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A viewer writes: “Several years ago I contacted you for spiritual help for my daughter. She underwent a complete change within two weeks from the time of your intervention! She is now successful and is in a wonderful relationship! I also reached out when my other daughter suffered non-epileptic seizures from general anesthesia. Her issues were probably more medical in nature, but she too has made excellent progress, thank goodness. The problems I’m facing now stem from my narcissistic mother. She has always favored my older sister, and I was the family scapegoat. My sister and her husband have rallied around her, and no matter what they say or do, (even trivializing and mocking my daughter’s seizure disorder), my mother thinks they walk on water. My sister’s husband has been a primary instigator of conflict. He has always wanted to limit my sister’s interaction with my daughters and me. My mother’s sister once told me how she had never really liked me. She has played a role in dividing me from the rest of the family. My husband, who is the most pragmatic and level headed person I have ever met, made the observation that it was as if something had stolen my father’s soul. He became hostile toward me, insulting toward my husband, and worst of all, indifferent to my daughters. It’s beyond rational explanation. My therapist has advised me to go no-contact with these toxic relatives, but that is easier said than done. I think my mother hates me, yet she can’t leave me alone. She threatens, taunts, and gaslights me, then looks for sympathy from others when I try to tell her I have had enough. I feel that my husband and I are under psychic attack. I feel tremendous weight and darkness, and I am sick from the stress. I need spiritual protection! We also have tremendous financial need due to the medical debts we incurred while trying to help my daughter through her health problems over the past 4 years.” What is going on and what will help this situation?
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