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A woman looks sad and depressed as she struggles with mental health issues due to psychic attacks.

There are about 40 million adults in the US alone who struggle with anxiety disorders such as OCD, PTSD, GAD, and even insomnia and chronic stress. And while many of them are most definitely victims of psychic attacks and extraterrestrial mind control, it is difficult to tell when a problem is from an external influence.

That’s because mind control and psychic attacks can be a hidden influence, or mess so deeply with an individual’s subconscious that their bodies and minds experience chaos. So how do you differentiate between the two or understand what’s happening in the first place? Let’s take a look at some of the connections:

Mental health challenges may be the result of psychic attacks

This may be shocking to a lot of us, but mental health challenges may often be a form of attack. If you can’t really identify a source of your trauma or find a reason why you feel the things you do, it may be simply because of interlopers interfering with your mental state.

Because they target the deep subconscious, you won’t be able to control it, and thus, the havoc manifests as anxiety, panic, insomnia, and other problems. These attacks may be random or pop up at a time when you’re feeling vulnerable and fearful about a major transition or change.

They aim to disrupt your connection and desire for divine knowledge

Although the attacks are random and without obvious reason, the primary goal is to disrupt your attempts at wanting divine knowledge and wisdom. They’re meant to weaken your beliefs and cut off your access to truths that are not commonly known and that threaten to expose extraterrestrial beings, too. They’re meant to be deterrents and punishments for your thirst for knowledge.

Your body will respond to the attacks as your subconscious is in upheaval

Don’t let these attacks bring you down. When receiving Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions, your body may feel the initial impact of the psychological attacks, but that’s all it is. It’s not a weakness or sickness of the mind, but rather something getting in the way of you and your best self. Don’t give up on LHP treatments and stay persistent—over time; you’ll find greater strength and have more control over your deep subconscious, which will prevent interlopers from accessing it.

Through a combination of divine wisdom and UFO research, the team at Get Wisdom has devised a treatment strategy known as the Lightworker Healing Protocol that we can use to help you combat both mental illness and any symptoms of extraterrestrial control. Reach out to us to set up an appointment to kickstart your spiritual healing journey online. We’re committed to not only learning about revealing hidden truths but also understanding benevolent extraterrestrial practices and behaviors, so we can help you.

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