Webinar: Will Secret Space Program Affect Our Future? 23June2019

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What we’ll cover in this event  …

Who Created the SSP and What is its Mission?
Karl & Brian will share Creator’s revelations on the origins and history of this group, its overall agenda, and give examples of its impact on society.

What is the Role of Time Travel Used by the SSP?
Karl & Brian will discuss the ability to manipulate time as a technological capability of the SSP and how it is integral to the planning and functions of the SSP in training of recruits and carrying out their missions.

Is Human Cloning Done to Create Expendable Warriors?
Karl & Brian will reveal what Creator says about the existence of a parallel program to make functioning human clones based on the technology used in creating the robotic alien Greys.

What has been the Impact of the SSP on Human Society?
Karl & Brian will describe a number of events in the news that reveal the workings of the SSP in action. This secret organization reveals its handiwork to the careful observer, and they will discuss the evidence.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about will secret space program affect our future … Webinar: Disturbing Consequences of Alien Manipulation 16June2019

This Video Requires a  FREE  Participant Membership or Higher Webinar: Disturbing Consequences of Alien Manipulation 16Jun19

What we’ll cover in this event  …

What is the Real Cause of Pedophilia by Catholic Priests?
Around the world, the Catholic Church is struggling with the questions: why does this happen, what should we do about wayward priests, and is there a way to prevent such tragedies? Karl & Denny will discuss what Creator says is really going on.

Do Prenatal Ultrasound Exams Pose a Health Risk?
Karl & Denny will explore how the widespread practice of using ultrasound imaging to satisfy prenatal curiosity as a kind of recreation belies an ugly truth – there are real and significant dangers. They will discuss what Creator has shared with us about the pros and cons of this invasive procedure that, like so many others, mainstream medicine is too complacent about.

What Causes People to Hold Extreme Opinions?
For those shocked and horrified reading accounts of the Holocaust, or watching the films made during the liberation of the Nazi death camps at the end of World War II, it not only rings true, but leaves an unforgettable impression. Yet there are adamant Holocaust deniers. Are zealous proponents of climate change as being a threat actually “reality deniers” even as they call those who don’t agree “climate change deniers?” Karl & Denny will discuss who’s telling the truth (according to Creator), and give other examples of manipulations behind shocking news stories.

Are People Continuing to Have UFO Encounters?
Despite the almost complete lack of interest by the media, it’s business as usual. Karl & Denny will give examples of recent clients who continue to struggle with the aftermath of extraterrestrial encounters that were more than close.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about disturbing consequences of alien manipulation …

Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 11June2019

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Viewer Questions for Creator Channeled by Karl Mollison 11June2019

1) If people never realize the whole truth about the world we live in, how can they be expected to try and help us make it better?

2) Where do people actually go when the have a near death experience? Do they actually go to the divine realm or do they go somewhere in the astral plane and are being deceived by spirit meddlers?

3) Bartolomé de Las Casas,(born 1474) early Spanish historian and Dominican missionary who was the first to expose the oppression of indigenous peoples by Europeans in the Americas and to call for the abolition of slavery there, He narrated in his chronicles to witness the indigenous women giving birth painlessly and with pleasure. The body of the woman, so beautifully designed, presents a great difficulty in the physiological act of childbirth, being the cause of so many deaths through History. Was this another side effect from the downgrading of Humanity? What is the origin of the biblical curse “you will give birth to your children with pain”?

4) How was female menstruation before the arrival of the Moon, so strongly connected today?

5) The oracles in ancient Greece used to inhale psychedelic gases that came out of the earth in order to communicate with the divine. However, through the years, these gases stopped being emitted. (Plutarch describes this) Why did this happen?

6)Generally, how important were psychedelic plants in human history?

7) What is the true function of our chakras? Some energy healers claim chakras are an energetic yoke, and that their removal will release our central energy core and open our energetic conduit to our higher selves and Source Creator. What is the truth? Webinar: Divine & Non-Divine Animal Comings & Goings 26May2019

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What we’ll cover in this event …

Is Over-Breeding the Real Reason for Genetic Defects?
Karl & Denny will share what Creator has revealed about this question . They will also share what genuinely effective solutions can be brought to bear.

Why Do Bees Sting One Person and Not Another?
Karl & Denny will discuss this and other interesting revelations from Creator on other enigmatic animal behaviors and their true origins. Especially the workings of karma governing what creatures do and don’t do.

