians and Arcturians believe in a higher power or are they as faithless as some of the world’s atheists suppose?

The Mainstream Debate

The mainstream debate—not the one that’s concerned with whether or not aliens exist—takes on a starkly religious light.

People usually seem to agree that “fundamentally” religious people won’t be able to cope with the idea of other beings. Leading names in the field believe that religious people would not be able to deal with the idea of aliens—but perhaps that’s because they have a myopic understanding of the whole situation? Nothing is so black and white.

The main idea here, again, is that religion in itself is an outdated concept that we must grow out of. But what of faith?

There seems to be no consensus so far. Some are intent on believing that a proven existence of extraterrestrials would spell the end of all religious beliefs. Others like to dawdle somewhere in the middle. The source of the confusion is a lack of information about what extraterrestrials are and what they believe in.

Sans Divine Support

The traditional belief that divinity is on your side regardless of what your thoughts and deeds are is bogus. When things come to a head, it’s possible to lose divine support. In our channelings with the Creator, we have learned that this is the case for extraterrestrials like reptilians and Arcturians as well.

It is a hell of their own making. By choosing to turn away from the Creator and succumbing to corruption, by donning the garb of selfishness and abandoning kindness, by embracing self-serving ideas and using their superior technologies to subdue other species, these beings have practically severed their connection with the divine. So, yes, a connection was there—but they have refused to foster it. Some would say this is one way of describing atheism.

It’s like the Lucifer story all over again: it’s possible to lose divine support if you turn rogue and stray far away from divine guidance. A corruption of the heart can perceive no divine love and accordingly divine support will be missing. Extraterrestrials like the reptilians have been on the course of destruction for a very long time—and it would be well if we humans took heed.

Need to Know?

Still unsure about the issue? You can ask the Creator your own questions here. If you’re a seeker of hidden truths, its good to know that the answers are never too far away. All you have to do is ask.

Is a Continued Lockdown the Solution to the Coronavirus?

From Canada to New Zealand, the world is in a state of lockdown. And while it’s helped small developed, first-world, countries like New Zealand, others aren’t so lucky. Around the world, people have been affected in the worst ways possible.

From dying while trying to get home to locking themselves up and suffering because they have nothing to eat, desperation is setting in. And this is the only the beginning of the hell to come.

Longterm Consequences: What an Extended Lockdown Will Cost Us

If you thought the effects of an extended lockdown were minimal, you’re in for a nasty shock. It’s important to go beyond our small bubbles and to look at how the lockdown affects those around us.

The Medical Effects

Of course, the virus is killing people on a daily basis, but just because the world is being wrecked by the virus doesn’t mean all other diseases have ceased to exist. There will be long-term health consequences related to the extended lockdown. For starters, being cooped up at home prevents people from having a physical outlet, which is naturally disastrous for the human body.

Additionally, it’s being reported that people are purposefully avoiding hospitals. They aren’t going to the dentist, their general physician, or even to their therapists anymore. All of this spells medical mayhem. It’s even worse when people begin self-prescribing.

The Financial Effects


The pandemic has already affected the global economy in ways we couldn’t have imagined. With factories and industries closed and trade and airports in shambles, the situation is bleak.

The International Monetary Fund is calling this the “worst economic turndown” since the Great Depression. It’s expected that governmental and corporate debts will also go up around the globe—but it will be worse for developing countries.

For developing countries—that are already mired in debt—if industries and trade are shut down, and people don’t have work, their reserves will soon dwindle.

The World Bank has outlined a range of adverse effects: from gender-based impacts to high unemployment levels. Unemployment is already at an all-time high, and it’s been established that the lockdown and the economy can’t go together.

We already have a model before us: China, where it all started. Province after province, city after city fell victim to an invading horde of invisible microbes. And when China took the ultimate decision—locking down—the effects hit hard. One of the world’s biggest economies receded.

China itself admits that its economy shrank as a result of the virus. And now, as a second wave of the virus seems to have gripped China again, the economy is once more at stake.

