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A practitioner asks: “Source Creator, on October 7th, the day of the terror attack in the south of Israel, a man from my parents’ Kibbutz was impulsed at 6am to go to his favorite spot which has the best view, and he took with him his M-16 with 5 loads of munitions since he is part of the kibbutz defense team. As soon as he arrived at his favorite spot to enjoy the early morning view, he saw from a distance 10 motorcycles and three vehicles leaving the main road and cutting through the open field towards the kibbutz fence right where he was… When they got closer, he heard them shouting, “Allahu Akbar,” which is their war cry, and he immediately knew what they were up to, and he began shooting at them. There were 60 terrorists, and this man killed and injured quite a few of them, but then many more terrorists arrived. Despite their overwhelming numbers, they weren’t able to reach the fence thanks to this brave man. Shortly afterwards, nine more members of the kibbutz defense team arrived, and together they bravely fought the Hamas terrorists and prevented them from entering the kibbutz territory. The battle lasted 5 hours until 1pm when an Israeli military unit arrived at the scene and overpowered the terrorists. As a result of their bravery, no kibbutz member was killed or injured though the defense team lost one person, and two others were injured. Did my daily LHP sessions on my parents, and the occasional LHP sessions I performed on the kibbutz members, play a role in preserving their lives? What can Creator tell us?”
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