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New Divine Healing Insights 06Aug2023

Divine help shared:

    • Preventing future fatal accident saves DLS recipient and another whole family.
    • Can Divine Augmentation make nutritional supplements more affordable?
    • Did spirits of in-laws who passed make it to the light with help of the LHP?
    • Will our Protocols help for heart failure or recovery from paralyzing spinal surgery?
    • Can a person’s hypothyroid condition be healed by Divine Life Support?
    • What is the best way to spread the word about Divine Life Support to others?
    • Was the life of a liver transplant recipient actually saved by divine intervention?
    • Is learning about our karma a good idea, or are there hazards?
    • Is it a good idea for people to probe their own akashic records?
    • How can we cope with narcissists in our lives?
    • Can watch dogs sometimes warn about dark spirit meddlers?