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In a previous radio show on winning and losing streaks in sports, Creator comments on one approach to overcoming the negative energies a long losing streak puts in motion: “Some of the surface solutions that can begin to turn the tide is when there is new management, new coaching brought in with fresh perspectives and more effective encouragement and upliftment of the team members to help them regain confidence and give them a reason to believe in the possibility of better times.” The show aired in November of 2019. For that show, some LHPs were said as an experiment, to see if they could help the situation for the Detroit Lions, one of the biggest perennial losers in all of professional sports. Creator said this in response to a question about using the LHP to support a favorite team: “This would be a superb undertaking. This is a perfect illustration of a practical application for doing an outreach either through prayer or through using the Lightworker Healing Protocol as a series of high-level informed prayer requests to address every conceivable source of negativity that could adversely impact a sports event, by bringing divine healing for the players involved. While this might seem unfair, it is true in the nature of the free will paradigm humans are a part of, that the race is to the swift.” In 2021, the Lions undertook one of the most radical rebuilds in team history, so dramatic that the number of players remaining from 2020 can be counted on one hand. Did those LHPs, which include perpetual reuse of sessions, help shape such a radical agenda being pursued in an effort to turn the team’s fortunes around?
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