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A viewer asks: “During a walk-though practice (no pads or tackling) C.J. Gardner-Johnson suddenly collapsed to the turf clutching his knee. Turned out he could not put any weight on it, and after more than ten minutes, the medical golf cart came out to take him back to the locker room for further examination and diagnosis. Nine times out of ten, when you see this kind of thing happen there is nearly always significant knee damage, usually, a torn ACL ligament. When that happens, the player’s season is automatically over, and he must undergo surgery to fix the tear, and recovery takes more than a year. So everyone feared the worst, as that has been the usual outcome, historically, for the Lions. But, shockingly, just four or so hours later, word leaked out that his MRI of the knee was CLEAN, and there was no detectable damage to any structural component of the knee. He was ultimately diagnosed with a knee sprain. So he went from “season over” to back practicing in less than a week. This was a high-value player who played in the Super Bowl last February for the Philadelphia Eagles, but was let go due to “salary cap issues” and was seen as a key acquisition by the Detroit Lions. Was there divine intervention to prevent the common and expected outcome of this event? Was the knee simply protected, or was it severely damaged and subsequently HEALED sometime between his leaving the field and the MRI examination?”
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