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GetWisdom LIVE Creator Discusses Revelations of a Contemporary Christian Seer

  • What would be the state of humanity if Jesus Christ had never lived?
  • Are people in heaven waiting for what we do here and now, in order to have a role elsewhere in the Universe?
  • Is creation of the Universe incomplete, and on hold, pending the outcome of the Divine Human Free Will Experiment?
  • Are rewarding human lives arranged by God, or determined mostly by us?
  • What is religious ecstasy and how does it come about?
  • Is God available to all believers, regardless of religious persuasion?
  • What does “being saved” truly mean, and how does it happen?
  • Is strict adherence to the Scriptures actually limiting enlightenment?
  • Creator explains why solving the problem of evil is our mission, and how we can do it.

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