When is it Ethical to Euthanize a Pet?
Karl & Denny share Creator’s perspective on this complicated and difficult decision, that needs careful thought. Creator imparts wisdom about suitable criteria for deciding “when to let go”.

Can a Pet Reincarnate to be With the Same Person Again?
This intriguing possibility, the subject of two recent motion pictures, has been sensed many times by intuitive pet owners. We will describe our own direct experience with this phenomenon, Creator’s blow-by-blow account of how it came about, and share the important lessons about love it holds for us all.

Viewer Questions and Answers
The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about divine & non-divine animal comings & goings …

Michael Jackson Channeled by Karl Mollison 21May2019

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Michael Jackson Channeled by Karl Mollison 21May2019


Michael Jackson August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009 was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Dubbed the “King of Pop”, he is widely regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest entertainers of all time. He was also known for his unorthodox lifestyle, residing in a private amusement park he called Neverland Ranch, and often becoming the focus of tabloid scrutiny. Jackson’s contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.

The eighth child of the Jackson family, Michael made his professional debut in 1964 with his elder brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, and Marlon as a member of the Jackson 5. He began his solo career in 1971 while at Motown Records, and in the early 1980’s, became a dominant figure in popular music. His music videos, including those for “Beat It”, “Billie Jean”, and “Thriller” from his 1982 album Thriller, are credited with breaking racial barriers and transforming the medium into an art form and promotional tool. Their popularity helped bring the television channel MTV to fame.

Jackson popularized complicated dance techniques such as the robot and the moonwalk, to which he gave the name. His sound and style have influenced artists of various genres.

Jackson is one of the best-selling music artists of all time, with estimated sales of over 350 million records worldwide. Thriller is the best-selling album of all time, with estimated sale of 66 million copies worldwide.

In 2016, his estate earned $825 million, the highest yearly amount for a celebrity ever recorded by Forbes.

In the late 1980s, Jackson became a figure of controversy for his changing appearance, relationships, and behavior.

In 1993, he was accused of sexually abusing the child of a family friend. The case led to an investigation and was settled out of court for $25 million in 1994.

In 2005, he was tried and acquitted of further child sexual abuse allegations and several other charges.

In 2009, while preparing for a series of comeback concerts, This Is It, Jackson died from an overdose of propofol and benzodiazepine given to him by his personal physician, Conrad Murray. Jackson’s fans around the world expressed their grief, and his public memorial service was broadcast live.

In 2019, the documentary Leaving Neverland detailed renewed allegations of child sexual abuse and led to an international backlash against Jackson.

The song “I’ll Be There” was the song that solidified The Jackson 5’s careers and showed audiences that the group had potential beyond bubblegum pop. Said Allmusic about the song, “Rarely, if ever, had one so young sung with so much authority and grace, investing this achingly tender ballad with wisdom and understanding far beyond his years”.

Jackson turned 12 one day after the song was released.

“You and I must make a pact
We must bring salvation back
Where there is love, I’ll be there”

Johnny Carson Channeled By Karl Mollison31July2018 – AUDIO PODCAST

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Johnny Carson Channeled by Karl Mollison 31July2018

From –

One of television’s best known personalities, Johnny Carson hosted
“The Tonight Show” for 30 years.

Johnny Carson was on born on October 23, 1925 to Ruth and Homer R.
Carson, a power company manager, in Corning, Iowa. After college
he worked as a television writer for Red Skelton’s show. He moved
to New York City and in 1962 Carson replaced Jack Paar as host of
“The Tonight Show” for an Emmy Award-winning run that lasted three

He fell in love with magic when he was 12 years old, and after
purchasing a magician’s kit through the mail, began performing
magic tricks in public, as “The Great Carsoni.”

Following high school, in 1943, an 18-year-old Carson joined the
U.S. Navy as an ensign, and then decoded encrypted messages as a
communications officer. Serving aboard the USS Pennsylvania, he
continued performing magic, mainly for his fellow shipmates. He
later said that one of the fondest memories from his service was
performing magic for James Forrestal, U.S. Secretary of the Navy.
Though assigned to combat in the summer of 1945, Carson never went
into battle — WWII ended in 1945, following the bombing of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, and Carson was sent back to
the United States.

In the fall of 1945, Carson began studying at the University of
Nebraska, and received a bachelor’s degree in radio and speech
four years later. After college, he had a short stint as
television writer for The Red Skelton Show in Los Angeles, and
then moved to New York City in pursuit of bigger audiences.

