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For years, decades, and even centuries, humans have pondered over the significance and purpose of human incarnation. Why do we live multiple lifetimes? Does incarnation benefit humanity in the long run? Or is it a mere inconvenience? In this blog, we’ll help you get a good grasp on why human incarnation occurs and what it’s indicative of.

Human Incarnation: The Basics

The incarnation of humanity is to serve the expansion into the physical realm of the divine human. You were created to be an extension of Creator in a bold, new way—to have freedoms that have not been granted to any other living organism.

The human has been created as a projection with free will and free agency in a total and absolute sense. This is a bold, new undertaking that comes with tremendous responsibility as well as opportunity.

The purpose of incarnation is to grow, expand, and overcome the opposition that is mounted to hold you back in this quest. This has been done time and again through the colonization, oppression, exploitation, and subjugation of races that were perceived to be inferior, weak, and undeveloped.

According to Creator, “All who come down are choosing to enter this fray and be of service to the light in some way, to keep things going, to keep hope alive and to contribute to overthrowing the oppressors.” This, precisely, is the purpose of incarnation.

The Search for Healing

Out of the 423 or so lifetimes the average person lives, they frequently get the short end of the stick. This shouldn’t be considered an unfortunate event. Instead, it should be perceived as a reminder and an opportunity to heal. It is unfortunate that very few people are given the knowledge and awareness of the means for healing of their karmic burdens.

This is the next great wave of insight that is poised to spread more widely—the means of true healing. These means been denied for many, many centuries. There are many paths to healing, many tools available, many means to accomplish it, but there needs to be further insight, awareness, and refinement in using these tools.

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How Can I Get Started?

Utilizing the tools, means, and pathways of healing is imperative. Neglecting these insights is akin to entering a workshop with all the resources and instructions you need to repair a car, only to leave without so much as touching the vehicle. You have been provided a wealth of knowledge and guidance for a reason. Make the most of it.

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