What happens when we die depends on what has come before. For one out of three people, their spirit does cross over but gets stuck in lower astral planes. This means that they’re going to be unable to move higher along the astral world and on to heaven. For many, this means that they’ll be stuck in what is essentially purgatory or right outside the human world, leaving them in torment for eternity.

You can help a loved one move on and ascend to the higher heavens through spirit rescues which will prevent them from getting stuck or allow them to move on and cross over. Lower astral planes are harder to break past on one’s own and so it’s important to have that extra support, help, and rescuing from a professional Lightworker.

Lightworkers use the power of prayer, focus, and specific methods to help souls gain redemption, clear karmic backlog and trauma that is holding them back.

Spirit rescues are an incredibly vital and important healing method to help souls that are suffering and struggling with various afflictions. Here are some scenarios where spirit rescues become necessary for the recipient:

1. In case someone has had a traumatic life

Someone with a traumatic life is someone who will struggle in their next phase of existence too, and may become earthbound when they pass on. Karmic trauma from your previous life may very well carry forth into this life or become exacerbated due to current struggles, incidents, experiences, and trauma, as well as interloper interference and torture.


These incidents can add more aches and pain to your current state, making it increasingly difficult for you to find solace and peace wherever you are. A spirit rescue may be needed for people who’ve been through a lot in their lives because suffering will almost certainly make the rest of their journey a tormentful experience.

2. A loved one passes away in a painful manner

Another case wherein a spirit rescue would be beneficial as a precautionary measure would be when a loved one passes away in a painful manner. Whether due to diseases like cancer or Alzheimer’s, a traumatic car accident, murder, or anything involving pain or violence, a rescue can be incredibly effective. Having great fear of dying is commonplace, and not always discussed with family. Their may be fear of punishment if there are regrets or guilt about personal failings.

Being in a low vibration from a painful, fearful death can make it difficult for a soul to cross over, leaving their spirit stuck in limbo. Sometimes they may seek revenge, other times, they may be struggling to find closure and peace or just confused by what happened. This is especially true if they were unable to process and understand the gravity and weight of what happened to them and what they went through. Many are unable to move on because of this ‘unfinished business,’ and prayer, cleanses, and rescues can help them see the light.

3. Unexpected sudden death or disbelief in the afterlife

When people pass away unexpectedly, they lose the body and the brain and are perceiving things intuitively, which they are not used to. They may be lost in the dark, literally, and not realize they are dead.

They may not see the light reaching out to them.

Non-religious people, in particular, are at a disadvantage because they are not expecting anything to happen after their death, and they won’t know what to do. Their disbelief works against them because they have already made the free will choice to be disconnected from the Divine, and that can continue for a very long time. A spirit rescue can build a bridge to the light for them to be guided home.


4. There are hauntings, sightings, and interactions with spirits

Another sign of concern that you should look out for is if there are hauntings, sightings, and any kinds of interactions with people who’ve died. If you sense your departed loved one in their favorite places, hear their voice calling out to you, they visit you and talk to you in different ways, you’re probably not imagining all this. They’re probably reaching out to you to let you know they’re around, and any uneasiness you feel is a bad sign; it’s also tragic on multiple levels.

But why is it such a tragedy? You should be happy they’re around, right? In truth, a few moments of happiness for you—or them—aren’t worth an eternity of torture, pain, and heartache. They’ll never be fully here or there or be able to move on.

5. You can’t cope with your grief, or are worried that your loved one hasn’t crossed into heaven

A strong emotional attachment to a departed loved one can literally keep them earthbound. Even when you are ready to let go, there may be an inner disquiet, a sixth sense something is wrong. Excessive worrying about their fate can also be harmful to the departed. Sometimes none of these scenarios need to fully hold true for you to seek a spirit rescue for your loved one. Sometimes it’s your care, love, and affection that leads to your concern for their well-being in the hereafter, and that’s precisely why you should get this service for them. A spirit rescue could be beneficial in helping put your mind at ease and benefit your loved one who may or may not have found their way to heaven with ease.

Spirit rescues are a lot more important than we realize. They’re quite helpful in allowing people with various emotional, spiritual and mental struggles to pass on and move into the next realm. We don’t realize how often people we love could be struggling and how their karmic trauma is carried on with them even after they pass on.

Get Wisdom is dedicated to helping their clients’ families with spiritual healing services, using divine channeling and other methods part of the Lightworker Healing Protocol. They offer various divine healing services, including extensive spirit rescues for those who are living and those who’ve passed on.

Please reach out to them for more help and support and to schedule various clearances for yourself or your loved ones.

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