The Psychological Effects

The Psychological Effects

The effects of a continued lockdown aren’t just financial or economical; there’s a psychological aftermath too. Experts have already weighed in on the possible psychological consequences of a lockdown—what can go wrong when people are confined for too long in their homes.

Humans are, after all, social animals: our survival and progression as a race are in part due to our ability to form groups and live together. We grow together—not when we’re separated from each other. Divided we fall. It’s being called the world’s biggest psychological experiment for a reason.

What Does Divine Wisdom Tell Us?

There’s no denying that physical distancing is one way—for now, until a vaccine is invented—of keeping the virus at bay. However, we cannot sweep the larger and eventual consequences under the carpet. A long-term lockdown has longer-term consequences.

We cannot ignore the waves of destitution and poverty that will eventually come our way. Perhaps it doesn’t concern people who are not directly affected by such dire situations—but for you and us, who seek divine wisdom and guidance, it’s a whole different reality.

Isn’t it telling that all the leaders in favor of an extended lockdown already live in sheltered palaces and mansions? Find out what the Creator has to say about it here. You can also ask your own questions here.

Here’s How the Pandemic is Designed to Propel Paranoia on a Mass Scale

Here’s How the Pandemic is Designed to Propel Paranoia on a Mass Scale

The COVID-19 threat isn’t the first of its kind to threaten the human race. The influenza epidemic that came before it was similarly notorious when it came to facilitating the spread of paranoia. The truth is that infectious illnesses have always shaped the human psyche—since time immemorial.

How Paranoia Spreads

Michel Foucault talked about this when he wrote his magnum opus, Madness and Civilization. He starts by explaining how lepers, back in the Middle Ages, were shipped off to distant lands—only because they were sick and were infecting others. These people were branded “mad” and easily alienated—both literally and figuratively. In theory, we call this the “otherization” of people.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen similar otherization happen all around us. There have been reports of racism against Asians, mass deportations, travel and immigration bans against certain people, and more. Psychology Today even talked about chilling cases of mass murder, with the help of examples from history. It explained how, during the Black Death, Jews were killed by their neighbors because that’s how paranoid people were: paranoid enough to persecute a fellow human.

Remember, for fear to work, you need something to be afraid of. And since we can’t see the virus, we need a visible enemy. Fellow humans seem like a good enough scapegoat.

The Big Question: Who Benefits From Paranoia?

Whenever something bad happens, and whenever we feel it difficult to determine an agenda, ask this question: who benefits? At this point, when the whole world is in chaos and up in arms, humans are not benefiting at all.

Whenever something bad happens, and whenever we feel it difficult to determine an agenda, ask this question: who benefits? At this point, when the whole world is in chaos and up in arms, humans are not benefiting at all. If it was an affliction that affected a sorry few of the society, perhaps you could say that so or so government was involved.

But humans are, collectively, on the losing side here.

The only party that’s winning is a party that has long waited to pounce on humans at the slightest sign of weakness. It’s the extraterrestrials with an agenda, the ones with a mercenary army at their behest, who have long waited for humans to drop their guard.

Humans: Distracted, But Not Defeated

We humans are completely engaged in other issues at home at the moment. We are involved in finding vaccines for a virus that is posing an existential threat to us. We want to ensure the world economy still runs despite all of this. Humans aren’t even, most surprisingly, fighting any new wars. This says something about how great the paranoia is.

We are, collectively, distracted.

This is a ripe time for enemies of our planet and our kind to unleash their nefarious attacks on us. They can do it undetected and unchallenged. However, not all of us are so easily fooled. Many of us are well onto the hidden truths that have been kept from us. Many of us have been looking into the details of extraterrestrial agendas for too long. With divine and channeled wisdom on our side, we may surpass this threat that stands before us.



The Eerie Similarities Between Previous Plagues and the Present Pandemic

The Eerie Similarities Between Previous Plagues and the Present Pandemic

Too many people are under the impression that the coronavirus pandemic is the first of its kind. But history books are not kind to people who hold this opinion.

We’ve dealt with pandemics that have been just as devastating in the past—in fact, some of these pandemics have been worse!

And many of them were strikingly similar to the one we’re going through right now.

