The recent unrest in France and Vienna might have you all riled up and concerned for the future of the world. After all, we’re just emerging from a pandemic, do we really need additional problems such as religious wars right now?

But it sure seems we’re headed that way, right?

Increased Church Attacks in France?

Some of our users have observed and questioned the reason behind the increasing church attacks in France. People who look for finer details and hidden truths have silently observed the phenomenon that is increasing church attacks across Europe. In France in particular, attacks on Christian symbols have increased tenfold in the past years.

Our followers questioned why the media is so intent on hiding the identity of the perpetrators when breaking the news. They rightly questioned what—and why that what—was being concealed.

Unfortunately, our followers—and many of you—might be thinking that these attacks are some kind of organized human venture: something believers of one religion are carrying out against another.

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But people who do look at this issue in this way fail to ask many other questions—which ought to definitely be asked if you’re a logical person.

Questions Such As. . .

Are only Muslims involved in these attacks—or, to put it more succinctly: in attacks against religious places and symbols? Have we forgotten the infamous New Zealand mosque attack and the ill-fated synagogue shooting in California? Humans ought to have better memories than that. But then, Jewish right-wing elements have also attacked churches and Muslim places of worship. Hindu elements have razed mosques and Muslims have desecrated Hindu temples.

It doesn’t look like any one religion is causing sole damage to this vast world. What you fail to see is that only one religion gets all the bad rep in the media—and you know better than to trust the suited man inside your TV screen.

Is This Happening Because of the Refugees?

Don’t even let yourself think that’s the cause here. Some might want you to think that way, but if you take that route, don’t just think about it—THINK about it with a clear conscience and with logic. Most of the refugees in France are people fleeing from war-torn regions—fleeing from radical terrorists who have turned their towns into rubble. Who does it serve if the people seeking shelter here from the same terrorist ideology were to carry out similar attacks in France?

So Who is Doing it?

Two words: fringe groups. Notice how every time something like this happens, a fringe group sitting half a world away is the first to assume responsibility. In this case, ISIS. Previously, it was Al-Qaeda. At one point it was all the IRA. At some point before that it was always the Russians.

It’s like 1984 all over again—and we mean the book, not the year. Orwell gave us all the clues a century ago: there must always be an enemy.

Let’s not forget that the Vienna “Islamist” terror attack wasn’t discriminatory: the attackers attacked Muslims as well as others. The attackers didn’t care what the faith of their victims was—they were there for one purpose: spread discord. In fact, two Muslim men even stood up to them and saved some people, getting injured in the process.

All of this proves one thing: it isn’t human vs human at all.

Want to Dig Deeper?

Find out more over at the Get Wisdom database or read Karl Mollison’s full answer to a similar question here. Let divine wisdom be your guide in these dark times that can so easily mislead so many of us.

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