How to Develop Gratitude After a Difficult Year

Loss or setbacks of any kind, whether it’s romantic, familial, job or business-related, or just a general slump, can make it difficult and very challenging to be more grateful after a tough time. For many people, it can be difficult to find perspective and change their outlook, making certain situations harder to cope with. However, a little gratitude can go a long way in helping you persevere and come out stronger.

Here are some ways you can develop more gratitude when dealing with the aftermath of a tough year:

Acknowledge what you have right now

A major step to developing gratitude is acknowledging what you have right now. Whether it’s your health, loved ones, assets, or really anything, it helps to reflect and be thankful for the things you have as opposed to the things you’ve lost. This will give you a positive outlook to work with and a lot of important perspectives in a situation, allowing you to step back from the misery and heartache of it, to focus on the plus side.

Start small and slow, working your way up

When you’ve been hurt or suffered losses, it’s hard to stay positive and maintain perspective on things, which is why you will definitely struggle with gratitude from the get-go. Instead of making big claims or expect to be jumping up with joy, start small. Think of one thing you’re happy to have, one habit you can maintain, and one behavior you’d like to modify to improve your current situation.

Don’t expect things to feel perfect right away

Let go of the need or desire for perfection. Things will not always go your way and that isn’t a terrible feeling or experience to have. You will only truly feel thankful and grateful for things in life when you’re able to alleviate the pressure to be perfect and always right. Instead, focus on what you can do, what worked, and maybe what you can do next time.

Work on subconscious channeling and developing gratitude with Get Wisdom today. We possess knowledge of spiritual healing methods that will allow you to clear yourself of negative influences, including extraterrestrial mind control. You can also get in touch with us for the spiritual healing services and clearing work that we do.

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How to Tell If Someone is an Incarnated Angel

Ever come across someone who seems to give to people around them selflessly? Do you look at someone you know and wonder how they have such a generous heart and kindred spirit? It’s an incredible feeling to meet people who are warm and loving, but it’s also worth wondering if they’re truly human or something out of this world.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that many angelic beings are a part of our physical world, many of them living among us as reincarnated beings, and here is how you can recognize them:

They remain kind despite dysfunctional environments

Growing up in a toxic environment and family can be quite damaging to one’s personality and development, skewing their worldview and relationships with others around them. However, it’s typical for many reincarnated angels and special beings to persevere and remain positive, helpful, and kind beings even in those circumstances.

They touch the lives of people around them for the better

These people also end up touching the lives of others around them through their presence, acts of service, or their work. They might be in healthcare, counselors, teachers, religious figures, or help people in other capacities, playing a significant role in others’ lives. Think about many public figures who had turbulent lives yet helped others.

They benefit from being a beacon of healing for others

In fact, many of these reincarnated angels benefit immensely from being a ray of hope and beacon of healing for others around them. As they have limited physical capabilities and energetic access due to their human form, helping others acts as a form of growth and fulfillment for them too. These people will often feel energized and revitalized even when most would be burnt out.

But they often suffer greatly inside from challenges and heartaches like the rest of us. Just like ordinary humans, they will also benefit from divine healing and guidance as a form of support and encouragement, as well as protection from interlopers and extraterrestrials who will prey on them and hurt them.

These devious forces will often undermine innocent angelics to deter and distract them from their true purpose as healers and calmers, which is why spiritual healing can offer major protection for them. But like other people, they are born unaware of their origins and must find a way to partner with the divine to heal themselves so they can best help others.

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Is the Secret Space Program a Myth or Fact?

You may have heard about the Secret Space Program (SSP) countless times. At Get Wisdom, we frequently discuss it to help people develop a nuanced understanding of how humanity is under attack. In this blog, we’ll cover the basics for new members: is the Secret Space Program a myth or fact? Moreover, what does it entail? Let’s continue reading.

1. The Reality of the SSP

The SSP is indeed real, not fictional. It’s used by the interlopers to control and manipulate humanity. Once an individual becomes a part of the SSP, they become vulnerable to future manipulations and significant karmic damage. They want to detach themselves from the interlopers because there is an inner awareness and feeling that something is wrong with the association.

