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What is the cause of her severe arm pain?
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A practitioner asks: “Source Creator, my client at the age of 12 years old began to use drugs, and at the age of 15 was interned in a rehabilitation center for 6 weeks due to overdoses. There were two attempts on his life by serving him a floripondio tea along with a death curse. The first attempt took place when he was 16 years old, and the second attempt took place a year later when he almost died. As a result of being poisoned, he suffered from cerebral damage; he became very chaotic, and he lost his reason. Whenever he doesn’t have marijuana available to him, he becomes very nervous and desperate. He has many nightmares and sometimes he wakes up very altered. He suffered from intense crises 4 to 5 days a week whereby he became very aggressive, violent, and he screamed a lot. His mother describes him as very desperate, insecure, impatient, anguished, anxious, and obsessive. Since I have done 7 sessions on him 7 months ago, he became more conscious, and he regained his mental clarity. His crises were reduced by 70%, and are less intense and shorter in duration. Can you share with us the karmic underpinning behind the attempts on his life, and whether or not the Lightworker Healing Protocol sessions saved him? How is he progressing with his healing, and will it be a good idea to offer his parents to hire your Holographic Memory Resolution and subconscious channeling services?”
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