What’s your earliest memory of spirit attachments? We can bet that whatever it is, it comes from movies like The Exorcist and The Conjuring.

Horror movies attract millions for a reason: they scare us, but they also pique our interest. If Aristotle is to be believed, tragic fear elicits a kind of catharsis in us. We like seeing our worst fears played out on screen because it absolves us, in a way, of having to directly experience them.

But is spirit attachment like what it’s shown in the movies?

Spirit Attachment in the Movies

The pattern of spirit attachment is so similar in movies that it almost feels like an archetype—as if all the movie directors and screenwriters were following the same formula.

A person starts hearing voices, develops inexplicable scratches on their body, doors slam and plates fly out of their designated kitchen cabinets, kids make invisible friends in the attic, and dogs bark at nothing, fathers go berserk and crosses turn upside down at 3:15 in the morning—you know the drill.

line between truth and fiction

The line between truth and fiction is kind of blurred when it comes to the depiction of spirit attachment in movies and in real life. Many things and experiences are similar—if not necessarily the same. Yes, you might hear voices. Animals, too, are particularly susceptible to otherworldly entities, since they have sharper senses. Similarly, children are more prone to noticing and receiving attention from such entities than adults are.

Some ideas that are peddled in shows and movies are, of course, exaggerations. Spirits don’t sound like bad autotune, and they can’t make your head spin around 360 degrees. But one myth, in particular, stands out so starkly that we feel we must discuss it separately, in more detail.

Benevolent Spirits?

One of the newest ideas that horror movies seem to be peddling is that ghosts are good. This is both politically correct and problematic—because in painting spirits as benevolent, it makes it more likely for audiences to not be vigilant.

In truth, spirit attachment is never a “good” thing, per se. Even when you think the spirit that’s attached itself to you is a deceased friend or family member, you should know that danger is never far away—and that you can never trust a dark entity.

The best course of action is to reach out to a professional straightaway and cleanse your body of all such spirits.

Need Liberation from Spirit Possession or Attachment?

If you suspect or feel as if a spirit has attached itself to you, immediately see a professional spiritual healer. It’s best not to ignore the signs, even if people around you tell you that you’re “seeing things.” There will always be naysayers around you, but you should know that help is never far away. Get in touch with Karl Mollison of the Get Wisdom Project today.

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