According to Creator, “No one can be considered a free agent unless they receive divine help with healing and extra divine oversight and protection, given the level of power the extraterrestrials have to manipulate people and to rein them in to make them vulnerable to subjugation and even inflict much punishment if there is resistance.

So this is never good to be on their roster. Healing can help to wean them away from involvement with the interlopers who will eventually lose interest in them, and that is the successful achievement possible here given enough time, but the work must be started in earnest through the Lightworker Healing Protocol.

The ideal would be to have some subconscious channeling sessions as well to do trauma repair and some of the inner belief adjustment to make her less vulnerable to the manipulations, so that would be the ideal sequence.”

2. Who’s Vulnerable to Becoming a Member of the SSP?

Humanity in general is vulnerable. This is why prayer work is extremely important, more so than any other healing modality. We recommend doing your research, finding a qualified LHP practitioner, and starting the healing process slowly but surely. Over time, you’ll gain protection. As people gain more insight into programs like the SSP and other negative alliances, they understand how to protect themselves and seek help if they think they’re under attack.

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3. Getting Started with Get Wisdom

Want to find out more about the Secret Space Program? At Get Wisdom, we share new insights with our audience every week. Keep an eye out for our blogs, podcasts, channeling interviews, and Q&A sessions.

By offering online spiritual healing, we’re committed to helping you heal your karmic wounds and spirit attachments. Find out more about our Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) sessions. You can opt for a personal clearing, animal clearing, or house clearing. You can also use our LHP sessions to help departed ones reach heaven.

We routinely share more information about a range of topics like benevolent extraterrestrials, divinely inspired messengers, healing modalities, human clones, interdimensional activity, karma, metaphysics, non-local consciousness, and more. Let’s become enlightened. It all starts here.

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What Happens When a Deceased Soul is Trapped in Limbo?

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful and heartbreaking experiences we have as humans. As you grapple with the loss, you may wonder whether your loved one is at peace. While we can hope our loved ones are content, this isn’t always the case.

Oftentimes, deceased souls become trapped in a state of limbo. When this happens, attempts at rescuing the trapped souls must be made immediately.

In this blog, we’ll offer more insight into what happens when a deceased soul is trapped in this in-between stage. We’ll also help you understand how you can extricate your loved one from this troubling situation. Let’s begin.

1. They Feel Uneasy

Out of every three people who pass away, one always needs help. When a deceased soul becomes trapped in limbo, they are at unease. This unease may manifest in different ways. Their soul may feel restless. It’s also likely that they experience discomfort. Rescuing troubled spirits is extremely important. As you remove the blockage, you’ll manage to successfully remove your loved one from the state of limbo and this will help them reach heaven.

2. They Can’t Enjoy the Afterlife

When deceased souls are trapped in the lower astral planes, they cannot reach heaven. The longer they remain trapped in this state, the more deprived they are of the bounties of heaven. This is an alarming situation that must not be taken lightly.

Departed souls should attain peace, healing, and contentment at the earliest. Delaying this process can cause more harm. If you’re unsure whether your loved one has reached heaven or not, make sure you contact a healing practitioner who can guide you accordingly.

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3. How Can I Get Started?

Do you want to help a deceased loved one heal? Our fourth healing session, “Help Departed Ones Reach Heaven”, effectively rescues deceased souls that are trapped in limbo or the lower astral planes. We offer a 90-day money back policy, no questions asked.

Take a closer look at the rest of our Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) sessions. At Get Wisdom, we also share more insight into the secret space program, the extraterrestrial mercenary army program, extraterrestrial mind control, reptilians, subconscious channelings, extraterrestrial abductions, benevolent extraterrestrials, and a range of other topics.

Explore our site to take a deeper dive into the hidden truth and seek divine wisdom. If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help!

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 The Most Common Issues That Spiritual Healing Can Help Fix

Some issues and problems are not as evident or as straightforward as we think. They can be a lot more complicated, challenging, and sometimes even insidious, making it difficult to detect them or solve them.

