An angel with her face turned away and her wings facing onlookers.

Ever looked up and thanked your guardian angel for helping you through tough times? Or wondered how you managed to accomplish something because you know there’s a special being helping you through it? There is definitely truth in the existence of angels—after all, some of the greatest thinkers have also been convinced about their reality.

We don’t realize it, but our connection to and relationship with angels are a lot deeper than we think. There’s so much to understand about them, starting with a few basics:

Angels exist to help and to assist

The Creator made angels to serve, help, and assist. That is the very purpose and reason for their existence. It’s amazing how they work hard to make our desires and our goals a reality without us even knowing what they do. They work for the Creator, work for His creations (i.e. us), and serve those on the Divine path.

But you need to connect to seek their help

Seek, and ye shall find—and this holds true for angels too. You have to seek out their help actively and request their assistance in order to get it. Make communication, use the Lightworker Healing Protocol, and reach out to them to make the most of the power they hold.

An angel-like warrior wielding a sword emerges from the shadows in smoke

They act as a bridge between humans and divinity

Angels form a bridge between human beings and divinity. They are our direct connection to Creator because many feel scared or disempowered when addressing Him directly.

They are what connects us to the power and magnificence of a higher power because they are who we feel comfortable turning to in times of turmoil. When we talk to angels, we acknowledge and embrace the power of the Divine and use this as a stepping stone on our spiritual journeys.

They help open doors of opportunity to grow in life and connect with Creator on a deeper level. They help us stand apart from non-believers who become disillusioned about the possibility of miracles and the power that sentient, divine beings like angels have been given. So never hesitate to call upon them, ask for their help, and request their guidance.

At Get Wisdom, we are deeply committed to sharing the truth about life, humans, and other beings under divine guidance. We want the world to know about the wonders of the world, how other sentient beings such as angels exist and interact with human beings, and what our relationship with them is like. You can access many webinars, channelings, and podcasts that we offer for spiritual enlightenment and ebooks that help seek enlightenment about the world we inhabit.

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