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Karl Mollison Interview Part 3

Karl Mollison is a psychic medium and channeler who provides remote spirit releasement and rescue, spirit clearings, karmic repair, and divine healing worldwide: Karl also facilitates life-transforming trauma resolution and replacement of limiting beliefs in person or by phone nationally and internationally: He is a certified Basic and Advanced DNA ThetaHealing Instructor and has studied a number of shamanic healing modalities. He is a Level IV Healing Touch apprentice, was trained in Reconnective Healing by Dr. Eric Pearl, is Board Certified as a Consulting Hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and a Certified Practitioner of Holographic Memory Resolution.™ Prior to starting his spiritual path as a healer, he was a research scientist and inventor, authoring over 100 published abstracts and peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as five U.S. patents for drugs and medical devices.

Part 3: Karl & Denny discuss health and eduction in the US. The massive worldwide braindrain: Are there off-world human populations? Is the earth experience a testing ground for negativity? How prevalent are multi-life repeating Karmic patterns? How do humans have the power for their own salvation? How does healing the perpetrator heal the victim? Why retaliation only makes things worse. How does this relate to forgiveness? What happens to some people in the military when they kill others? What about those who want to leave the earth or are convinced that they will be able to leave after this incarnation? Are light workers heavily targeted? Are light workers, as a result, also heavily corrupted? The prevalence of false channels. What is happy talk? Happy talk vs. the action step.
I have asked Karl about doing a follow up interview and we have a tentative agreement so far. What’s next? Reveal and Forgive from yours truly. Victory to the Light!

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