Do Trees Help Absorb Negative Human Energies?

Think about it. The universe, in its rawest state, is not planets or rock bodies floating in space. It’s energy. And these energies have existed since time immemorial. They have changed shape and have remolded themselves several times—there are constant changes and developments in the formulations of inanimate and living beings.  We can even make the argument that all things have consciousness.

However, some energies are more primal than others, allowing them to store energies in rawer states. And what supposedly existed on the Earth before humans or any other living creatures that could walk here?

Trees and plants were allegedly among the first inhabitants of the planet. And they have a big role to play when it comes to energies.

The Tree as Symbol

The symbol of the tree is recurrent in all kinds of literature, myths and legends. In religious texts, trees are often sacred: the Buddhists use trees to aid mediation, and Christians believe that it was a fruit from a tree that led to the fall of Adam. In literature and in our past and current cultures, trees are used to depict both knowledge and life.

When we classify knowledge—into science and math and art—we call them “branches.” When we step into a new stage of our lives, we say that we’re turning over a new “leaf.” When humans peak, we are said to “bloom.” When we’re growing, we’re “budding.”

Why do we so closely associate our lives with trees?

Trees and Life

Life on Earth wouldn’t be possible without trees. Not only are plants a great source of sustenance, but we wouldn’t have a natural tool that turns CO2 into oxygen otherwise.

Life on Earth wouldn’t be possible without trees. Not only are plants a great source of sustenance, but we wouldn’t have a natural tool that turns CO2 into oxygen otherwise. Trees absorb CO2 from their surroundings—a byproduct of human metabolism—and turn it into something that makes life possible.  They are key players in the carbon and nitrogen cycles that foster and promote life almost all over planet Earth.

With their roots grounded deep in the soil and their branches and canopies reaching high for the skies, trees have a reach that humans can never have. And just like they turn CO2 into something that supports life, they also absorb negative energies.

Negative Energies: How Trees Help

If you’ve ever heard someone say they feel so much better and calmer when they’re near trees, they aren’t lying. Simply seeing trees can make one healthier—and being near them can make you feel far happier.

We might not think of them as such, but trees also happen to be spiritual beings. And they’re healers, too. Think about places such as the Middle East and Crimea—troubled regions. Trees are either not present in abundance or are dying in these places—and negative energies, in far too many cases it seems, thrive.

Ask the Creator a Question

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