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GetWisdom LIVE – Creator Reveals the True Stories of Ancient Alien Relics 29Jul2022

  • Was Stonehenge made with extraterrestrial help and for what purpose?
  • Why are there strange pits and chambers worldwide illuminated by the sun only on the winter solstice?
  • What explains the otherworldly abandoned ruins of Tiahuanaco and Pumapunku, in Bolivia, the giant stone statues on remote Easter Island, and the giant drawings of the Peruvian Nazca lines, recognizable only from the air?
  • What became of the Mayan and Incan civilizations present when the ruins at Machu Piccu and Chichen Itza were first built?
  • Were giant aliens once among Native Americans?
  • Why did ancient aliens who created many strange relics leave, or are they still here?
  • Why have aliens never helped us?
  • Creator explains why we need divine help more than ever.

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