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A client writes: “The spirit activity in my home seems to have escalated. There is a living spirit that appears to have remained in my home and now concerned there may be new spirits that have moved in wreaking havoc in my residence, depriving me of my sleep and severely attack me six to seven nights a week. Last night, as I went off to bed, I noticed a large ivory-colored granule in the center of my bed and a few smaller versions strewn about. Every 45 minutes I was awakened by a very painful gripping sensation along both sides of my spinal column so deep, my breathing was labored to the point that I was gasping for air. Needless to say, my cervical and dorsal spine, along with my right ankle were a point of target until 3:45 AM. When I awakened, I found black and dark brown granules all over the bedsheets. The spirit that appears to be attached to me also remains and follows me wherever I go. Last night, I was stung twice by this attached spirit causing my skin to bleed and I noticed, blood has coagulated under my skin in several different places on my right forearm since Saturday evening. My biggest concern at present is the damage done to my right eye from the many deposits of negative energy placed inside of it since Easter evening. Often times, I have pain in the eye and blurred vision when I read, type, or drive causing great discomfort. I understand God is testing me as you mentioned in one of your previous response emails. However, this situation has gone much too far. A thought continues to persist and is related to karma in that, I humbly inquire, has the karmic tie between my attacker and I near the end? If this is true then, perhaps, that is why the spirits have been vigorously attacking me and with such great force? Are all spirits in my home and the spirit attached to me leaving my life and my body soon? Most of all, will God and the divine realm remove the toxins placed inside of my right eye and heal it? Everything my attacker has orchestrated and put me through has taken an immense physical, emotional, and mental toll on me. He has destroyed my overall well-being down to my very soul. I used to enjoy living life and now, I have been reduced to someone who looks over her shoulder anticipating with fear the next psychic attack. I ask God, Almighty, will I ever be the same? I desperately want to be, even better than before!” What can we tell her?
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