Let’s take a look at a few examples:

The Black Death

It’s known as the “greatest catastrophe ever”—and for good reason. 50 million people wiped out in merely a few years. 60% of the entire population of Europe gone. The 14th century was a troubling time to live in—especially since science wasn’t even known in its current form and people tried primitive methods to treat and stop the spread of an invisible sickness.

They called it the “black death.”

And there are similarities to the novel coronavirus. Rats—a close cousin of bats—spread the black death. And similar in some respects to the coronavirus, it supposedly started in one place, and then spread throughout the world at unbelievable speeds.

The 1920 Plague

If Albert Camus’ novel The Plague springs to mind when you think of the word plague, you aren’t far off. We’re talking about the Spanish Flu that affected some 500 million individuals between 1918 to 1920.

If Albert Camus’ novel The Plague springs to mind when you think of the word plague, you aren’t far off. We’re talking about the Spanish Flu that affected some 500 million individuals between 1918 to 1920. It was reported that of those infected, one-fifth died. The similarities to the novel coronavirus are, once more, shocking. Allegedly, again, rodents were the primary source of infection.

Contrary to the name, however, the plague didn’t originate in Spain. It instead originated in the barracks of the soldiers fighting the First World War. Similar plagues and sicknesses also spread in soldiers’ barracks when Henry VIII laid siege to Boulogne.

And That isn’t All

Between 1957–58, there was an influenza epidemic that also, like the coronavirus, originated in China. It was dubbed the Asian Flu and killed an estimated one or two million people. Not as “destructive” as the other two epidemics of the 20th century (the Spanish Flu and the 1968 flu pandemic) it was still damaging.

And very recently, between 2002 to 2004, there was the SARS outbreak. SARS is actually a coronavirus and this is the reason the current and related coronavirus threat we call COVID-19 is referred to in scientific publications as SARS-CoV-2. It was far deadlier than the current coronavirus, because it killed more people—but it didn’t spread as far around the world.

The Bottom Line

One question we need to ask ourselves is this: we have come so far and have dealt with so much; yet, we still underestimate our strength. The obvious answer is that we never believed in the actual source of human power.

But unbeknownst to us, there are sinister forces out there, just waiting to pounce on humankind as soon as we forget and ignore our true origin. There’s a reason pandemics like these strike after every couple of decades. Could it be a part of the extraterrestrial agenda that goes way beyond alien abductions?

In times like these, it is wisdom to keep the Creator close. Ask for divine wisdom and guidance as often as you can. The times might be difficult, but there IS a way to stay safe, and also heal.


Are the Powers-That-Be Going to Use the Pandemic to Amp Up Surveillance?

Are the Powers-That-Be Going to Use the Pandemic to Amp Up Surveillance?

Some think the use of clever technology is, at the moment, the only way to counter the COVID threat. We need to identify infected individuals, find out where they’ve been and who they have met, and put everyone under lockdown. Sounds simple enough, but people have realized that all of this means a lot of snooping around.

The authorities, for example, will need to poke into several private details to determine whether or not you’re a compromised individual. Your travel records and data might not be as personal as you think they are anymore. Major media outlets, from Business Insider to The Guardian, are all raising the same question.

And that question is…

Are Coronavirus Apps Part of a Plan to Monitor People and Control Movement?

With the question of surveillance looming, people aren’t far off from musing about coronavirus apps. In fact, the first of these apps—Google and Apple-based tracing apps—have just been launched. Tracking apps in China have been stirring controversy for a long time now, raising privacy concerns. Closet totalitarian regimes, like India, have also been facing similar problems by making some apps compulsory for employees.

Not unlike some Black Mirror episode, there are governments that are planning to keep these apps permanently—even after the COVID threat is over.

With the question of surveillance looming, people aren’t far off from musing about coronavirus apps. In fact, the first of these apps—Google and Apple-based tracing apps—have just been launched.

This, naturally, is making people a wee bit paranoid. People are curious if this is a part of some larger, mass surveillance program. They’re wondering if apps like these will help control and constrict movement. The central question that they’re asking is this: is there an Orwellian motive behind the development of these apps?