Some of the most pressing issues require spiritual healing and protection and can be improved with the right intervention. Typically, we use spiritual healing to treat the following:

Personal afflictions

There are so many issues that plague us daily. From work troubles to general stresses, there’s no end to the list; it goes on and on. However, we must find help and support for these afflictions because if left unchecked, they’ll make it difficult to do almost anything in life. If you feel stuck in a rut, or like your life isn’t moving forward, it’s helpful to seek out spiritual healing and find solace in its beenfits, as well as some very useful guidance. We have a lot of support for people dealing with personal issues and afflictions, including personal clearances and deep repair of prior trauma.

Relationship troubles

Sometimes there’s trouble in paradise even for the strongest couple, or rather, any relationship at all. That’s just human nature. Fights are natural and normal among family members, romantic partners, and other individual relationships, and spiritual healing can also be used to treat those.

Through divine healing and interventions, paired with counseling, we can help you detect the source of conflict and trouble within your relationship. We’ll help you find the source of the problem and work on that while also ensuring there are no interlopers, external forces, or troublemakers at play. Our experts can help you improve your relationships and keep the love strong through the wisdom from divine channeling.

Family disputes

Speaking of family members, there will always be family disputes and troubles. It’s impossible to avoid conflict in families. But the trouble starts when you can’t find a healthy resolution or justifiable reasoning for the issues. The issue could be because external forces such as spirits or extraterrestrial manipulation, causing trouble and issues that will make you resent and fight with each other.

Through cohesive spiritual healing and cleanses, your home and spaces will be rid of any such forces and players, with the end goal that your family unit strengthens and gets stronger by the day.

Our home clearances also ensure no spirits of deceased loved ones are stuck in the home, stirring the pot and causing trouble because they’re also stranded and confused. We can help them cross the lower astral plane and begin their ascent to the heavens, where they will join Creator.

Different ailments

One of the biggest benefits of spiritual healing is that it can help alleviate various ailments and illnesses, or at the very least, improve symptoms. This is not to say that conventional healing and medicine won’t help you, but that sometimes it’s not enough on its own.

Spiritual healing can offer strength, support, and a lot of peace to the sick, giving them the power they need to recover faster. Many teminal, chronic, or incurable diseases can be helped through spiritual healing, using it as a supplementary treatment in addition to conventional medication. However, it’s essential that divine healing is treated with faith and belief that you will get better, especially if there are evil forces and energy suckers that are hurting you.

Mental health issues

There’s no denying the deep-running, damaging, and difficult impacts of poor mental health. So often, we struggle to see these invisible illnesses and challenges for their horrible impacts on our lives, and even conventional treatment such as therapy and medication can’t help. Spiritual healing methods can often address unseen and unknowable factors such as spirit attachments, extraterrestrial agenda and mind control,  and other dangers that wreak havoc on your mental state.

These players and influencers work by making you question your sense of reality and safety while also making you feel depressed, hopeless, and worried by the circumstances that surround you. Sometimes these interlopers may appear in your dreams or control your thoughts and make you believe things that are not true, thus causing you mental anguish.

Karmic trauma and challenges

We carry lifetimes worth of trauma in our bodies and minds and our spirits. It can make you behave in ways you never thought you would, doing all kinds of horrible things, feeling terrible, and having various devastating impacts. Through spiritual healing methods like soul resets and cleanses, we can help you relieve that burden and break through those shackles to lead a fuller, happier life.

Spirit attachments

Often spirits form sinister attachments that are trying to hinder or harm you and cause issues in your life. Having them in your home or in your vicinity can be quite the energy drain, as well as have some severe impacts on your physical, mental, and emotional being. Spiritual healers and practitioners can detect their presence, address their tactics, and thwart their efforts before the harm gets out of hand. They work to break these attachments and create an environment that is safe, protective, and free of negative energy.

If you’re interested in learning more about our online spiritual healing services, reach out to Get Wisdom for our range of services. There are many benefits to our services for spiritual healing and divine healing, that can transform and improve the quality of your life. Work with our divine healers and lightworkers to know more about how we can help you. We also offer you the opportunity to train as a spiritual healer and help those around you.

