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GetWisdom LIVE – Creator Reveals More True Stories of Ancient Alien Relics 12Aug2022

  • What is the true story behind the Cliff Palace of Mesa Verde, in the Four Corners Region of the United States, one of the most mysterious structures in the world?
  • Presumed legends handed down to today’s Zuni and Navajo tribes, tell of a great holocaust at the hands of giants; were they actually extraterrestrials?
  • Do the spirals carved into the rock in numerous places in the American Southwest, and also in stone megalithic ruins in the United Kingdom represent extraterrestrial stargates?
  • Did the many giant bones from burial mounds in the eastern U.S. truly belong to Anunnaki extraterrestrials?
  • Was there a widespread alien decimation of Native Americans in ancient times?
  • Was the Mediterranean Island of Sardinia off the Western Coast of Italy an alien headquarters at one time?
  • What explains the skeleton of a Cyclops discovered there?