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GetWisdom LIVE – Creator Shares Lessons from the Life of Joan of Arc 07Oct2022

  • Was the heroic story of Joan of Arc truly foreseen in a prophetic vision about a woman coming to save the day at a time of war?
  • Was Joan of Arc’s life to become a warrior a form of retrocausal healing in response to prayers of future wartime victims?
  • How powerful are the prayers of a king compared to those of his people?
  • Was Joan of Arc misled by her blind faith in God’s will?
  • Did Creator use a diversion to help the French forces in a way to reduce the killing?
  • Was Joan of Arc betrayed by those around her?
  • Why did she ultimately fail and was burned at the stake if she had divine support and her cause was just?

Creator helps us understand the lessons for today’s threatening times.

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