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Is My Partner Jeopardizing Our Marriage on Purpose?

No couple willingly wants to put an end to their marriage, especially if it’s one that has brought them joy, happiness, and fulfillment, and there are other parties such as kids involved.

It’s often hard to even acknowledge that your marriage is rocky and there is some trouble brewing there, but it’s almost impossible to fathom the possibility that your partner may be sabotaging and jeopardizing your marriage on purpose. If you suspect that is what’s happening, here’s how you can tell:

They’re always suspicious of you

A partner may be projecting their own guilt if they’re constantly suspicious of you, your intentions, and your actions. Refusing to take a gesture at face value, second-guessing you, when you do something nice for them, questioning your motives can lead to a lot of tension between you both, and if you find that it’s happening more frequently, it’s worth addressing.

It may be because their own sense of reality has been altered due to mind control or external influences such as interlopers and tormentors, and are projecting that sense of doom and fear on to you.

They’re talking about ending things

Divorce and separation are the last resort to marital problems, but it’s a clear sign of trouble if your partner threatens that at every chance they get. Threatening you with ending the relationship isn’t healthy or okay; it’s hurtful, harmful, and almost malicious. In fact, it’s considered emotionally abusive to do so.

They invalidate your emotional needs

Speaking of emotional abuse, if you find that you’re constantly being invalidated, your needs are not being met, and your partner is dismissing your emotional state continually, it’s time for an intervention. They may be doing so because of their own pent-up trauma and hurt, but it’s not right by you. You need to consider whether your emotional needs are being met or whether you’re being gaslighted and second-guessing yourself.

They’re acting way out of character

Last but not least, it may be beyond their control and result from extraterrestrial mind control or other tormentors hurting your relationship, especially when your partner is acting out of character. If you feel like they’re saying and doing things that are unusual for them, you may want to cut them some slack and find them help instead.

Get Wisdom can help you and your loved one deal with difficult problems within your relationship. Every couple goes through ups and downs, and sometimes it’s due to no fault of your own. Seek our divine healing services today, and we’ll help you get through this with various treatments, including subconscious channeling, clearances to remove negativity, and more.

Subtle Signs of Extraterrestrial Mind Control You Should Know

When someone experiences periods of lonelinesss and isolation, poor sleep, erratic behaviour and displays other concerning signs, extraterrestrial mind control is the last place our minds go to seek an explanation.

That’s because we’ve never heard of it, been conditioned to think of it as something unusual and out of the ordinary, or write it off as something that is make-believe and untrue.

However, anyone who’s worked with people afflicted by this issue can tell you that there are some tell-tale signs that you should watch out for, including:

Poor sleep or insomnia

If you find that you are unable to sleep, or continually restless and uncomfortable whenever you go to bed, you might be dealing with the effects of mind-control. If you’re here because you suspect a loved one may be afflicted, try to gauge their sleeping habits. Tossing and turning, mumbling, getting up in the middle of the night, being unable to sleep, or waking up tired even after sleeping for extended periods of time are all signs to be concerned about.

Exhibiting extreme behavior

When people have an inner urge or impulse to engage in risky behavior or inappropriate conduct, perhaps joining a violent demonstration, or simply attacking someone on social media from a distance, this may be the result of subconscious programming. Everyone is subjected to a relentless bombardment with manipulation to ramp up emotions and sow discord. People can easily find themselves crossing a line that is out of character when manipulated from within.

Inexplicable fear and doom

Do you find yourself worrying about things that aren’t real or something that you’re not really sure about? It’s because you’re dealing with mind-control that is altering your sense of perception and reality. The constant sense of impending doom, fear, and anxiety are not normal and should not be mistaken as such.

Get Wisdom is here to help you and your loved one through our divine healing for people, as well as our spiritual healing services, which are aimed at alleviating your pain and trauma, restoring balance, and empowering you to fight off destructive forces. Extraterrestrial mind control is no joke or laughing matter and can quickly turn your life upside down. Seek our help today, and we’ll help you get through this.

