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GetWisdom LIVE – Creator Reveals the Danger of Disclosure 18Nov2022

  • What is the extraterrestrial agenda, and what will its long-anticipated Disclosure mean?
  • Are there actually 3 main alien civilizations controlling humanity and now wanting our destruction?
  • Have the growing ET encounters and witnessed events of alien crafts in our skies all been a prelude to deception?
  • Will there be a false invitation by self-proclaimed benevolent ETs offering to protect us from savage Reptilians wanting our elimination?
  • If we surrender our power to these ETs, will that seal our fate?
  • Is the world already weakened by financial distress, civil disobedience, crime, and illness, to soften us up for the kill?
  • How would an annihilation be orchestrated?
  • Creator explains how to partner with the divine and why that is the only thing that can save us.

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