Consequences of the Pandemic

Karl Mollison, by channeling the Creator, had some insightful answers for his viewers regarding a similar question. Here’s what we can tell you about the pandemic: yes, it is designed to be damaging. However, that damaging design doesn’t include a mission to assume absolute control over each individual on the planet.

There will definitely be a lot of changes, though. The general cultures in many places in the world will change as a rule. People will be more careful about meeting other people. Man will now fear man—alienation and social ostracization are both potential outcomes. We have already seen how the pandemic can be used to fuel the fire of racism.

Is the Pandemic a Way to Gain Absolute Control?

Although we don’t think mass control and surveillance are something that world powers are going for now, we can’t deny its plausibility. The prospect of having every human being on the planet in your pocket is one that would entice anyone in power. The forces that are constantly looking to harm all of humankind will doubtless want to benefit from something like this.

It would be a perfect recreation of Foucault’s panopticon: an Orwellian prison in which you are watched constantly—but you can’t watch back. If something like this happens, all of humankind will be jeopardized. Free speech and critical thinking will be under threat. Our existence might be under threat.

Don’t Shy Away from the Hidden Truth

Hidden truth seekers know that the path to truth is never easy. It’s riddled with doubt, and there are only too many hurdles on the way. The Get Wisdom Project is one way of understanding these hurdles and diving straight into a world of solutions.

Begin today by signing up for the forum or begin by asking the Creator a new question. Divine wisdom is the surest way to get to the bottom of any question that troubles you.


How will the Discovery of a Black Hole Closest to Earth Affect Human Life on Earth?

How will the Discovery of a Black Hole Closest to Earth Affect Human Life on Earth?

Hiding in plain sight.

That’s what Kareem El-Badry, an astronomer and a Ph.D. student at the University of California, had to say about the discovery of a new black hole. According to Badry, scientists have been studying the star system in which astronomers discovered this black hole since the 80s.

And if that is so, one is forced to ask the question:

Why Did it Take So Long to Discover This Black Hole?

Well, for one, black holes are . . . black. And space is . . . black. It’s kind of difficult to differentiate between the two. But we did capture an actual photo of a black hole last year, didn’t we? And that photo very closely resembled most digital representations of black holes.

This black hole, however, is kind of different. It interacts nonviolently with its environment. By this, we mean that it does not “feed off” clouds of gas—and therefore does not have a visible enough event horizon.

When astronomers discovered this black hole, they had instead been studying a pair of stars: the HR 6819. These stars had been observed behaving strangely: they orbited each other. That happens sometimes. It’s called a binary star system.

But there was more to this star system.

In 2004, it was confirmed that the system was different from standard binary star systems. At some point, astronomers must have realized that the stars weren’t orbiting each other: they were orbiting another object.

In 2004, it was confirmed that the system was different from standard binary star systems. At some point, astronomers must have realized that the stars weren’t orbiting each other: they were orbiting another object. An invisible object with a force of gravity massive enough to force the revolution. That object could only have been one thing: a black hole.

How Significant is This Discovery?

The discovery spells out, for science, another step in the ongoing developments on black hole-related research. Space science is certainly the star of the hour. But the discovery is far more significant for humankind.

The discovery is revolutionary for many reasons. For one, it confirms that our own Milky Way is full of black holes. It also may confirm that extraterrestrial life, existing on planets orbiting these black holes, is closer to Earth than we reckoned.

The black hole is said to be a thousand light-years away. That might seem like an impossibly long distance to humans, but what would it be for beings that are far more advanced?

We know that habitable planets revolve around black holes. We might have evidence that UFOs could be flying out of supermassive black holes. Entire rogue worlds could easily exist in the planetary systems around these huge centers of gravity—and now we know one exists in our own backyard.

Time for Caution or Celebration?

For some time, hidden truth researchers have known that benevolent, as well as mercenary extraterrestrials exist near us—and even among us. Given the presence of grave danger, due diligence is always a good idea. Join the discussion by signing up for the forum on Get Wisdom and interact with people asking the same questions as you.