In October of 1962, Carson replaced Jack Paar as host of The
Tonight Show—a counterpart to NBC’s Tonight show—and, following
wavering ratings his first year, Carson became a prime-time hit.

Audiences found comfort in Carson’s calm and steady presence in
their living rooms each evening. Revered for his affable
personality, quick wit and crisp interviews, he guided viewers
into the late night hours with a familiarity they grew to rely
on year after year. Featuring interviews with the stars of the
latest Hollywood movies or the hottest bands, Carson kept Americans
up-to-date on popular culture, and reflected some of the most
distinct personalities of his era through impersonations, including
his classic take on President Ronald Reagan.

Carson created several recurring comedic characters that popped
up regularly on his show, including Carnac the Magnificent, an
Eastern psychic who was said to know the answers to all kinds of
baffling questions. In these skits, Carson would wear a colorful
cape and featured turban and attempt to answer questions on cards
before even opening their sealed envelopes. Carson, as Carmac,
would demand silence before answering questions such as “Answer:
Flypaper.” “Question: What do you use to gift wrap a zipper?”

Carson was The Tonight Show’s host for three decades. During that
time, he received six Emmy Awards, a Peabody Award and the
Presidential Medal of Freedom. Carson’s final appearance as
host in 1992 attracted an estimated 50 million viewers.

Carson was in and out of relationships throughout his life, marrying
four separate times. He married Jody Wolcott in 1948, and they had
three sons, Charles (Kit), Cory and Richard. Richard died in an auto
accident in 1991.

Carson and Jody divorced in 1963, and only months later, Carson
married his second wife, Joanne Copeland. That relationship ended
in 1972, following a grueling legal battle that ended with Copeland
receiving a settlement of nearly $500,000 and annual alimony from
Carson. That same year, Carson married third wife Joanna Holland—
from whom he filed for divorce in 1983.

For the first time in 35 years, Carson lived life as an unmarried
man from 1983 to 1987. He married for the final time in June of
1987; Carson and Alexis Maas remained together until Carson’s death,
nearly eighteen years later.

Carson, considered to be one of the most popular stars of American
television, has been praised by several mainstream comics—including
Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon—for helping them launch
their careers. Carson’s 1992 final appearance as host attracted
an estimated 50 million viewers.

At age 74, in 1999, Carson suffered a severe heart attack while he
was sleeping at his Malibu, California home. Soon after, he underwent
quadruple-bypass surgery. In January of 2005, at age 79, Carson died
of respiratory failure caused by emphysema.

Today, he is regarded worldwide as a television legacy.

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Ten Divine Principles for Living

Ten Divine Principles for Living


Channeled by Karl Mollison


  1. Uplift the self with no harm to others.
  2. Uplift others with no harm to the self.
  3. Honor the responsibility to family and to friends for the exchange of love, and fulfill commitments.
  4. Be honest in all transactions as a way of honoring the soul of the other party and one’s own soul and its integrity.
  5. Share what you gain from your efforts with others in need, in a balanced way, to not harm the self or loved ones, who rightfully have priority.
  6. Share love in everything you do, and be open for opportunities to give your love to others in as many ways as you can, through acts of kindness, giving thanks, being respectful, offering encouragement, and showing appreciation and gratitude for what you received from others, as well.
  7. Safeguard your soul to nurture its learning and growth, not at the expense of others but to meet your responsibility to be your soul’s guardian, and take care of its safety and protection from harm.
  8. Aid all others with their learning and growth, to understand their need for this as a birthright and an important part of life, and understand this does not represent the actions of an enemy, but fellow humans in need, and not meant to take away from you getting your share. In a world of love there is room for all. This is both a challenge and an opportunity.
  9. Healing and repair is the highest of priorities for the self, as no one else can see to this. It must come from within each person as a desire and a commitment to make the investment, to guarantee a happy future.
  10. Honor the need of others to have healing and to see their plight, in part, as your responsibility and obligation as a fellow human, so you are sympathetic, and supportive, and understanding of the importance for them to have a pathway to healing in order to make up for losses and wounds to their soul, as all will be harmed when one suffers. You are in this together and share the responsibility for one another. No one is safe until all are safe. This is the true and quite profound meaning of the unity of the human family. You can make this a practice because it is not only an idea but a reality.






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