This whole debate started when the world’s most famous atheistRichard Dawkins—tweeted that aliens are likely to be atheists. While he’s as positive as Stephen Hawking was on the question of the existence of aliens—both believe that they exist and it is potentially possible to meet with them—he is not so sure about their belief systems.

But since he is Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion), this isn’t so surprising.

But what do we know about the belief systems of aliens? Do the reptilians and Arcturians believe in a higher power or are they as faithless as some of the world’s atheists suppose?

The Mainstream Debate

The mainstream debate—not the one that’s concerned with whether or not aliens exist—takes on a starkly religious light.

People usually seem to agree that “fundamentally” religious people won’t be able to cope with the idea of other beings. Leading names in the field believe that religious people would not be able to deal with the idea of aliens—but perhaps that’s because they have a myopic understanding of the whole situation? Nothing is so black and white.

The main idea here, again, is that religion in itself is an outdated concept that we must grow out of. But what of faith?

There seems to be no consensus so far. Some are intent on believing that a proven existence of extraterrestrials would spell the end of all religious beliefs. Others like to dawdle somewhere in the middle. The source of the confusion is a lack of information about what extraterrestrials are and what they believe in.

Sans Divine Support

The traditional belief that divinity is on your side regardless of what your thoughts and deeds are is bogus. When things come to a head, it’s possible to lose divine support. In our channelings with the Creator, we have learned that this is the case for extraterrestrials like reptilians and Arcturians as well.

It is a hell of their own making. By choosing to turn away from the Creator and succumbing to corruption, by donning the garb of selfishness and abandoning kindness, by embracing self-serving ideas and using their superior technologies to subdue other species, these beings have practically severed their connection with the divine. So, yes, a connection was there—but they have refused to foster it. Some would say this is one way of describing atheism.

It’s like the Lucifer story all over again: it’s possible to lose divine support if you turn rogue and stray far away from divine guidance. A corruption of the heart can perceive no divine love and accordingly divine support will be missing. Extraterrestrials like the reptilians have been on the course of destruction for a very long time—and it would be well if we humans took heed.

Need to Know?

Still unsure about the issue? You can ask the Creator your own questions here. If you’re a seeker of hidden truths, its good to know that the answers are never too far away. All you have to do is ask.

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