The Damaging Impacts of Karmic Trauma on Your Relationships

Human beings derive value and comfort from the relationships they share with those around them and having those in turmoil can impact our sense of self and our sense of reality. We need people, including romantic partners, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues–and without them, it’s hard to sustain a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Karmic trauma can impact your relationships in more ways than you realize. They have the most devastating effects on your life and run a lot deeper than you realize, affecting you in some of the following highly damaging ways:

Karmic trauma shows up as negative habits

Karmic trauma can manifest in the form of negative habits, including detachment, shyness, aggressiveness, and egotism because we don’t realize how deeply embedded they are in our personalities. Years and lifetimes of trauma and pain can show up in the form of personality traits that become exaggerated through our current life experiences and the reactions of those around us. Our relationships bring out the best and the worst in us; that’s why we need people around us to ground us, guide us, and support us.

Cellular level interventions impact our abilities

In addition to our negative traits, we have karmic trauma stored in us at the cellular level. This deep level of trauma impedes and impacts our ability to show up as our most authentic selves, whether at work, in school, or in relationships. It’s nearly impossible to nip these traumas in the bud because they’re at such an intrinsic level in our beings. Cellular consciousness becomes a major part of our personalities and relationships.

Karmic entanglements affect our connections

Another very interesting aspect is that karmic entanglements have a deep-running impact on our relationships. The purpose of our existence isn’t to meet our twin flames and live lives of passion and aggression but to heal from our combined traumas. Through spiritual and divine healing for people, we can create more impactful relationships that will work through multiple lifetimes and generations.

The Lightworker Healing Protocol can help individuals struggling in their relationships with the most damaging effects of their past trauma and hurt so they can form healthier and more lasting relationships.

Find help with Get Wisdom’s Lightworker Healing Protocol for their personal and family clearing services. They can help address karmic causes of illnesses and various spiritual healing services meant to improve your life and relationships. Get in touch with them to know more about how they can help you!

Are External Manipulations Worsening My Physical Ailment?

External manipulations are high-level psychic attacks that often worsen a person’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Unfortunately, many people solely attribute physical discomfort to an injury, internal musculoskeletal damage, or any other cause relating to the body, age, genetics, or an individual’s lifestyle.

While keeping these factors in mind is extremely important, other causes shouldn’t be ruled out. External manipulations also exacerbate physical ailments. Let’s discuss this further.

1. The Reason Behind External Manipulations That Result in Physical Discomfort

A reader recently reached out to us asking why their physical pain was intensified to the point that they couldn’t move. Unfortunately, this is a common consequence of external manipulations constraining the person and limiting their progress.

As a result, the person often develops chronic pain which, in turn, affects their mental and emotional well-being. It becomes extremely difficult for people to live with chronic pain.

According to Creator, “It is truly torture and torment on all levels of being.” External manipulators turn to this dark, deeply injurious tactic because of their inherent heartlessness and cruelty.

2. Recovering From External Manipulations

It’s important to understand that external manipulators have no right to cause physical harm to a person. For this reason, they cannot win. According to Creator, “If you remain strong in keeping the partnership with us going, we can help you get through this and live to see a better day.”

How do we accomplish this? Through prayer and healing work. All difficulties imparted by the external manipulations of perpetrators must be countered with deep, effective healing that invites positivity, peace, contentment, and—most importantly—physical ease into a person’s life.

3. How Can I Get Started?

Are you struggling to seek relief from your physical ailment? You may be leaving the root causes unaddressed. Our Lightworker Healing Protocol (LHP) sessions are designed to offer protection and healing to improve your physical health.

We work on understanding the specific underlying factors that have exacerbated your physical health. Your karmic history may be causing you harm. Or perhaps you’re dealing with spirit attachments. People commonly have both problems worsening things.

By identifying and taking care of all negative elements that are affecting you, we ensure that you can get back on track and live a fulfilling life that’s free from the discomfort that was being caused.

If you’re looking for more services and resources from us, explore our subconscious channelings, advanced energy treatments, divine channelings, divine inspiration sessions, hidden truth podcasts, and spiritual training courses.

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