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James Forrestal Channeled by Karl Mollison 05Jan2018

This the third channeling interview with Karl back when they were presented on Denny’s YouTube channel Why Is This True?

The best way to understand what is going on in these first 3 channeling interviews is to watch them in sequence: first the Eisenhower channeling, then the US Secret Service Agent channeling and then end with this one.

Here Karl channels James Forrestal. On May 22, 1949, James Forrestal, America’s first Secretary of Defense, plunged to his death from the sixteenth floor of the Bethesda Naval Hospital where he was undergoing psychiatric treatment. The nation was shocked. Only two months earlier President Truman had awarded him the Distinguished Service Medal.

By several author and researcher accounts James Forrestal was a liability to the powers controlling the Federal Government due to his opinions and knowledge regarding the creation of the Israeli state and the UFO contacts at that time.

Forrestal was controversial in his final days and some claim he was suffering from a mental breakdown. Powerful figures in the press treated him poorly, his relationshipwith Truman was in decline and a power struggle with the Secretary of the Air Force Stuart Symington ended with an undocumented conversation in a vehicle that left James stunned. 55 days after this conversation government authorities would claim that James Forrestal had taken his own life at around 2 AM on the day his brother was due to retrieve him. The evidence surrounding his death pointed more towards murder as opposed to suicide.

I highly recommend Richard Dolan’s article about James Forrestal: The Death of James Forrestal…es-forrestal

and also Cornell Simpson, The Death of James Forrestal (Western Islands Publishers, 1966), Who Killed James Forrestal? Was There A Cover-up? by DCDave and A Study of Personality, Politics, and Policy BY ARNOLD A. ROGOW…l000092mbp_djvu.txt

See the entire channeling series here:

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