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A viewer asks: “I’ve noticed a couple of times trying to play Frisbee in the backyard with my dog that he seems to get scared and doesn’t want to continue. Today he even eagerly wanted to be picked up and I carried him from the downstairs yard up into my kitchen. He held on tight and that’s unlike him. He was definitely afraid of something and didn’t want to play. I then took him outside by the front door and everything was okay. Something similar had been happening along the riverfront at the beginning of last winter and we worked it through by reassuring him and even carrying him if need be. He’s a medium-sized dog and weighs 50 lb. At that time Creator told us that there were some menacing energies that he sensed intuitively and just to reassure him and act confidently. I don’t understand how spirits could be bothering us in the backyard, and that he would be noticing them given that we request clearing and protection via the LHP at all times, including for the property. The other strange thing about this is he frequently goes out in the backyard by himself without any apparent problem. It’s well fenced and no other animals get in there. This has only happened when we play Frisbee, which we used to do frequently and he was great at it in his last lifetime. He is generally very well-adjusted and doing well and we’ve been pursuing courses towards him becoming a therapy animal.” What is Creator’s perspective?
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