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Creator was asked four years ago about Valiant Thor. Thor was introduced to the world by author Frank Stranges with his 1967 book, Stranger at the Pentagon. According to Stranges, Thor arrived from our sister planet Venus, and a supposed partially underground or domed colony of humanoids tracing their origin to another distant star system. Other than reportedly six fingers on each of his hands, Thor was indistinguishable from any ordinary Earth human. Thor reportedly arrived on Earth via a small saucer-shaped craft on March 16th, 1957. He reputedly immediately surrendered to two local highway patrol officers. Just a few hours later he was reportedly meeting directly with both President Eisenhower and Vice President Nixon in the Pentagon. The narrative is that Thor offered an assistance/partnership proposal that Eisenhower wanted to agree to; however, the “Deep State” or “Military Industrial Complex” reportedly went behind his back and made a partnership agreement with the Reptilians instead. Creator said this about Valiant Thor: “This individual, as many have intuited, and certain whistleblowers divulged, was an extraterrestrial being and was part of the liaison with the U.S. Government and Military to support the Mercenary Army Program … He is an Arcturian in origin.” Can Creator give us more details on this individual and the supposed narrative surrounding him? Does Venus have humanoid built and controlled partially domed and underground installations with artificial environments? Creator said Thor was “Arcturian in origin.” Does that mean he was born and resides in the Arcturus Star System; or, that his ancestors came from there, and his origin story of coming from Venus is actually factual? What can Creator tell us?
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