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GetWisdom LIVE Creator Explains the Origins and True Significance of Superstitions 28Oct2022

  • Is there such a thing as beginner’s luck?
  • Where did the idea come from that walking under a ladder brings bad luck?
  • Do talismans, like having a rabbit’s foot, bring good luck?
  • What made people believe that breaking a mirror unleashes 7 years of bad luck?
  • What’s behind the notion that bad luck comes in threes, or that one must knock on wood to fend off harm?
  • Why do people cross their fingers to prevent something from turning out badly?
  • Will throwing salt over your shoulder help?
  • Is the fear of stepping on cracks just based on ignorance?
  • Creator explains why superstitions are common, fear-motivated, and always based on something unseen that is very real.

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